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bandit2 10-22-2011 11:40 AM

Happy Saturday, everyone:

Tonight I am going to potluck at gf so looking forward to that. I am
taking a veggie casserole that has some rice in it, thought it would go
nicely with cranberry chicken whick one of the ladies is making.
Today I worked on my halloween costume for Tops next Thurs. I had a few different ideas and then this a.m. was in my kitchen and seen my big apron
from Italy which hangs on one of doors as decoration (sounds crazy, looks nice) and got inspired. So basically I am wearing red, white, green.
Red hat with fake grapes, pizza sign and at last minute will secure cheese on it. Then I have white top, big fluffy green skirt, red shoes. Also made necklace from penna pasta & hung wine corks on it. And will wear big apron
that has pictures of wine bottles on it. Will put halloween treats (under 100 cal each) in a wine caraffe to hand out. And thats it.
Sounds kind of nutty but it really looks pretty good and will be easy to dress in before I leave work.

I stayed in last night and ended up having too many snacks after my dinner,
so have to be more careful about that.

Have a great weekend.

Taylorsjourney 10-22-2011 05:41 PM

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday ...

hey everyone... it is absolutely gorgeous here today so after work I went outside for my walk keeping it at a very brisk speed... I've had a bit of stress added to my world the last 2 days - we are in testing stages to find out why my youngest who is 15 has a raised blood pressure number as well as headaches... then my Mom decided to share that my dad is having tests next week for an issue he has kept quiet about since summer, but he didn't want us kids to know til he knew more... STRESS and WORRY have elevated to the point that I cry at the drop of the hat ( doesn't help that I am pmsing )... last night I actually took a bowl of mac n cheese into the bathroom ( I was hiding from everyone) and sat there having the mother of all wars with my mind and that bowl.. 1 spoonful then another and then I just starting crying .. I realized this wasn't going to solve anything and would just make it worse for me so I left the room of shame ( at that moment is what I felt it was) and went to bed... I did post my Friday WI and was down so yeah for the program working.. today I am doing better, we are all thinking positive and until we know anything more that's how it is going to stay... God only gives us what we can handle right.. I'm just think he feels I can handle more then I think I can :)

Bandit - your costume sounds like so much fun what a great time you will have wearing it... creativity does not run in my genes... congrats on the loss too..

Princess - how did your d-gs like pumpkin patch picking...I hope you had good weather for it... plus the dog sitting, that should be like a bundle of fun x2 LOL.. amazing loss you posted weigh to go...

Itryharder - cleaning isn't on my fun list either.. I find if I put on my headphones that can make it go by quicker, not necessarily cleaner but it's doable LOL... I hope you have a lovely evening listening to Debbie Boone...

Cherry - hey to you tooo.. I hope you and the family are all doing well... maybe some nice weather so that the kids can spend some of their energy outside LOL.. hang in there and have faith in the program and you!! I believe in you!!!

Jar - today at work another lady on WW told me that the points for the Caramel Apple Salad ( I call it dessert because it tastes like a dessert) anyway she said it was 0 points.. now when I found it online it said 1 cup =3pts but was that on the old WW system... she said she did her recipe builder online and it said 0 pts which to me was like YOWZA :dizzy: to me.. are you able to clarify that for me...

If I missed anyone I'm sorry I wish all of you a wonderful weekend!!

Princess1122 10-23-2011 07:19 AM

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday to you all! It is supposed to be another beautiful day here and that works for us - we are going to meet the grandbaby and his parents for a late breakfast and then head to the pumpkin patch, we have been trying to get there for the last week or so and it has not worked out so hopefully things will fall into place today... I have my camera batteries charged lol!

His mommy is making him a Turtle costume for Halloween this year - how cute, I can't wait to see it and will post pictures if I can!

I did some mindless snacking last night so need to pull myself back in from that! We went up to Whole Foods to look around and see what we could find last night and then stopped at a local BBQ place for supper. My meal was just not very good so I basically did not eat much of it... I thought "why eat it when I dont' even like it very much?" so I left most of it on my plate.

The doctor put me on some medicine to try and control the pain in my joints that I have been having... I am really hoping that it does not cause weight gain so I need to stay away from snacking and really pay attention.

Bandit: It sounds like you have been doing some really fun things with your friends and I love the costume idea! I really wish we had the ability to share picture on this site better because I would love to see how your finished costume looks!

Taylor: Totally understand how you feel, do not beat yourself up about that at all, we have all been there with the stress, etc that life throws at us. I hope that everything turns out well for your family members! My youngest DS had the same issues, high blood pressure and head aches... it was diagnosed as Migraines and with some meds and a change in his eating habits it has all but gone away, he still gets them but not as much. It hit him at about the same age as your daughter come to think about it...

Judy: Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend going... how was Debbie Boone? I bet she put on a wonderful show!

Cherry: Were you and the kids able to get out and enjoy some nicer weather this weekend? Looks like you lost what you had gained and that is a wonderful thing, congrats!

Life: How is your weekend going?

Lots: How are things with you?

Jeanne: How are things with you so far this weekend?

I have to run... have three dogs looking at me wanting their breakfast :D

Itryharder 10-23-2011 12:32 PM

Hi Turtles,
Taylor, I am sorry you're going through so many issues right now. Things will get better. In the meantime, know we're all pulling for you and your family and sending :goodvibes: As far as the bathroom and the bowl of mac and cheese, going to bed was admirable!!!! I am sure I would have eaten the whole bowl, licked the spoon and gone on the prowl for more foods to devour instead of dealing with the problems causing the hunger/appetite spike. :love:

Princess, thanks for writing daily. You are a constant boost to me. Enjoy the day and pumpkin picking! What delight. To see those adorable baby legs finding their way through a pumpkin patch for the first time-----priceless! As far as the mindless snacking......I'm doing the same thing. Good to rein it and and move on!!!!

Hi everybody-----okay Bandit, you've got to post a picture of your Red, White, and Green Halloween outfit. Sounds fab. So funny, for years I had a handscreened apron of the ocean colors on my kitchen wall. It made me feel I was in the midst of two things I love-----the ocean and the foods I make in the kitchen. Have a great time at the potluck.

Hi to all and a great wrap-up of the weekend.
Yesterday was great until it wasn't. I juggled my food around my grandson and daughter and it was working great. Had my dinner while they ordered pizza. In my mind, I'd skip my snack and have 1/2 slice of pizza. Well, they ordered deep dish pizza (here in NY we call it Sicilian pie) and it was overwhelming. I ate soooooooooo much and felt like a jerk. I disappointed myself. so, today needs to be much better. It will be. We didn't get to Debbie Boone. Grandson really wanted to stay later and we enjoyed our visit. I was too tired after all the carbs anyway......so onto bigger and better day.

:goodvibes: to all of us!!! We can do this. Season's change, situations change, but we keep on keepin' on and tweak our program when we have to.
234.6/185.2(I hope I still am. Staying *far* away from the scale)/179 and thinner :cool:

jar1965 10-23-2011 02:18 PM

HI everyone! Happy, happy Sunday! Go STEELERS! ;)

Busy w/e here! My dh is off all w/e and we have done nothing but run! Friday we went to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on yarn! Saturday to a craft show with his parents, out for lunch & out for dinner. Stayed OP tho! (It wasn't easy)!!!!!
Yesterday we went over to the Farmers Market (last one of the season) and got apples, beans & green peppers. This morning we made an entire "large" crock pot of the applesauce! I'm hooked and I absolutely love making it!
Then cleaned, blanched and froze the green beans. I cleaned all the peppers and tom. I'm making a big pot of stuffed pepper soup and freezing it for lunches. Yum!

Taylor - 3Points!!!! Maybe less if you leave the pineapple out!
This is the one I use.....
5 large apples, cubed
ff, sf instant butterscotch pudding
2 1/2 cups crushed pineapple in juice
8 oz. whipped topping (lite)
2 tbl. chopped pecans
And.....keep your chin up! I'm sorry that you have a heavy load on your mind! :hug:

Princess - It's a beautiful day here too! Sitting on the porch as we "speak"!
I bet the turtle costume will be so cute! Have fun at the pumpkin patch! I have some crocheting to do today. I finished a couple of hello kitty hats and got them delivered last night. Today.......Angry Bird hat! hahah! that one is for my 5 year old nephew!

Judy - I love Sicilian Pie!!!!! I would have done the same thing! Sorry you didn't get to Debbie Boone, but...I'm sure you had a lot of fun with your family!

bandit - How was your potluck? Your costume sounds so neat! Share a picture with us! I'm all Italian! My maiden name is Lenzi and my married name is Ramelli! My family & friends joke that we were eating meatballs before we had teeth. (funny thing....they're right)!

Hi Cherry! Hope you had a great w/e!

Well off the computer and onto something else! Have a great day everyone!

Princess1122 10-23-2011 06:20 PM

Hey everyone, my day has been ok but not feeling wonderful on this new medicine that the doctor put me on, I started it yesterday and am not really loving it yet.

Anyway... I was thinking about pictures issue... is anyone here on Facebook? I am and have lots of pictures posted there and would gladly share my info with any that also have an account and would like to become friends so we can see pictures, etc a bit more easily. Let me know!

Have a great night all, I am off to lay down for a bit.

lots2go 10-23-2011 07:33 PM

Oh my goodness! I feel so out of the loop...Last week was super busy for me, so much so I almost can't remember what all I did lol. I'll just start fresh here :)

I've been starving all week! I stayed within my points though, just like I have been and working out/running everyday....I gained a pound, of course :( but Aunt "flo" just left the other day, so I'm blaming her lol. Hopefully it was just water....we'll see.

I've got a race next Saturday, it's a 15k (9.3 miles) I'm excited....so ready for my 1/2 marathon training to be over with. Although I'm not sure what I'll do when it is...I won't be able to stop running, I love the calorie burn and the way I feel when I'm finished...maybe I just won't be so tired all the time and stressed about "getting my run in"

I'm ready for halloween, I love the excitement for the kids....I'm not looking forward to all that candy though....hopefully I'll be strong enough lol Hope everyone is doing great, cant wait to go back and read the posts :)

Taylorsjourney 10-23-2011 08:53 PM

good evening turtles and thank you so much for all your positive words and encouragement... it is much appreciated and greatly accepted.. my youngest son has always been my little engine that could and never had anything that would cause you for concern so this has just really given us a loop..

Princess thank you for mentioning the migraines.. I'm curious do others suffer from this in your family.. no one does in ours so I never know if its genetic or just something that happens.. even though they think at 15 they are ready to take on the world to me he is still my baby ( he would cringe if he knew I said that) and my need to hold him to all is better still exits LOL...
I hope that you are feeling better from your medication or at least it will only take a day or two to get adjusted in your system... did you find the perfect pumpkin for your DGS

Jar that is the same recipe I used with the only change being the fat free cool whip... I wonder why her recipe builder said 0 then.. I knew it couldn't be so 3 I will count it for...may I have the recipe for your stuffed pepper soup that sounds delish... how many pts for that... I am addicted to the cream of broccoli I found on the ww site so a change might be good LOL..

Itryharder - ohhhh gracious the pizza pie sounds like heaven.. who says we can't have a piece of that every now and again.. lol.. I don't know if we have something like that here in Canada.. but hey that was yesterday today I am sure you were right back on track and moving forward.. thank you for the hugs and words .. I gather so much strength from others confidence when I find myself lacking in it..

Bandit - how was your potluck??

Cherry, life, lots, terrod - I hope you are all doing well... if I forgot anyone I wish you well too!!

well today was that 10k walk/run that I had hoped to do.. with everything going on I wasn't sure if I would but my dh said that he thought the walk would do me good to get my mind off things.. sooooo I power walked the 10k in 1hr and 23 minutes which I am soooo thrilled with.. it was a gorgeous day - down by the riverfront and absolutely perfect to just let go and GO...now as I type this I just pray I can move, move, move tomorrow LOL

terrod99 10-23-2011 08:56 PM

Hey All !

Great day here today!! Sunshine.......
Princess some of those meds have a lot of side effects hope you find something that works.
Judy I love reading Princess post too! and yours also, sometimes I have no time to post but get the inspiration i need from you gals.
Bandit where do you find the time!!!!!! You have such an interesting life! I'm envious!
Lots I am out of the loop too, too many posts to catch up, not enough time..
Jar husband is a Steelers fan watched most of the game today!!
Cherry/Taylor hope you gals are keepin at it!
All lets have a great week........
Oh by the weigh!!! I weigh the same did hop on the scale this am..


Princess1122 10-24-2011 08:34 AM

Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all! Rainy here today but I have things inside that need my attention and some cooking to do so I will keep busy with that.

I am heading to the gym to catch an aquafit class this morning - I am trying to get 4 classes in a week so that I keep moving and working thru the stiffness, etc. Doctor thinks it is a cross between osteo arthritis and fibromyalgia (sp?) so we are doing some blood work to figure things out and in the mean time has me on Cymbalta to help with the pain... we will see. The good news is that I am not really very hungry on this med lol!

For my new recipe this week I am going to try to make Shrimp Risotto, we will see how that goes and I will post if it turns out ok.

Taylor: yep, my mother and I both get bad headaches, I get the migraines but she does not. I hope you are able to get it all figured out with him, I know how hard it can be when one of our babies is sick! Yes, we found some wonderful pumkins and got some fantastic pictures!

Bandit: How was your weekend? Are you still loving the Zumba classes? There is a teacher at the gym that I go to right now that I just love! I will be sad when I eventually go back to work and won't be able to take her class anymore, it is so much fun and the time goes so fast!

Judy: How are you doing? Was your party this weekend or next? Sounds like you really are in a good place in your mind for eating and what you have to do with your exercise, you have come such a long way! Congrats to you!

Terri: Yep, this med is not my favorite at all, it is used to treat depression but I guess at some point they figure out that it helps with muscleskeletal (sp?) pain so that is what the doctor put me on for now, not sure if it is the answer or not but I am willing to give it a shot!

Lots: Sounds like you are really burning off the calories! Wow, I am just not that dedicated to actually want to run but I like the classes for my exercise right now and walking with the dogs :D, I really envy those that run and enjoy it!

Cherry: How are you doing? Were you able to get out and enjoy the weekend at all?

Jeanne: I knit and crochet also, right now I have a pair of wrist warmers on the needles and two shaws that I am trying to finish up, I just got done with a pair of socks for D-DIL for Christmas. I went to a fiber fest up in Chicago this year called "Stitches Mid-West" and found some really pretty yarns that I am eager to work. Your hats sound too cute and Angry Birds is soooo popular right now that I just know who ever gets it will love it!

I hope I got everyone and I need to run or will be late for Aquafit... have a great day all!

Itryharder 10-24-2011 09:05 AM

Hi Turtles,
What a wonderful group we've got going here! I'm running to the dentist so I can't reply to all now. :goodvibes: to the struggles. :love: and :bravo: to the good times. I came up and over the Sat. meltdown and had a great day yesterday. Scale is still up, but I can do this! Talk to you all later. I plan on having another great day today. You too!!!!
234.6/185.2/179 and thinner :cool:

Princess, I'm on facebook and I'd love to be your friend. I'll find the account later today and "friend" you. Love, Me.

bandit2 10-24-2011 09:27 AM

Hi turtles:

Rainey day up here, but the temp are still pretty high for this time of year.
Heard on the radio coming into work today - 2 months from today is Christmas Eve, before we know it we will be in Christmas mode!

My potluck was nice - got to see my friends new condo and catchup with a few of the ladies I havent't seen in awhile. The "dump cake" I made was
awful and I ended up "dumping" the leftovers out the back for the squirrels.
I followed the recipe exactly with the cake mix mostly stayed the same & barely rose into cake. So maybe the cake mix was stale - have no idea.
But we still had a nice evening.

Yesterday had dinner with my dd & ex at the golf club & that was really nice
He is having dble bypass Wed (for circulation in legs, not heart) so wanted
us all to get together beforehand.

Princess - I am on facebook as well, not sure how to send friend request unless we have proper names.

Sounds like everyone is keeping busy and doing their best, which is great.

Have a good Monday!

Princess1122 10-24-2011 01:15 PM

Bandit: I sent you my full name via private message... hope to catch up with you on FB!

If anyone else would like to connect that way just let me know and we can share info.

jar1965 10-24-2011 01:46 PM

Hi! I'm on fb too! I actually have 2~ One for Sweet Baby Depot and then my personal one.
Jeanne Lenzi Ramelli
Hope to get some friend requests soon! ;)

Gotta run! Have a great day everyone!

bandit2 10-24-2011 02:23 PM

OK - I sent you 2 friend request on FB

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