#254 Bale of Turtles Acting Like Turtles!!!!

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  • Hey, I see an upswing here at the Turtles! I had a decent weekend too. It looks like we're all trying and although we may not be 100%, WW's doesn't ask us to be----what with our extra points plus, etc. So, and and and and to all of us and don't forget the

    Bandit, that was nice of your fellow to bring tarts-----and smart of you to say no thanks to that----flowers are nice too. LOL.

    Cherry, you did the right thing hopping on the gazelle. Those pounds will disappear when TOM goes away. Keep on tracking and you'll get there.

    Princess, glad you had a good weekend----I'm guessing ballpark food isn't viewer friendly! Good luck at the doctor's today. I'm hoping he can figure out what's going on and bring you some relief.

    Terri, Yay! Keep up the good work.
    234.6/1j94/180's and thinner
  • Good morning everyone and a very happy super rainy Tuesday it is! Ugh, enough with the rain already! The weather guy said this morning that we are due to have this kind of weather for most of the month of May... double ugh! Our garden is doing ok but is so water logged that I wonder what will actually get rot before it can grow enough to harvest.

    I have to go for an MRI tomorrow afternoon, they could not fit me in yesterday so it had to be scheduled for Wednesday. The doctor thinks that I ripped something in the shoulder so we will see what the test says before we proceed.

    Have a great day everyone! Super busy again this week but will try and get back on again later today to see what is going on with everyone.
  • Hi everyone and happy Wednesday to you all! At least it is not raining here this afternoon... it did this morning, and it might this evening... but it is not raining right now! Yeah!

    Off to the doctors soon to have the MRI but it has been a busy morning....

    Knitting class tonight if I can make it... the MRI is way across the city and I have to get home to let the dogs out then make it to knitting class which is a ways from my house... will do the best that I can though as I started a couple of new projects, one of them is a lace shawl and I need the teachers help with that one... LOL.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!
  • Hi Guys, I went to WI and am up 1.6#-----not a good trend. My new weight is 195.6# and that's terrible. I'm committing myself right now to eating better and doing the baby steps to get back on track. Had a great weekend and then on Monday and Tuesday ate like there was no tomorrow. All emotional and I'm lucky enough to know what is causing it, so I'll journal and get this out of my system. Lucky I have a woman's group tonight to go to and that's always fun.

    Princess, good luck with your MRI and the knitting. The knitting sounds like fun, at least!

    Everyone----keep up the good work-----have fun and keep on track!
    234.6/195.6/ugh and thinner
  • Hi turtles:

    Princess - our weather is pretty same as yours and nice to see some sun
    today. Good luck with your MRI and hopefully you can get all fixed up
    in no time.

    Judy - not nice to see that darn scale going up, but good for you for getting
    to your meeting and as you said, you know the problem and will deal with it.
    So here's to next week being better!

    My gf left this a.m. and now I will get back into my normal routine. It was
    great having some company for a few weeks & overall, we ate pretty healthy
    and got in some exercise.

    Hope everyone is doing great this week.
  • Popping in real quick. I am doing okay. I am over my stomach issue. Well I ate like there was no tomorrow yesterday and paid for it dearly. Today was better with tracking and eating. I also made it to zumba class. Weigh in should be interesting on Sunday. I was sick most of last week so I wasn't really eating. On the search for recipes. I start back classes on the 24th so I am excited about that. Hope everyone had a good day.
  • Hey All Week is flying by~~!

    Busy here trying to be good! Also eating too much, but have made it to Y last 2 mornings.

    Princess God bless Americican Health Care in Canada you would first have an ultrasound which for a shoulder right now wait time is 7 weeks (ordered one yesterday for a patient) then when those results are in they might order a further study by MRI which would also be a 7-8 week wait!!!! So by now it is September and you still don't know what is going on! Then a surgical consult would be 8-12 months. Sorry for the rant but you guys are lucky you can get things done so quick. I'm sure there is a bad side too!

    Anyway!All Sun is shining and we all need to get off the food train back on the healthy train!!! Move our butts into gear!!!

  • Life4evr,
    Congrats on getting back to classes soon. I'm sending you : to get the goal you want.

    Terri, yep----health care here is expensive, but it is available. Every time I hear someone from Canada discuss what is available for them, I shudder.

    Today I am starting over. I have my meals planned and I have posted them on my fridge. I need to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry----I have to stop punishing myself by eating too much food. I'm a good person. I deserve to be thinner and healthier. Yes! That's true. Now I have to work on believing it.

    Best wishes and a great day to everyone!
    234.6/195.6/thinner----come one-----do what it takes to get thinner!
  • Hi everyone:

    Gorgeous sunny day up here!

    Everyone sounds like they are trying, regrouping, refocussing which is nice to

    Judy - I like your attitude and no nonsense approach.

    And remember "If losing weight was easy, we would all be thin"
    It is tough but so are we, so lets get motivated and have success with this.

    This week, I walked 9 miles and stayed on track 5 days & hopefully
    the scale will cooperate tonight.

    Good luck everyone with their weighs this week!
  • Hello everyone and happy Thursday to you all! Sunny and chilly day down here so I will do my last chance work out by mowing the yard after work today before I head to my TOPS meeting and weigh in... DH just laughs at me and my last chance work out... LOL - oh well, it is practical - gets the grass mowed and gives me exercise.

    Went for the MRI yesterday afternoon and this should tell you how tired / worn out I am lately... I actually fell asleep during the test and it is so loud in those machines that they could wake the dead but not me... out I went just like turning off the lights LOL. Should get the results back in a couple of days.

    Not sure what the scale will say tonight but what ever it is I will take it and like Judy have recommited myself... tired of the roller coaster.

    Terri: I totally understand and agree with you... I was stunned when they voted for the new health care system down here. Like Judy said, we pay for it dearly but it is available and I am grateful every single day that I have it.

    Life: Weigh ins are going to be interesting for us all this week I fear.

    Bandit: Have a great meeting and weigh in, I think you will be the exception and really blow us all away with your numbers!

    Judy: How are the hives doing? I am right there with you in the recommitment department so I am thinking that your idea of menus on the fridge is a great one! I will try that!

    I have to run, crazy day again at work!
  • TGIF

    I recommit to stay on plan, drink water, move more and not eat any more candy at work!!!! Everyone -- turtles and work girls have been munching like mad all week! It is stopping today. I pledge.

    Grocery shopping today, good food only. I fthe guys want anything else they can go buy it!

    Hope everyone has a great day, and weekend! Lets keep at it and do this!!! Together a group of women can accomplish anything they put there minds to! So together lets do this!!!

  • Good morning all and Happy Friday! Yeah... very glad it is here this week, feels like it was the never ending week for some reason. Have not heard back from the doctor yet so maybe that is a good thing...

    Went to my meeting last night and W/I - I was down 2.4 lbs, happy about that but I need to do better... I am recommited also though and really feeling like I can get back on track... summer is here and I really want to be in shape.

    My big picture goal is this... I turn 50 in September of next year so that gives me a little over a year to get down to my goal weight... I have quit smoking which I wanted to do, now it is time for the weight to come off and to get my body back into a shape and health level that will carry me thru my middle age years in relative comfort... because at my current weight that is not going to happen... I have knee trouble now, etc that I have never had before... so that is my goal and it is doable if I stay on track.

    This weeks goal for me is to drink my water, journal my food, stay WITHIN my points, and be down another 2.0 lbs at next weeks weigh in.

    I did up a news letter for my TOPS group and handed it out last night, everyone seemed to like it.

    I have a busy weekend ahead so I may not get online very much but have a great day everyone and a wonderful Mothers Day to you all!
  • Morning, turtles:

    Princess - congrats on such a fabulous weight loss this week, awesome!
    Nice to hear you are recommitted for this.

    Terry - yes, workplace can be challenging & it is tough to always pass up
    the goodies. Last week there were doughnuts brought in, but I skipped those
    But every once in awhile I will indulge - guess we have to pick our battles
    while trying to lose the weight.

    I was down 1# last night (thought it would be more - but always thankful
    for any weight loss at the scales) We are having a contest for motivation
    and are divided up into groups & you get points for certains things. The
    object of this is to not let your team members down and for the team to
    motivate each other. So will see how this goes.

    So looks like "grass cutting season" has kicked in for me. But before I do that
    I need to pick up lots of branches/big twigs from the yard and get my lawn
    mower started. So that is todays challenge along with some food shopping
    to stock up on good choices.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!
  • Princess Weigh to go on your wonderful : Keep up the good work. I knew you'd hear the click and you did!!! Yep, you stopped smoking and now you're working on the weight. Great! Turning 50 and being your right weight will be awesome.

    Bandit, keep up the good work. : even though it wasn't as dramatic as you thought you deserved. Whenever that would happen to me I'd whine bitterly----and you're not doing that. Yay! Keeping up all the good things you did this week will pay off at the scale next week!

    Terri, I love that recomittment. As a matter of fact, we are all recomitted and in the Weight Loss Mode. I feel it. I read it! Maybe it just took spring to let sunshine in more than a day a week. In any case, we're there---we're all pulling together. Yesterday I allowed myself more power foods and I wasn't hungry at bedtime. That's major since I would often have a "little snack" before I rolled into bed. This is a good thing.

    Sorry to be long----- to all feel our power as a group of women ala Terri and do this!!! I'm aiming for low 180's by July 4th. That's my goal.
    Now I'm going to print out my eating plan for today and tack it to my fridge. That worked yesterday and it'll work again today.

    234.6/195.6/180's and thinner
  • Good morning everyone and happy Sunday to you all! I just wanted to pop on real quick and say Happy Mothers Day to all of you Turtles!