I'd like to join in, too

  • Just read this board for the first time and since I'm a "lifer" too and fit the age bracket - thought I'd better hurry while I still did- decided to post. I live in central Texas. DH & I are retired and I walk every decent weathered day with a group of women, the oldest (our role model)just turned 80! We do 2.6 miles in less than 45 min., so she does pretty well, I think. I tell her I want to be like her when I grow up. Asked her the other day what she'd like to be doing at 90 and she said "WALKING every day". I've lost 70# this go-round. Should never have quit WW, found out I need the discipline (sp?) and help.
  • Welcome aboard! You will find a bunch of support here!
  • Hi Steptwo and welcome. You picked a great spot to come to. The gals here are just great. Since you have already lost 70# I guess like the rest of us you pretty well know WHAT you have to do, you just have to DO it. That gets a little trickly sometimes, LOL. That's nice that you walk with a group of gals. Things are always more fun if you are doing them with friends. Please, come and post with us on the 50 & 60's board, you'll soon know all about us. See you there. Bye now.