Thursday Chatters for Fall

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  • Would someone PLEASE remove all the cookies from my house !!!!!
    Larry brought home gifts from work. The ladies that work for him are great bakers.

  • good morning

    is everyone ready for Christmas? I think I am as far as gifts go - will pick up a turkey today maybe do a bit of baking-I'm now off work until January 6 - I'm so happy!! We're getting hit with a lot of snow - hope the driving won't be too bad today - just going to do what I have to and come home and stay put

    have a great day
  • Maureen, that's great about your vacation.
    I need to take the turkey breast out of the freezer.
  • Maureen, were you able to go get your turkey?
    I baked sand tarts and cranberry/orange bread. Next are peanut butter blossoms, with the Hershey Kisses, for Larry and David. I stay away from those yummy things!

  • yes Tina - I found a turkey yesterday - I only have my fridge freezer so had to wait 'til the last minute - it's in my fridge - I'm going to clean my kitchen and maybe do a bit of baking too - what are peanut butter blossoms? if it's an easy recipe maybe I could give it a try

    take care and enjoy the day
  • I can send the recipe or you can go buy Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix, in a packet. There is a recipe on the packet. You cook peanut butter cookies until ALMOST done then put a Hersheys Kiss candy on each cookie and bake a little longer. With the packet, you don't have to mix all the ingredients. Let me know if you want the original recipe!
  • I'm lazy Tina I'll pick up the mix!!! lol
  • Maureen, today I made the peanut butter blossom cookies, from the mix. They are TOO good.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend.

  • Good morning

    I hope everyone's ready for Christmas - time to relax - I really will have to wash my floors - I always leave things to the last minute - I work better under pressure!! lol- not too much to do today - I'm fighting off a cold - it's just there ready to hit - drinking lots of water chug-a-lugging cough medicine - it's that dry cough - at my age that cough is just not fun!!!

    if I'm not back here for a bit I wish you all a very Merry & Safe Christmas with your loved ones - enjoy

  • Happy Saturday before the new year...

    Well, I made it to the gym on Thursday and Friday. It was a start to better health, after eating sweets, etc.

    Anyone make resolutions?

    Maureen, I'm sure you're enjoying your vacation.

  • Everyone have a safe New Year's Eve


    Happy New Year !!!!!!