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  • Hey everyone so I finally for to buy new bras. Yeah I am down a whole mother size in that. No need to work on tracking and eating all my points in a healthy way. That's I hope everyone is well.
  • Wow! : Life4evr. You're doing great. Glad you're down a whole size. That always feels [email protected] Keep up the good work.

    I am working hard to stay within my points plus. It feels great to be on the correct side of onederland (can't say "right side" because that doesn't work).
    I hope to lose a pound a week, but I put weight back on right after my cold wasn't so bad so I have to lose that first. I'm not giving up because this is a good place to start!

    : and for every one of the Turtles!!! We can do this. I've got a goal in mind.

    Have a great weekend and chime in when you can. My dd and her family moved out of our place on Wed. and into their house just down the block.
    It's so good having her near by. I'm hoping you are all doing well and thinking about putting yourself on your list of things to do!

    234.6/197.6/180's and thinner
  • Good Morning everyone and happy Sunday to you all!

    My apologies for being away for a while, I did check in from time to time but was not able to post for one reason or another. Life gets busy and crazy and I guess we either go with it or get run over by it...

    I have been kind of holding steady - up .2 down .2 etc etc etc... I need to break that streek and get back to loosing again. I am up to four cycle classes a week but have dropped back on my walking with the puppies due to a packed schedule or rainy weather.

    We are going thru more down sizing at work so I am keeping my head down and getting things completed as much as possible and trying to keep any kind of a target off of my back.

    Judy: Huge congrats on getting back to Onderland... it is a lovely place to be!

    Bandit: How are you doing? guess you are closing up the trailer for the season that means cold weather is coming.... ick. Did you see that they had four feet of snow in South Dakota... LOL, OMG! how does that happen in October!

    Life: Congrats on being down a size... love when that happens!!!!!
  • Hi Turtles,
    Princess, we all have those times when life gets in the way. As a matter of fact, with me it seems to happen all the time. I say to you for
    keeping your weight steady and getting in. Weigh to go! Good luck with your job. Downsizing is a horrible fact of life in today's job market.
    Good luck with all you're doing! So good to hear from you.

    Today my family and I are celebrating my even though it was earlier in the week. I am tired of restaurant food making it difficult to lose weight, so dh and I grocery shopped yesterday and bought food for tonight. I'm making a WW version of French onion soup. I'll skip the bread and cheese on mine since I like the soup the way it is. Then making a pot roast, carrots and potatoes since everyone likes that. I'll watch my portion. Also having cake, but it's once a year, right? And I'll keep the portion small and give away the extra.

    Turtles, have a great day!
    It's rainy here. We've had the opposite of 3' of snow. We've been unseasonably warm and have broken records for heat. So weird!

    Hey, Life and Cherry and Terri and Bandit and Princess.......I think about you all the time and wish you well. Take care of yourself and remember Onward and Downward. We can do this!

    234.6/197.6/180's and less
  • Hi turtles:

    Hard to believe we are into Oct already. Rainey day here as well, but they are calling for the rest of week to be sunny which is nice.

    Spent Sat evening at trailer with one of my gf so that was fun. We went into town for pedicures & dinner. Packed up most of the food & will finish that up over the long weekend, but this year I will be having Thanksgiving dinner at my dd bfs cottage which will be different. So looking forward to

    All - been struggling with all of this lately, but so far today on track & have
    supper all planned out. I think it will be easier to focus when trailer closed &
    entertaining will be cut back. All of us have challenges when there are more snacks around.

    Anyway, hope you are all doing well & lets have a great week!
  • Thanks Bandit! We can do this!
    234.6/197.6/180's and thinner
  • Hi turtles

    Trailer all cleaned out for the season & they will be winterizing it this
    week, so I will go up 1 more time to make sure it is locked up properly.
    So, that will free up some time for me to do more around the house.
    Weather up here has been really good - it was a great Thanksgiving weekend.

    So, anyone watch Biggest Loser last night? Another season of that - I keep saying I won't watch it, but then always do.

    How is everyone doing? Up/down here at the scales. I am hoping now that trailer is closed I will have more willpower to get back on track. I didn't get signed back up for my walking afterall. But that is on my "to do" list

    All - hope you are doing great. Good luck at the scales.
  • good to hear from you, Bandit. I was afraid this group had finally called it quits. Losing weight is hard. It is long term. We've been together for a long time and it's easy for Facebook and other venues to take our time.

    I for one would like to keep chiming in here.

    Bandit, good luck with the walking centre and your food.
    I am doing fine in that I got 5# off and kept them off. Now I have to concentrate on this tricky point right around 200#. It is so easy to get discouraged if I veer to the "wrong" side of 200#.

    I'm wishing you all well. Chime in when you can. :
    and to all of us. I'm looking at some slow cooker recipes to make winter cooking easier. I'll let you know if I find something that's really good.

    Best wishes! Judy
  • Hello everyone and happy Sunday evening to you all! Busy and productive weekend for me. My apologies for not posting more and I promise to do better moving forward. I have been super busy at work and then I have been making it a point to get to the gym as much as i can so all of that together makes each day super busy. The puppies are growing and can be very challenging at times but the are sweet and only 6 months old so I have to remind myself that we will have good days and bad.
    I am hovering right below 200 and I am doing everything right- exercising, eating in my points, water, etc but have been struggling to move the scale.
    The topic at weight watchers this week was if you have stalled or the program is getting stale then do yourself a favor and change just one thing - exercise - food - a habit - just make one change - so I have added yoga to my workout routine. It can't hurt do is worth a try!

    I hope that everyone had a great weekend and has a great week ahead!!!
  • Good evening all. Do you all mind me joining you?
  • Ladybug. Always glad to have new members.
    My name is Judy. I'm a retired elementary teacher. Been thin and heavy as an adult. Am working WW program since I think it is the most sensible.
    Let us know a bit about you. Keep on keepin' on!

    Bandit, so glad to hear you've knocked off some weight. I think it's weird that it is so hard to make the scale move at this point. Not liking it one bit, but I have to realize that the BLT's probably are enough to stall my weight loss. So thrilled that you are exercising so much. That will have to make a difference! Good luck for a :

  • Happy Monday everyone! Cool and soon to be rainy day here! I fear winter is on the way and nothing will stop it as much as I am not ready for it!

    I used up a few things in the freezer and have a batch of chili in the crockpot for super which works out well as tonight is my cycle class and Yoga class if I can fit them both in.

    Ladybug: Welcome! So glad to have you with us!

    Bandit: Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday?

    Judy: how are you and your family doing?

    Life: How are you doing these days?

    Cherry: Are you still around?
  • Hi turtles

    Welcome to Ladybug - I am sure will fit right in with this great group of ladies!

    Princess - yes, Thanksgiving was lovely. Spent some time closing my trailer & went to dd bfs cottage which was so nice seeing all the coloured leaves & overlooking the lake. Really nice.

    Judy - glad to see you posting when you can. And I have also been looking through my recipes & looking forward to some tasty (point-friendly) meals.
    Been having a craving for some cabbage rolls which if careful are filling and pretty low-points.

    All - now that the weather is changing, looking forward to some hearty, easy to prep recipes. Lets have a great week!
  • Hi Turtles,
    Princess, so glad to hear from you. Love using up freezer food. It always feels "free" to me. Lol. Nothing like a big pot of chili or soup all ready and waiting during the winter.

    My family is doing great. Our annual Halloween party is this Sat. and is always a lot of fun. Our son and his family are coming down. His stepson got married on the spur of the moment and we got to meet the bride. She's a doll and I hope they'll always be happy. My daughter and her family moved down the block and we can walk to each other's homes. It is absolutely the greatest! My other dd and her husband just bought a long haired puppy----------it's the hot dog dog, but I don't know how to spell its breed. Lol. So cute!!! They now have two cats and two dogs. The first dog they bought is a terrier and does exactly what it wants. Oh-----maybe not the best kind of dog for them. This new one is a doll and a people pleaser, so they are very happy.

    As far as me, we've had some very sad things happen, but I'm taking each day as it comes and am grateful for what I have. My dh is well and we are good for each other. My weight topped out at 205#, but I have knocked off the top 5# and now I'm working one day at a time to get rid of the next pounds. it seems as though I've been saying this forever, but I have to remember that my top weight wasn't 200#, but 234.6# so although I'm not where I want to be, I am lighter than I was.

    Princess, I know you've talked about being so busy. I hope things are calming down for you. I see you're exercsing and that's always a good thing,
    For me, it's the one thing I still haven't worked into my routine. Gotta get back to it. Congrats on being in onederland again! You rock. :

    Hi to all the Turtles, Chime in when you can.
    234.6/199/180's and thinner
  • Bandit, our posts crossed. Glad you had a lovely holiday-------your Thanksgiving.
    All here is good.
    Turtles, have a great day.
    234.6/199/180's and thinner