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Tina 05-15-2014 01:51 PM

Thursday Chatters Ready for Summer
Here we are, a new thread for the summer!!!:dancer:

I've been on my vacation but plan on going to the beach, in Galveston, several times this summer. That said, it's time to get serious about losing a few inches. :)

Everyone have a wonderful day.


Tina 05-21-2014 10:04 AM

:dizzy: It's amazing---77 people have looked at this new thread but no one has posted. Hum.....

It's definitely feeling like summer here. It's walking weather but only in the mornings.
Have a great day!


maureen kempster 05-23-2014 02:43 PM

since January 24 I've managed to lose about 33 lbs - I've been really good following the Ideal Protein program - but this week I've slipped twice!!! I'm almost at goal - I really have to smarten up here - I don't want to blow it now

other than that all's well - almost settled just a few things to do other than painting - that can wait until I decide on colours that I'd like
hope we all have a great weekend we deserve it


Tina 05-26-2014 07:29 PM

Happy Memorial Day to all Americans!

Maureen, You have done so great on that program. Don't worry too much about a little slip. My goodness, you've been moving. Love the photos of your new place!
I have a dr. appt. in the morning. Not looking forward to the scales. :lol:


Tina 05-30-2014 12:11 PM

hello out there :):):)

It's almost the weekend. Yea! Let's all drink our water and eat fruit.


Tina 06-02-2014 04:28 PM

Happy Monday

Everyone have a great day!!!!!


maureen kempster 06-03-2014 06:00 AM

good morning

not much happening around my place - work - lots of it and then home!! I can hear everyone's a/c's humming away - we had a really nice hot day yesterday - looks like we might be getting a summer eventually after all!!! yay - hope today is a good one let's all stay on program we're worth it

Tina 06-05-2014 10:39 AM

Hi all,
Maureen, Yea to your better weather. Now that you moved, is it too far to walk to work?

Jranne, how are you doing on WW?

I've been working hard on keeping water retention away! I've found that watermelon is a great way.....very good, too. :)

Have a great day!!!


maureen kempster 06-09-2014 01:27 PM


yes it's too far to walk home now - it's about 8 miles - I googled it and it says about 2 hours!!! It was another beautiful weekend weather-wise - just loved it - didn't do much but managed to get to a few garage sales -
I'm starting to have a hard time following a good eating program - I want to get to a ww meeting so I'm accountable to someone - I don't want to undo all the work I've put in since January

well here's to us - let's just keep on going


Tina 06-14-2014 03:21 PM

Hi all,
How is it going???
I am trying to survive my birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, and Larry's birthday! :lol: I'm not sure it's possible.

Everyone have a great weekend.


Tina 06-23-2014 06:49 PM

okay, we are quiet, again. It has been a crazy month here. July will mean more exercise and lots more veggies.

I've been eating berries and more berries. I might turn red and blue. :lol:


Tina 06-23-2014 06:50 PM

okay, we are quiet, again. It has been a crazy month here. July will mean more exercise and lots more veggies.

I've been eating berries and more berries. I might turn red and blue. :lol:


maureen kempster 06-28-2014 07:19 AM

happy Saturday everyone - I'm making myself go to a ww meeting this morning - even though I'd rather not! I was so good for 5 months on the Ideal Protein program but I've been out of control the last month and even though I'm hovering around my goal weight I can see the weight slowly creeping back - so I'm going this morning - I need to be accountable

let's all have a great day we're worth it

Tina 06-29-2014 12:11 AM

Hi all,
Maureen, how was the meeting? Good for you, going to a meeting.
I think that when Larry is home---beginning on Tuesday---that we will go to the gym most every day . I have to get myself in motion. :)

DakotaTrace 07-06-2014 06:22 PM

A newbie
Hi, I'm Dakota, and after giving up almost two years ago, I've decided to kick my butt back into gear and shed some of this weight and dug out my WW stuff. I'm not able to afford the meetings right now, but I am I too heavy for my liking. My blood pressure is the highest it's ever been and I have a writer's conference to attend in April of next year. I'd love to have shed some of this weight and have set a goal of being 150lbs, but would be thrilled with 160lb. I started on Thursday of last week and haven't done an official weigh in yet (cheated for the profile and stepped on the scales.) I was thrilled when I found this site and will be a regular visitor to the forums.


maureen kempster 07-06-2014 07:10 PM

welcome Dakota - you're in the right place - this site has the most amazing group of women who've become friends over the years - always here to listen, give some good advise when asked for - so stick around and enjoy the friendship and support


Tina 07-06-2014 07:17 PM

:welcome3: Dakota
Like Maureen said, you've come to a great group here!
Whenever you want to talk, we listen.
I'm Tina and have been a Lifetimer for many years. However, I am over my limit and am struggling to get back. I have a great husband and a fantastic grown son.
You are a writer. How interesting!

Everyone have a great week!


DakotaTrace 07-06-2014 10:47 PM

Thanks for the welcome ladies. I definitely need the support. And yep, I write. If I didn't the voices in my head would drive me insane. I have a semi-supportive husband and three kids. One son is grown (18) but lives at home as he attends a trade school to become a carpenter, and two tween daughters, one 11, and one 12, who are determined to drive me crazy. LOL.


Tina 07-09-2014 12:36 AM

How was everyone's Tuesday? We are at the beach. Hot but breezy!

Let's drink lots of water!!!!!


DakotaTrace 07-09-2014 01:51 AM

No beach for me, but mowed the yard and enjoyed some sunshine while we have it. Weatherman is forecasting rain Thursday - Sunday. Glad you're having fun, Tina!


maureen kempster 07-09-2014 08:08 AM

good morning all

I'm really having a hard time sticking to program - I'm trying!! I don't know if I mentioned that I rebooked my flight to Calgary - I'm leaving friday evening August 29 - this way I have all day saturday instead of just arriving late morning - will be going up to Edmonton on the Tuesday by bus and flying home on September 6. I'm so looking forward to seeing my sons - it was a year May.

Is it too soon to ask how you're enjoying Larry's retirment Tina? does it still feel just like holidays? Glad you're enjoying your weather - we may get a bit of rain today - but it's supposed to be nice after that for a while

enjoy the day

DakotaTrace 07-09-2014 01:47 PM

Maureen Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I've never left the states, but am looking forward to my trip to Indianapolis in April for my first ever writer's conference. Im excited about it.

Also leery/excited about my first official weigh in tomorrow. (true I cheated to fill out my profile last week, but this will show if my hard work is paying off)

Along with watching what I eat, I also bit the bullet and signed up for a daily yoga class. I thing my sore muscles have sore muscles. Who knew stretching could be so painful. But I'm determined to succeed this time.


DakotaTrace 07-10-2014 12:32 PM

Well, its Thursday and I had my first weigh in today. I was happy but a little scared when I stepped off the scales. Why?

Last Thursday, I was 217 lbs and this week? I'm 211.8 lbs. That's over a 5lb loss.

Is that normal? Hubby seems to think so. He called it water weight, and the fact I cut out all the soda from my diet. (Was drinking a two liter and a half of Pepsi a day. Lots of unneeded calories.

I also did something I swore I would never do. I joined a yoga group. (My job is just too sedentary. I sit in front of computer nearly ten hours a day) OMG, am I sore. My core muscles are bit tight and achy, but man, am I sleeping good at night. (I do it each night before bed.)

Will check in again next Thursday :)

maureen kempster 07-10-2014 01:12 PM

Dakota that's a fantastic loss - keep it up - the yoga sounds good - sleeping isn't something I ever have a problem doing

Tina how's it your neck of the woods? Are you enjoying your summer so far?

I wonder where everyone else has disappeared to

have a good one

Tina 07-12-2014 11:40 PM


Dakota, congratulations on your loss. Yes, that is a doable loss for the first weigh-in. That was a lot of drink each day! Cutting that out really makes a difference. Keep up the good work.

Maureen, I know you will enjoy seeing your sons and just relaxing.

We had a great time at the beach, for 4 days. And, yes, it has seemed like vacation with Larry home. I believe that starting this Monday, it might sink in that things are different. He is very happy!
I'm going back to the gym, beginning Monday. It's too hot to walk outside.

Everyone take it easy.

Tina 07-16-2014 09:23 PM

Hi all,
Well, I didn't make it to the gym Monday. Car repair wasn't done right so we had to return it. Then we had to wait to get another rental car (they paid.).
I AM eating better. My choices are better. I hope to see results by next Monday.


DakotaTrace 07-17-2014 10:31 AM

Morning all! :wave:

Tina - I hope your car gets fixed. that's frustrating.

Maureen - I wish sleep was something I didn't have problems with. My average night before yoga? 4 - 5 hours of semi solid sleep. After yoga - 6-7 hours of hard sleep. So its helping.

So quick check in.
I managed to stay within my daily points every day this last week. So as a reward? I treated myself to a small piece of my DD's home made chocolate cake - sans frosting. This cake is so moist does even need it. And I felt a small surge of accomplishment. I'm really sore from the yoga but determined to keep with it. I feel healthier even if I'm sore. And I sleep really good afterward. :carrot:

Everyone have a great week. I'll check in next week. :)

Weigh in?

210.6 lbs, down from 211.8 last week. So a 1.2 lb lost. that brings my total weight loss up to 6.4 lbs in two weeks. I can tell I'm losing it too. My clothing is starting to fit looser.

Tina 07-18-2014 09:03 PM

:dance: Dakota. :dance: Congratulations on your loss!!!!!!!
Wow, that yoga is really helping you, several ways.
Keep up the good work.


Tina 07-24-2014 07:57 PM

Hi all,

How is everyone doing? On program, I hope!

DakotaTrace 07-27-2014 02:37 AM

Still on the program. Life has been hectic but at my weigh in on Thursday, I dropped another 2.8 pounds bringing my total up to 9.2lbs. So I'm happy. Almost to my ten pound mark. I may just make under two hundred by my trip in October. Shooting for 190 but I'll take what I can get. Hope you ladies all are having good weeks. I'll check in later next week after weigh in.


Tina 07-27-2014 08:38 PM

Dakota, what a great loss!!!!! What are you eating? Are you still doing yoga? Whatever you're doing is working for. Keep it up!

Maureen, how is your apartment? Are you painting? How is work?
I'm just full of questions. :)

I like this retirement thing. :lol: I am going to the gym more now. I hope that will help whittle away a few inches.


DakotaTrace 07-31-2014 10:27 AM

Hey everyone. Been keeping busy and even with my hectic lifestyle the last week, I've managed to stay on my program, although the yoga has slipped. My son and oldest daughter are hounding me about it. It's good to have the support system, even if they are little pains in the butts about it. I think I've shed the last of the water weight.

So I've officially lost my first ten pounds. Clothing is feeling looser and I accidentally put on my son's t-shirt this morning and it was just a little tight in the bust. (And before you ask how I managed that, it's because we have several of the same marching band t-shirts from his time in HS Marching Band He wears an large and I used to wear a 2XL.) this makes me thing that I might be able to wear an XL comfortably.

As far as what I'm eating? Just healthy stuff, Tina. Sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Large garden salads for lunch everyday with plenty of fresh veggies and protein (aka diced turkey or corned beef.) But honestly I think it's because I'm measuring all my food. Portion control seems to be working.

Anyway, off to the evil day job. But I'll be back next Thursday for check in. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone...registered my kids for school yesterday. Less than 3 weeks left. Thank God!

Everyone have a great week!


Tina 08-07-2014 05:50 PM

Wow, it's quiet here! I am not posting, either!

Dakota, you are doing great. :dance:

Maureen, it won't be long until your vacation. Are you still roller blading?

I've been OP and have lost the 3 pounds that I'd gained. So, it's onward! :)


Tina 08-10-2014 11:29 AM

Good Morning All,

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. I hope we all have a great day. Do something nice for yourself....doesn't have to cost a thing!
After church, we are going out to have some seafood.....grilled shrimp for me. :) Later, I will walk at the gym as it's way too hot outside!

Drink your water.....

maureen kempster 08-15-2014 05:51 AM

happy Friday - hope everyone's doing great - 2 more weeks and I'm in Alberta - looking forward to it - I finally got to weight watchers on Wednesday - weighed in and got the material - on day 2 and feel good -

let's all have a great day - just thought I'd pop by and say hello


Tina 08-15-2014 06:27 PM

Happy Friday is right!
Maureen I love your photo! You look great, girl.
Congrats on making it to WW. I really need to get to a meeting. I believe that I WILL do it next month!!!!!!

Dakota, how are things?????


maureen kempster 08-18-2014 08:07 AM

good morning all

well I'm on day 5 of week one of coming back to program - AGAIN!!!

I'm doing okay - and feel great - why do I not remember how good I feel when I eat right?

hope everyone had a good weekend. I met up with 3 ladies that I grew up with and I hadn't seen in 50 years - one I did see once in that time - but it was so good to see them -

Have a great day on program we're worth it

11 days until I'm in Alberta - can't wait

Tina 08-20-2014 11:27 PM

Hi all,
Dakota, how are you doing????? How is your writing coming?

Maureen, I know you are so excited about your trip. How is WW?

I am trying to add more fiber to my diet. Also, I'm actually drinking water again. :carrot: This week, so far, I've drunk at least 7 glasses of water each day.


Tina 08-26-2014 12:30 AM


Maureen, I know you are so excited about your trip. Have you made it to another WW meeting?
I'm trying something different...I'm not getting on the scales. I was doing that each day and it really got me down.
Now, I do it every other week.

Let's do omething nice for ourselves.


daddysonlygirl19 08-29-2014 11:27 PM

Hello everyone! Hope you don't mind me joining in on your group. My name is Dawn. I am starting over once again. Tried following weight watchers on my own for awhile without attending meetings and that did not work for me. I need the support of others and the accountability the meetings provide for me. Finally decided it was time to get back on track and get serious. I know I can do it! I've done it before and I can do it again. All I have to do is keep myself motivated and continue to follow the program throughout the winter months. I weighed in today and lost 6 pounds this week....I think that is pretty goo for week 9 (restarted WW June 30, 2014). Total weight loss for the 9 week period 23.4 pounds. Hope everyone had a good week.

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