1 Pt Chocolate Cake!!!!

  • YES, you heard right 1 pt Chocolate Cake!!!!!

    All you do is take a reg box of cake mix any kind.....and a can of diet pop
    I would assume choc cake= diet cola or yellow= diet sprite..........I made the chocolate yesterday and it was to my surprise AMAZING!!!

    you just bake it as directed on the back of the box you DO NOT add anything else just cake mix and diet pop ( weird i know) but it works!!!!!!!!!

    13x9 in pan should make about 15 slices at 1 pt per slice!!!

    It is a little more moist and falls apart really easy but DEFINATLEY will quench that chocolate craving!!!!

  • OMG that sounds crazy!! I am so going to try that!!
  • its really good i do have to admit!
  • That is one of my absolute favorites!!! I also like to make it in muffins tins which makes it easy to throw in my lunch.
  • Someone was telling me to put a box a Angel food cake mix in a zip lock with any other cake mix and mix it together. You add 3 Tbs of water to 1/3 cup mix and cook on high in micro. for 1 min. and it is 1 point too. I tried it and it is good. But is it really just 1 point? Have you all heard of this? I hope its true because it is good.
  • jwillits - do you cook the angel food cake in the ziploc bag?
  • sounds super yummy!!!
  • Yeah you can ice with some low fat or fat free cool whip, im not sure how many points though
  • Wow! I just looked and found that cherry pie filling is 1-2 points (depending on brand and if lite or not). A 2 point Black Forest...I can do that!
  • would it make 15 muffins do you think?
  • ohhh, i'm going to try the recipe with a can of diet cherry dr pepper. i'm so exited!
  • Quote: would it make 15 muffins do you think?
    Easily. I made it the other day and it's great! It's more like 3 points though. I'm not sure where the 1 point came from.