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Hey Lily Did you see me wave when we passed on the freeway Saturday? Now I'm in Southern Cal @ Disneyland. Lots of construction here as they are building a Downtown Disney and a new park called California Adventure. I'm working hard to stay OP so far so good!

We had a nice Thanksgiving at my cousin's - didn't bring any leftovers home since we were leaving on Saturday. Then my daughter & I got up at 4 A.M. for our traditional shopping trip. We buy toys & gifts for our adopt a family, get home by 10 and collapse! It is a nice start to Christmas. I know some of you are way ahead of me.

I have been quite busy and really trying hard to stay OP. I have .5 lb to 90 lbs lost. It is going ever so slowly right now. I need to get more active.

Dee sounds like you looked beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

I have my handy laptop so I will be on-line while traveling. This hotel only has one phone next to the bed so I'm bent over like an old crone as I write this. I will stop because I'm afraid I'll get stuck like this LOL

I forget - where am I in line for that tree skirt??? We'll be putting up the tree in one week......

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I have a computer only at work so I haven't talked to any of you in days and there wasn't much to catch up on. I guess everybody is very busy, having a good holiday.

Slavika - Good for you. Your treeskirt sounds just beautiful. And you should be very proud of yourself for going through a birthday dinner and not overindulging. I overindulged for 3 days nonstop and today feel like crap! Why, oh why! My sister (Miss Straight Arrow) was absolutely perfect. She had no pie, just a WW receipe, and the day after her stomach wasn't pooching at all. Where do people get that much strength?

Karen - your day AFTER sounded like a lot of fun. I have never liked the day after Thanksgiving for shopping, but I do like to wander through a mall to get in the mood. I love Christmas decorations. Yesterday we spent all day decorating our house and won't get totally done for about a week. Each year I think I don't do this again, but when the times comes, well, you know.

Siggi - Haven't heard from you in awhile. How are you doing? Are you still working the late shift at work?

Dee - Well Slavika told us how beautiful you looked at your anniversary party. Glad you made it through and felt good. I don't understand your health care in Canada. I understand it is all paid for, but this thing about having to wait so long for a test--is there a reason for that? And is there no way to hurry it up? Just curious (or nosey).

All, back to work for me. I am going to be so op this month, except for Christmas Day. That way, I won't be so miserable and over goal in January. At least this is my plan right now.
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