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Evening, all.

Karen, I should have heeded your suggestions, but I'm afraid this is not turning into a good week on the weight front. Ah, well, tomorrow is another day.

Happy Birthday, Phill. A birthday breakfast sounds great. Do you have cake and ice cream?

Lily, the roadrunner site was very interesting. I knew they were real birds, but no more than that. I've become very interested in birds since moving to Louisiana, because so many different kinds stop over on their migrations. In spring and fall you just don't know what you'll find in your back yard. A few weeks ago I was sitting on my screened patio when some kind of raptor - a hawk maybe - divebombed at a shadow and hit my screen door head on. It bounced off and landed on a hedge, then took off practically straight up. It almost scared me to death when it hit the screen.

Maria, your birds are really beautiful. So colorful. The pictures in your album are great. Such a nice looking family, and a pretty house. I don't remember very much about my penpal from Adelaide, except that her name was Elizabeth and she lived in an area that had been settled by people from Scotland. Her hobby was Scottish dancing, which was quite popular there. I'm afraid we lost touch many years ago.

Glenda, it's good to hear a success story like your son Joel's. You have every reason to be proud of him. I'm sure it won't be long before we are all sending him our congratulations on passing the bar, and tying the knot with the right girl.

All for now.


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Hi Everybody My DH is a banker and very good with anything mathematical or to do with finances but PLUMBING...OY VEY.
About two or three weeks ago he began fixing one of the toilets in our house. He does it in stages. The first stage is to get a new part to replace one that he THINKS is faulty. Stage 2 is to replace that part. We are up to about stage 5 I think and now the toilet does not work at all. During the earlier stages things still kind of NADA. Darling Husband I say with a sweet smile on face, perhaps we should call a plumber. Ok Ok maybe not exactly a sweet smile. LOL
Oh well he does try.
PHILL Have a great Birthday breakfast. Is tomorrow the actual date of your birthday, if so Happy Birthday.
HI LILY and WTG down another 1.5#...
Got the main rooms of my house in order and brought up all the decorations except the ones for the tree. It's starting to look like Christmas. I also made some muffins and shortbread and of course assisted the banker/plumber who has now taken the small "Prince" to see a hockey game, so I think I will watch a bit of TV now and relax.
I'll come back later to see if anyone else posted. Night all.
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Good morning all,
phill Happy Birthday hope you enjoy your day.

Lily Great weight loss. *** You must be close to goal. Getting a jump on the rest of the world with new program smart. I think you'll like the results and the new look when you see it.

Trudy did I read that you lost also this week?

All of you with the decorating done good for you. This is going to be a busy day for me as I have to haul(hubby is going to help) the new program down to the meeting place and bring the old one home to store it until the powers to be tell us what to do with it.

Was making out my wish list to give to DH so he can buy me a Christmas present. It was hard for me because like the rest of us here I usually buy what I want when want it. The we decided to keep the price down because we are saving for our Florida trip. We are flying this year. I'm not really crazy about that Idea I really enjoyed the drive last year.

Marsha Remember that tomorrow is another day keep trying and one day all will fall into place. Maybe it would help if you remember why it is that you wanted to lose weight in the first place. Some times remembering that last straw will get us going again.

Maria I enjoyed looking at your pictures also . I really liked the birds. And your home and family are beautiful.

Well we had snow again last night but it doesn't look like much. More cold than anything else. And according to the weather chanel we are to have sun today.. will be a nice change from the gray skys we had yeaterday.

Well I'm off to see whats else is going on in the world so catch you guys later.

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Good morning all! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am 55 today. I keep saying I am going to give up birthdays but I just can't stop them!
I stayed on plan yesterday and even walked (inside) after dinner. And I have my breakfast planned so I should be ok there! I'll be back later!!

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight
because by then, your body and your fat are really good friends.
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Go to 84
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