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Donna: Im about 4 hours away from Oregan and inward.
Im Close to Sacramento. Not desert here.
Whoa my bill wasnt that high.
It was my gas bill and it was 178$ I was thinking it was the electic bill. So Im sure Im still in for a shock when it comes. ALAS
I will Never beable to retire at this rate

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donna p
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I know Lily - hydro is going to keep me in the work force along time. What I don't understand is that I was told for years to switch to gas stove and heater and just when I do - bang up it goes. I do more for the economy of North American than anyone I know. My friends tease me because the minute I find a product I like and start to use the company usually goes bankrupt.....donna
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I don't think I will ever again gripe about my elec. or gas bill where do you gals live again an in what My elec. bill is 112.00 per month (I too pay the same year aroung)
and my gas is about 40.00 a month I have propane gas (live out in the county) we have it (tank) filled once in Sept. again in Jan-Feb -then depending on what kind of winter we are having some time one more time April most of the time we only have 100 pound put it an it runs around 125.00 - 150.00 of course I do live in South Texas so no snow here but the summer is another story oh well I guess that enough griping about my bills

Slavika were you one of those moms that always told her kids to be sure to wear clean underwear incase they had to go to the dr. my mom use to tell me that everytime I was going somewhere at night sometimes I wonder if that ment that if I had on the same underwear I had on all day if the dr. was not going to treat me.

Dee glad you DD is home and hope all is going well

every one have a good night and a nice day tomorrow
see you later lela

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Hello Everybody I had a busy day. I went to the hairdressers early this morning and had a light perm put in my hair and then cut short. At 1:00 a friend came over and we had a nice afternoon drinking tea and talking. Quick dinner with DH and then I went to babysit for a couple of hours. Now I'm tired... In between "things" I did the laundry too.
Donna if you want to see our posts at the same time as you are typing your reply just scroll down and there is the window with all our posts. (I hope I explained that properly.)
Oh Donna, thank you, I really am doing just fine, a wee bit tender in muscle but no big deal. LILY you and TRUDY are not getting my tickets. Say, I have a good idea how about getting tickets for a "bus trip" I think Trudy knows someone. LOL Schoolgirl actually, I really do think my Mother did tell me the importance of always wearing clean underwear. Like what if you were in an accident? Right, my first thoughts would be the state of my underwear. LOL http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif
I think I will get to bed early tonight, talk to you all tomorrow. http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//sleep.gif
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Well I'm back in business again. Lily I lost every thing so could you please send me the link to our page? Also have a question. How do you go about making a backup disk?

Slavika Sorry to hear that you hurt your self but glad that it wasn't your heart. Scary http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//nervous.gif

Well I haven't got my gas bill yet but have been hearing of people who have. Not good http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//nervous.gif

It's early and I need coffee so I'll check back later.
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Good Morning everyone, Hope everything is wall with all of you. Just where is this recipe page that the cheesecake recipe is on? I can't find it. We are supposed to have more snow here tonight. I hope not since we are going to Indianapolis tomorrow for some kind of harvest lunch with our nephew and his family. She is from India and it has something to do with her culture. I think it sounds like fun. I like to try different things. Have a good weekend and try to stay op. Peggy
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Well Slavika I didn't have the chance to change into my best underwear before I went to EMG last night. LOL

The thought did cross my mind. Boy was I in pain last night. My diagnosis and the pharmas's was that I swolled my pill with out enough water and it created a burn in the esophagus like you wouldn't ever wish upon your enemies.
At emg they did the usual ekg chest and stomack x-rays. Nothing...

The they gave me the pink lady yuk. I asked for an umbrella and cherry with it but they were all out.
I ended up with an allergic reaction to the ana stic in it. I couldn't breath very well for about 5 minutes and do you think that any nurses were around. NO
Came back home after midnight with a perscription for stomach pills. oh brother

I was quite worried about my dd and how she would react. Dh called home about every 20 minutes to keep her updated and tell her I was ok. Not good timing to be sick.
And of course last night inbetween the pink lady,half bottle of malox and two tylonal 3 I got sick. Yuk
Well that was a night I don't want to do again.

Trudy and Slavika I am still planning on going out for my birthday lunch today so you can count on me being there. I don't know how much I will be able to eat but the company I wouldn't miss.

Sorry for all the spelling errors but I am still high on tylonal 3 and I am in a hurray.

Hope everyone has a better day than I did yesterday.

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Dee: Oh boy what a night you had. Hope DD handled it well.
Happy Birthday!
Take care of yourself!

Slavika: Thanks but I think I will pass on the bus trip with Trudy.
Sorry Trudy! But you can have that fun all by yourself!

Peggy: Email me at [email protected] and I will let you know where the
recipe page is.

Karen: I am sending an email now.

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Slavika - You have such a fun life and what isn't fun, you put a funny spin on. I will be glad to see you get off on your vacation with no more surprises.

Yikes! You all have some pretty good heating bills. We have lived in our total electric house for 30 years and gas has always been so much cheaper. This is just bizarre!

Dee - I am so very glad that what was wrong was all that was wrong. Did your daughter handle it okay? It sounds as if she is very concerned about you and that might be a big part of her difficulties. I do know in my own life how a mom's illness can just scare kids so much.

Lily - thanks for figuring the points. I have made this once and made it in a big (not quite 9x13) cake pan. I probably got more like 18-20 servings out of it. So I am assuming that my servings are more like 2 points. It is good and I just need something sweet.

Have a good day!

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donna p
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afternoon all----Well just back from WW and I was down 2#. Thanks for the tip Slavika but I know about that but it has to be on the same title. If I start a new title then I don't think that would work. Lily I too need to know how to do a back up. Do you have an easy to understand method. I know I have all that stuff on my machine - I just don't know how to operate it.
I live in Canada but right on the Washington US border but where I live is known for pot growing so maybe I am helping out someone. I think pretty soon the police may come over and check it out. It's amazing how spoiled tho' we are with all our (at least mine) fancy appliances and stuff. It does cost.
I'm off for a walk on my treadmill now. Everyone take care and stay OP.....donna
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Hi y'all,

What a day! Had to go to the dentist to get the permanent crown put on. Was told not to worry----that it wouldn't hurt. WRONG!!!! I thought they were blowing the top of my head off. Well, it seems that after the smoke cleared, the crown is the wrong color and I have to have a root canal. Now you know I am really looking forward to that. My dentist cannot do the root canal because one of the roots is calcified and I have to see a specialist. She did a pulp today (whatever that is) and told me to call the specialist--an endodontist. Never heard of it before. So they put the temporary back on. I made a fool of myself in the dentist's chair. I cried and broke out in a cold sweat and apparently scared them. Well, heck, I thought it was going to be a few minutes and I ended up with 6 different shots of novacaine. My mouth is still numb and I chewed a hold in my right cheek. This hasn't been a good day.

Dee, it sounds like you have had all the excitement you need for a while. Happy Birthday!!! So glad your girl is home. We know you are good parents. She is just scared. You are probably right about her fears about going back to school. Kids can be so cruel and your DD is just scared of how they will react to her hospitalization. With you and her dad backing her like you do, she will be fine. So glad your episode was not something more serious.

Slavika, going to try those cookies tomorrow. What was the link you had for them? I read somewhere that they are real good if you bake them in tart pans so I went and bought some. I had ordered some of the Baker's cookies and they sure aren't $1.80 apiece good. I have to have the fiber, though, so I am going to try making them. Wish me luck. I am also going to try Glenda's cheesecake. I need something sinful. All this healthy eating is getting me down

I have a new e-mail addy. It is [email protected] We were offline for a couple of days. Now I am having to enter a new address book. What a pain.

25 days OP (I would kill for a twinkie or a bag of potato chips {I mean a real bag-at least a pound-of regular chips). I can't eat 1 twinkie or a handful of real chips, but rather don't stop till they are all gone. So for me, it is better to avoid them completely.

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Hi Everybody just stopped by to read and too tired to post but GERI I guess you mean those high fiber cookies I made and was "talking" about. Here's the address: It was posted by Christine.

See you all tomorrow. Night. http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//sleep.gif
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Geri I got shivers when I read about your dentist appt. My dentist didn't do my root canal, he sent me to an Endodontic Specialist, which basically meant that it was going to cost plenty $$$. I kind of get paralized when I feel any kind of a twinge in my teeth. I have been known to cry in a dentist chair too.
I made those Baker's cookies too and I measured 1/3 cup batter for each cookie. After 25 days OP you deserve a treat and a medal too http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif
Donna That is great, 2# gone.

We had a nice lunch out today. There are 5 of us Tea Time gals. We celebrated Dee's and our other friend's upcoming Birthdays.

Good night http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//sleep.gif ~ talk to you tomorrow.
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G'day all,
Finally a little cooler here though the forecast is for it to get hot again by the middle of the week For now I am enjoying the cool
Happy birthday Dee, I hope your new year will be a very happy and healthy one
Geri you have done so well being OP for so long, since re-joining ww (1-2-2001) I have had one lapse, I am reasonably pleased about that.
Sorry to hear about your root canal work that is needed. I have several crowns and have had several root canal treatment, I also go to a specialist. Because I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to any form of dentistry, my dentist uses some sort of sedation which is heaven. I almost look forward to going . You control it yourself the more you sniff the more you are out of it http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//insane.gif. Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance but it is worth it
I also decided to have a bit of a measure and I was pleasantly surprised, loosing 5 cm from my hips, 3 cm from my waist and some from my upper legs and upper arms. Unfortunately nothing from the chest as yet http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//umm.gif, no doubt that will happen too before too long.
Have a great day all

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donna p
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afternoon all.

Oh Geri I so felt for you. It's amazing how much we all dislike the dentist but can you just imagine what it was like a hunred years ago. I'm sure with the proper medical team looking after you next time it won't be so bad.

Maria thank you for sharing your pictures. It is so much fun to 'see' what we all look like and such a nice looking family too.

Happy Birthday Dee. You deserve a Happy one.

Tonight I have company coming for dinner. The lady I have been friends with since grade 8 and her hubby since grade 11. We are having salmon, rice, broccoli, corn and a wonton type soup which will all be okay but I also am having apple pie for dessert but I should be alright if I am careful.

My big ole rottie has an abscess on the side of his face - no idea how it got there but DH and him have gone off to the vet. He was so anxious to get in the truck and go and he knew where he was going too so it must be really bothering him poor thing.

Anyhow I'm off to get supper ready. Have a great OP day all.....later..donna
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