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Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site, countrygal told me about you all, and how great this site is , so here i am. I tired to post here earlier but did it wrong, I started a new post (New to the board) so hopefully this time I will get it right. I'm making some changes in my life, weight lost, new hair cut, and now going back to school. I wanted to go to work but found my skill were way out dated so now it on to the age of computer. Hope you all have room for one more. I've read some of the post and I have to agree with countrygal this is a great place to become a part of.

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Welcome Countrygal & Schoolgirl
I have had a wonderful day! Iy's our 31st anniversary AND our oldest son's 30th birthday. Guess how I spent my 1st anniversary LOL. My hubby took me out for dinner to the nicest place in town. To top it off, my daughter is now employed - in her field - with a good salary! This is a miracle. She's been job hunting for 2 months and many, many interviews.
Countrygal - where are you in Iowa????
Karen - Good for you Reminds me of that old song "Take this job and shove it". Been tempted myself, but jobs are few and far betwen here.
I made the mistake of looking up "white house" on the net once for a scout project. It certainly wasn't in Washington DC. Live and learn.
Sounds like everyone is getting re-charged for Fall. We CAN do this if we stick together.
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Hi everybody, it has been a long day for me. We went on a day trip that got involved, so we were gone the whole day. In the evening, my SIL & hubby came over and we played cards, Phayze 10, till 12:00. I am tired, but wanted to see what was going on here, and I am glad I did...
Hi Schoolgirl..glad to see you join us, fill out a Bio and read ours, we would like to get to know you. sure know how to throw a party, great food. Did you manage to come in around 27 pts for the day..Hmmmmmm? Now about the tent poles, I seem to have a vauge recollection... sure had a big decision to make, I am sure you chose right. Stress can be an awful thing. How are you feeling now?
Confident in your choice?
Lily,,you are a real asset to the group. Always ready to help out. I appreciate it. Thanks.
Glenda..I believe that maintaining is harder than losing. When I am losing, I can focus on the prize, but when I am at goal, I tend to think, well everything is undercontrol and just a bit more isn't going to hurt. My clothes fit and I look and feel just fine. Ultimately it does hurt. I get overconfident.
Josie You said it all when you wrote about WW 123 program. You are doing so good, losing over 1/2 of the goal..WTG
Sorry about losing the trees. I would hate to cut mine down.
Silvergal..Big Rig driving sounds like hard work to me, but I get the impression you enjoyed it. Too bad your Mom was sick and missing you. I am sure your daughter did an excellent job.
Linda..What were we up to in August, I am having another "Senior Moment"..I am so tired right now, can't remember anything.
Doxie..Happy 31st Anniversary. I am happy for your DIL and her new career, good luck to her.
Getting recharged for the fall..I like that, going to use it.
Geri..Texas was in the newspaper today, told us about the record, going 59 days without moisture --longer than the dry spell during the Dust Bowl days of the Depression. Farmers & ranchers have lost an estimated $595 million US and reservoirs are shrinking fast. No hint of a sprinkle or a gully washer. From what I understand this is the case in a lot of the southern states.

It so late, and I just have to go to bed. I am glad I came to post, tomorrow I would have had a hard time catching up. Despite everything, I had 28 points today So I am feeling realy good about that. Hope everyone has a good Thursday OP. Goodnight..

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Schoolgirl: Glad to see you made it over here. And welcome aboard!

Doxie: Congrats on the 31st Anniversay! Sounds like you had a great time! And congrats to your daughter to! I like the idea to of getting recharge for fall!

Trudy: Glad to help when I can! Sounds like you had a busy but fun day!
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Hi Everybody: How about a new thread. See you guys on #65.
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