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Bandit, I like your reminder to keep on track. Even though I am retired, it seems harder to get through a weekend. Weird. But I'm on track and doing well. I'll eat dinner in about an hour or so. Made a double salad so I'll have it ready for tomorrow's lunch. I'm achy today. Probably overdid it, so I'm giving myself a reprieve from today.

Everybody, have a great day. It's always an OP day. That's how we'll meet our Biggest Loser Challenge and eventually get to goal. We can do this.

234.6/186/179 and thinner I'm going to get there!
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Hey all !

Beautiful fall day here today! Did lots of running around, still trying to get Mom's apartment emptied. Just the big stuff left to move, will get the men next weekend to help. My boot camp is not a go, sis is worried that she should have insurance before she does private training. So she is going to meet me a Y to help me, and hopefully by spring she will be set up for bootcamp. Would really like to tone up the belly a bit before christmas, we have booked a trip to Dominican Republic leaving Dec 23 eek bathing suit!!!!
Am going to have to be perfect for the next 5 weeks!!! We are going with brother inlaw and sis inlaw who thinks she should gain 5 lbs before we go!!She is a nice person and we will have fun..

Glad everyone is doing so well and staying on track, it is so nice to see the forum so busy. Have A great Sunday everyone

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Life4evr, I hope your swelling goes down. Here's for starting again on Monday! You can do this!

Terri, I think it's a riot that your sil wants to gain 5# before your vacation.
I know you can tighten things up because you want to. With all the exercise you do, and tightening up your food, you'll reach your goal! Weigh to go.

Princess, did you have a productive day?

Bandit, I am sooooooooooooo glad you posted the different results for this month's challenge. I had two weeks of gains and seeing this monthly results after all my hard work (I have lost 14# since the end of August) made me get annoyed at myself and tighten up my food even more. I had been allowing myself tiny snacks here and there----it worked when the rest of the week was perfect and I could still lose 1#/week. However, when I had that week when I ate out three times following the week of the pizza splurge---it didn't work any more. Man, I'm wordy. Just mean to thank you for putting things in perspective. I'm still with the challenge and am counting on a nice loss this week.

Taylor, Jar, Cherry, and Lauren, sending : to everyone. It's sunny and beautiful here, so I hope to get to the boardwalk today.

: and lots of love to us all!

234.6/186/179 and I can taste it!!!!!
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Good Morning everyone.. this is a quick post as I am headed out in a few.. so many posts I need to catch up on so hopefully will do that later tonight.. hope everyone is doing well and following their course... wishing everyone an awesome Sunday.. it is windy but unseasonably warm which is perfect as I am going out with the girls for a Christmas House Tour.. should be fun.. passing on the Chinese dinner though - dh will come pick me up.. not ready to face that style of food yet... been a rough couple of days OP wise.. don`t know what the heck is going on but munchie invasion as taken over my body.. so I`m sure tomorrows WI won`t be pretty... have gotten my workouts in and today I actually did my first couch25k attempt.. still not convinced I`m a runner but going to try it and see what comes of it.. lol

((hugs)) to everyone..
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Morning turtles:

Dreary day up here and need to get my kitchen ready for painters next week.
And get ready for the upcoming week - seems there is no end to organizing and shopping.

So this week going to really be strict with myself and get in my exercise.
My gfs are going out for dinner Tues to Indian place & I am passing on that.
Too early in the week for temptations. Will stay home & watch Biggest Loser instead of eating more than I should.

My friend is coming today to help me fix a few things around the house. He is handy at everything & I will probably take him for a late lunch so will have a light dinner tonight and plan out tomorrows menu.

Have a good Sunday everyone!
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Hope everyone had a good sunday so I am finally off work. So my eating wasn't so bad and then I went in the store for some eggs after work. The powdered sugar doughnuts was what I ended up buying also. I know the only reason why i brought was because I was hungry. But tomorrow is my fresh start.

I have a friend who is a personal trainer and she voluneered to design a program for me that I could do at home when she got the time. So looking towards that.
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Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all! The weekend was busy and food was not good and I did not get any exercise in at all so I need to get my butt in gear today!

I am not feeling great so am just going to do a quick post now and maybe get back online later to post more but for now have a great day all!
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Good morning Turtles,
Taylor, good luck with your running. What is a couch25K? Glad you got out for Christmas House tour and I think it was very smart of you to avoid the going out to dinner at this point in your weight loss. It's great to be sociable and go out with friends, but I find the eating out tough.

Bandit, I see a trend here. You also are passing on going out with your friends for Indian food. I hear you that Tuesday is early in the week and that's when we like to make our most progress. :

Life4evr, today is Fresh Start Monday. I think it's very nice of your friend who is a personal trainer to offer support and work up a plan for you to follow. That's great. Yeah, donuts call to me too. It's a food I can't have in the house. Funny what triggers us.

Princess, I hope you're feeling better. :

I am going to start a new thread since we've gotten long. See you all at #269 Bale of Turtles Making the Effort!

In the meantime, I want to mention that I've joined the Taylor/Bandit trend. there is a monthly meeting on this Tuesday of a group of women I've been meeting with for about 15 years. One of the gals suggested I meet her for dinner before the meeting to catch up and chat. I'd love to chat over tea, but honestly right now there is nothing I could eat at that restaurant that would be as helpful as staying completely on track. Especially since I WI at both JC and WW's the following morning. last time we did this, I had an eggwhite omelet, but the bread they served first ended up in my belly anyway and I disappointed myself. Soooooooooooo.

Another kudo for me. Skipped on Sat. because i was achy, but walked on Sunday. Got a last minute invite from dd to come for dinner. She was beat and was ordering in food, so it was easy for me to bring my food with me. I was so proud of myself because I didn't sneak a French fry or chicken tender or any of the yummy foods. This is so important to me and all of a sudden I thought perhaps I can lose more than a pound a week if I step up the exercise and am stricter with my food. I'll let you know how this works out. Seeing I had given back weight losses this month was the incentive to kick my sorry butt into gear and get back on track. I'm doing well now.

See you all on Thread #269!!!!!
234.6/286/179 and thinner
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