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I had my "usual" Thursday with Mom . I did get my haircut today, I looked pretty scary this morning before I left the house .
Lily you are so right, we would NEVER get a rash from the sun, next time Slavika should stay home. I got another post card today, this one was more dignified - three whales playing in the ocean.
You and Donna are lucky, you could be living here. It was -15C today, with sunshine, that would be 9F.
Peggy..We used to laugh at our folks and their hearing aids, and now my DH is having hearing problems. I have to repeat everything, do you think he could be tuning me out? Nah!
You go over and taste food and get paid for it? I would like to do that . family in Van. tell me their crocus and tulips are coming up. My bulbs are under a foot of snow, alas it will be a while before I see them..

Well, it is late and waaay past my bedtime, talk to you tomorrow
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It's a beautiful Friday. My daffodils are coming up and a few even have buds. I hope that we don't have any more really bad weather that will kill them. Ohio is wierd- warm one day and then like yesterday-ice. Have you seen the newletter Eating Peacefully? I received my first one and I really like it. You can subscribe by going to I am going to try some of the ideas tonite at a get together with about 20 women. We all bring snacks and that can be dangerous. I will do the "I choose to" thing. My niece gets sun poisoning and my dh does too. Lily Olay bar soap that I used is wonderful. It is for sensitive skin. I think it is pricey but someone said to check WalMart. This cream that they applied will be on the market. My dryness went from a 3.5 to a 2.0. 'Donna maybe in heaven we will be able to eat all we want like those angels in the commercial that eat cheesecake. Off for my walk. Have a great weekend. Peggy
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