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Karen: Electrical problems are no fun. Been there before. And in the wrong place to!
Can image how you felt with no curling iron!

Lela: Sounds like you had a great BD! Always great when you dont have to do anything!

Cal: Congrats on the loss! I dont think you will have a problem through the holidays. They are hard but you have so much determination you will do fine!

Siggi: Thats a good trick to feel up on those Veggies! I do that all the time.
Shift work huh? That must be hard.

Glenda: Sounds like Cody is doing good! Hope it helps him.

GAnne: Sounds like you got a good plan going. You can do this! Glenda had some excellent advise.
I didnt realize that insurance for doing shows would be so much. The candles sound neat tho. I love candles.
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LILY Don't you be taken in by TRUDY . LOL. Today Trudy and I got our patchwork tree skirts, batting and backing all layered together and have begun basting all three layers together. I have to admit it is looking really nice. We had to lay everything out on the kitchen floor to cut and pin, well you should have heard the moaning and groaning (mostly from you know who).
Lily I found that cheese on the net and it comes from Cyprus. It's made from 100% goat's milk.
GERI if you hear from SILVERGAL again please tell her hello
from me. Sorry about Erica.
LELA glad you had a nice birthday.
KAREN you're lucky both your Dad and your DH can do those kinds of repairs. If my DH touched anything electrical in our house it would probably blow up.
CAL Happy Dance for you, another 1.8# gone forever. Good for you.....
HI SIGGI nice to see you posting again. I love cooking a turkey too, because of the left overs and of course Turkey Soup.
GLENDA you are a funny gal but I am happy you recognize the situation I'm in working with Trudy. hee hee.
gAnne nice "seeing" you today, and it's good that you are drinking your water.
Well gang, its my WW weigh-in tomorrow, geez I hope I have managed to stay at 152# or (less would be nice). It's very nice to go to WW and not have to pay anymore money.
Our weather is not so great, rain that may turn into snow, it's nice to be inside on a night like this. Lastly, I want to say hello to DEE and hope you're doing ok. (((DEE))).
Night all.

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I had weigh-in tonight and was down 4.2. I guess it pays to get mad at yourself. I journaled all week. Usually I only make it a couple of days. Now if I could learn to like water... Leader talked about all the new things for the new program -
the 3 pt bars will be thinner and have only 2 pts., plus you'll get an extra one for the same price. There will be a chocolate chip 2 pt bar. More ethnic foods with point values, expanded supermarket points book. Even a booklet for when you hit a plateau. All sounds good to me.
The wedding was very nice. It was a mass, but only lasted a little over an hour. The priest gave a good, easy to understand sermon
(compared to our minister who has a hard time getting to the point!). They served a buffet supper (prepared by the bride's mother). Then had a dance. A lovely evening!
DH left for Chicago Sunday and will be back Wed. night. We're suppose to get a snowstorm tomorrow, so it should be interesting. I'm in charge of the 2 dogs (dachshund and husky). They've been looking for DH all night long. He has them very spoiled!!!!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!
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Slavika..OK, well maybe I did exagrerate a tad, but I did have band aids on my fingers. Today was a very exciting day at the "factory", everything is pinned together and we are basting now. We did a lot of groaning as we crawled around the floor with our bums up in the air. We think that we did the equivalent of a brisk 1 mile walk.
Siggi..A Pilsbury doughboy is a very descriptive picture. LOL
Schoolgirl..Glad you had such a nice birthday, your DH really looked after you nicely .
Geri..Our DH sound alike, mine can make hotdogs, and reheat in the microwave, THAT'S IT! He also tells me he can sleep so well because "he lives right". I don't know what that means . 5 hours of ironing would be a horror, and I think a Crown Royal Texas Mickey would do nicely, thank you.
Silvergal..hope you are still reading the board even if you don't have time to post. We are always thinking about you and are sorry Erica hasn't come home.
Lily..I could not exist without a blow dryer and a curling iron. Did you ever put rollers in your hair every night before going to sleep? I don't know how I ever slept with those things in my hair.
Karen..You sure do have a lot of interesting things going on in your life, do the men have to go far to go hunting?
Margot..Don't be nervous, you are doing so well, I'm sure you will keep the motivation going. That must have been some stuffing recipe for 22 points, a good one to skip.
Glenda..I am pulling for Cody to do just fine on his own.
gAnne..Glad to hear from you, you sound so much better today. One day at a time, you can do it. I had no idea you needed insurance for the shows either. Have fun at this show, and I hope you do well.
Doxie..WTG on the 4.2 lbs down

Did anyone see the baby elephant born at the Seattle Zoo? He weighed 230 lbs, and was so cute.

Well Goodnight everyone, hope you have a great day OP Tuesday....

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Slavika: You two must be having a riot getting these skirts done. Sounds like to much fun! Good luck at WI!

Doxie: Congrats on the loss! 4.2 is awesome! Sounds like the wedding was alot of fun!

Trudy: Oh my. Yes I did! But never again! I dont know how I slept back then either! That was torture! The things we women do! But I would never do the curler thing again...

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