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***Welcome to the daily thread for all 20-somethings***

Morning all,
It's my last day at work for a week - hooray!
Brenda, of course you and Jeff can come with us - I'll meet you at Windermere Station on Saturday afternoon....
Ali - looks like we'll both be away for the next 10 days or so - how will they cope without us?! How were BNL?
Tonya - try something "new" eh? I'll do my best!
Jen-L - hope emma isn't too sick, how did it go at the doctors?
Stacey - you sound like you're a bit overworked, poor thing. at least tomorrow is the weekend.
ooh, anyone else out there cancer? i read in my horoscope that valentine's day itself wouldn't be so good (true cos i was ill) but to postpone it for 10 days and that the weekend from the 24th feb would be ace, esp if you went on a trip with a loved one....
Stephanie - well done on your loss, and i'm sure lugging boxes around will count! when i moved house i lost 5 pounds (my flat is on top of a very steep hill!).
Brenda - hope you manage to fit in some nestle time. it sounds like you're getting more motivated again which is good. as for cottage cheese, i like it on baked (jacket) potatoes. oh and on muffins, rice cakes and crisp breads. pepper def helps (but i'm a pepper freak and put it on almost everything!)
Sarah - how much snow have you got? we might get some in the UK over the weekend, but i'm hoping not or i won't be able to go hill walking. actually, it might not be so bad...i could just stay in bed or go to the pub....
Kim - you've got snow too! i like snow (but not the disruption it brings).
kim/casey - what are thin mints? are they like after eights? (very thin square-shaped dark chocolate with mint filling?).
Suzanne - hope today isn't so stressful workwise for you. what are smart ones?
belle - how did the birthday celebrations go? tell us everything!
emily - i guess the only thing to do is write off the week and as from today get back on program and the damage won't be too bad. pms is a tricky one i know (that's when i get carb cravings!). just put it behind you and think how good you will be from now on. you can do it!
Jason - well done on your new salary! and good luck with the blind date on saturday. personally i might find it a bit weird if a bloke turned up with flowers on a first date. but i would probably be flattered at the gesture. if i were you i'd get something small cos otherwise the poor girl will be lugging a big bunch of flowers around with her all night.
lolly - seen any fab frocks in monsoon yet? if you wanna go dress shopping in london i'll come with you!!
hello to everyone else, hope you all have a fab weekend. and when i get back after my week off i want to hear all about the losses!
love kirsty

193.5/147 (5 ft 9)

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Good morning everyone. It's my day off and here I am on the puter at 7a.m. DH is still sleeping. I did really well yesterday until I went to the store. It's was this really strange phenomenon! A bag of Cheetos was actually talking to me! No I threatened me with my life until I took it home. *sigh* I may still be OP for the day, I just haven't figured out those Cheeto points. I need to take my car in for a tune up (I've become too busy to do it myself anymore) take Nes for a walk, wrap gifts for the shower tomorrow, get ready for my candle party tonight and 1/2 dozen other things. So much for my day of eh? I'll try to check in later. Happy Friday!

198.4/162.4/135(WW)/130(Personal) (5'4")

When life gives you mud, make mud pies!!

Feb 27 WI goal: 155 !!
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Hi Ladies!

Well, TGIF!

Kirsty- Smart Ones are the WW frozen dinners over here. Thanks for the kind words, last night ended up pretty good at work. Have fun on your vacation! LUCKY!

Brenda- The good thing is that even though you ate the cheetos you didn't go over board with them....thats' what counts right.

Last night I had an interesting debate about strippers with my bf and his best friend. namely that I do not like the thought of my bf going to those places. Well, I'm pretty sure my bf would never cheat and he isn't a womanizer in any way. Since his best friend is getting married and he will be a best man than I guess he will have to go to the bachelor party which will most likely be at a strip club. I figured I have to be fair and let him go but geze I know that night I will be waiting up for him I guess I should be lucky though because he is very respectful and isn't one to flirt with other girls. My friend was going out with a guy that blatently flirted with girls right in front of her. They hadn't even been together for a month. Calling waitresses huna dn sweetie and all that. It made me want to throw up.

Anyways, that was my rant for the day. Have a good Friday~I will probably be back later.


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Hello all. Well, I had a bad afternoon. I broke down and had a donut that someone brought into work. Brenda, I think there must be somehting in the cosmos, because this donut was talking to me as well. So I can believe the cheetos.

Anyway, I thought I would just forget it but when I went and figured up my points beofre dinner, I realized that the donut only took me one point over my max. So I made zero point soup and had that for dinner. I think my hubby was mad at me about making he go to the Oprah show, because he ordered a pizza for himself and had hot wings and ate popcorn later that night. AHHHHH! But I stayed strong.

Today, I am so glad I stayed on track and only have one point to make up.

On the Oprah show issue, I am really excited to go. I will deffinantly tell Ms. Oprah about us and how we need her to pay our way to be on her show! I am sure they will let me, crazed fan, close to the show star. My hubby is less than excited about the weekend.

Kim: I hope you were not part of the big accedent in Virginia. The bread sounds yummy.

belle: how was your birthday? Also, I think you did great to stand strong with your bf.

Brenda: I love to wrap presents. I wish I could come over and help you out so that you could have a little relax time.

Kirsty: well, the countdown has started to your vacation. Do you all leave tonight or tomorrow? Anyway, let me see if I can answer some americana questions. Thin Mints are small round cookies with a mint flavor covered in chocolate that the Girl Scouts sell every year as a fundraiser. They may have some kind of drug in them because they are highly addictive. Someone here said they were going to put them in the freezer to help avoid eating them. AHH, that is my fav way to eat them, frozen. Now Smart Ones are frozen dinners that WW sells in the grocery store here. They have many products and varieties. I really love Santa Fe Rice and Beans for 5pts. Very good.

Lolly: We do't have monsoon that i know of. What kind of stuff do they have? Are they on the web? Oh, I am glad your parents liked the place you all did for the wedding.

Jason: Congrats on the job offer. I think I would go with a small bunch of spring flowers. Make sure they are from a florest as they will be able to cap the ends with water so that the flowers make the transport and night until they can go into a vase. Have fun!

Ali: How was BNL? I have not been to a concert in so long. I really need to get to one. Hopefully U2. Oh, and Brenda, wa sit you that said Bon Jovi is playing?

Jen: I hope Emma is ok...what did the Dr. say?

Emily: I agree with Kirsty, I think i would just put the PMS binge behind me and start fresh. You can do it!

I need to get going now. I will try to post to everyone else later today. Have a great Friday.

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Hello, how is everyone! I went to the BNL concert last night. Both Chantal K and The Barenaked Ladies were fabulous (I totally agree Stephanie, this concert was great!), actually this was probably one of the best concerts I have been to (though I loved the Starlight Picnic with Blue Rodeo and Great Big Sea in June '99). My only gripe about the concert (okay there are two here); the people behind me who talked ALL the way through the concert loudly (I could always hear them no matter how loud the music was) and the people in front of me who smoked up and I got a headache from the smoke (ahh secondhand pot smoke, I got the headache but not the high, then again I have never smoked pot so I wouldn't really know).

I loved how BNL tried to be personal to the audience by talking about Montreal stuff. I also recommend to ANYONE to go to a concert in Montreal, since all the artists who come here try and speak french, it's soooo cute (I saw Jewel once and she had a BF from Quebec City so she played a song she wrote in French ). I also saw a friend of mine I hadn't seen in over a year, I'm honestly not sure that he recognized me at first, I almost didn't recognize him either, he's lost a lot of weight too.

Anyhoo, Hello to everyone here! I am being naughty tonight and going to dinner with my friends and I won't be counting points ( I rarely ever do that, but I love Souvlaki and greek potatoes). I am weighing in before dinner. I think I may buy a new outfit too, all my skirts are too big. I also have to get a huge congratulations card from my summer boss who just got a [email protected] promotion (she's a really cool boss, so I am happy for her).

Take Care!


243.4/170.4/155 (15.4lbs left WooHoo!!)

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Hi Everyone I've been slacking off this week and haven't got around to posting. Foodwise I've been pretty good... since I quit working I've been terrible about drinking water tho, that's the only place I ever drank it really. Actually went and worked out for a short while yesterday... that always makes me feel good. We got a bit of snow last night but nothing much really, maybe an inch or so. This evening I'm going up to VT again to see my "net man" LOL. We had so much fun last week tho... I'm really looking forward to it (okay, I'm a tad nervous anyways).

Ali...the concert sounds like it was a lot of fun...despite the annoying people. I like the BNL's too...haven't gotten to any concerts tho.

Anyways...I hope you all have a great weekend and/or vacation

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Good morning! TGIF!!

I will try to respond to everyone later, but just wanted to say "Hi" right now! I have WI in the morning, I hope to maintain, I had greesy pizza this week, and a little too much, but have been working out every day, so hopefully it will counter-act it!

I took my DS (2 yrs old) to the Dr. this morning, he has chronic bronchitis (from 6 mo old til now) we are trying to figure out the problem. Maybe allergies or maybe asthma (we have it in the family), anyway, we are going to try to elminate the possibility of allergies first. So he is on Claritin for 3 weeks. He hates medicine, so this will be a joy trying to get this down him. Anyway, he is healthy otherwise. My DH is still working nights, and my DD (5 yrs old) is spending the day/night at my in-laws, so Nic (DS) and I are hanging together tonight.

Well, better get back to work! I will check in later with everyone!


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bye bye! i'm off home now and then we're getting a train up to the lakes tomorrow morning. have a wonderful week, i look forward to tales of success when i get back!
miss you guys,
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Good afternoon, friends. I am in a pretty good mood today. Yesterday was almost ok even with all the chips at the Mexucan restaurant. I didn't go to the gym becasue the roads were getting bad and I knew I should drive home in the dark. I felt lazy but got things done around the house. DH and I watched TV and ate popcorn instead of dinner. We weren't hungry enough for a meal. I was glad that I wasn't tempted to go way over points. I was over by 4 because of the peanut butter cookies I baked for the neighbors. I ate the broken ones. Anyway, I feel ok about it. Today I am at 11 points so far and am hoping that I won't have any challenges this evening.

Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight we are going to the Caps hockey game (I don't drink beer so I hope to not eat too much). Tomorrow I need to do homework and paint a few patches on the wall. Tomorrow night I am going to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with 2 friends. It sounds tempting but I have never actually had dessert there. The food is very good and last time I was there I found a grilled portobello mushroom sandwich and asked for steamed broccoli. I hope I can be strong and get that tomorrow.

Jason - Good luck on your date. Try to relax and just be yourself. I think flowers are nice but don't go overboard on the first date.

Kirsty - Have a super trip!

Brenda - I hope that your day is going well. I never get to relax and do nothing on a day off. I always use it as a day to catch up!

Suzanne - I do not like strip clubs either but I know that it is part of the bachelor party thing. DH took his brother to one for his bachelor party too. At least we trust them

Trish - I hope that you enjoy the Oprah show. I wish I got to watch it! They used to have it on at the gym and I could watch it on Fridays when I get there by 4pm but I haven't seen it in a while. Have a good time with your mom and sister too.

Ali - I love BNL!!! We saw them 2 years ago and it was the best concert we had ever seen. We had front row seats (DH got in line at 5am!) and it was awesome! We are going to see them next month in Baltimore, I can't wait! I am glad that you enjoyed the show.

Shaylene - Good for your for getting in your exercise. I know it is difficult to be good foodwise. My exercise is what keeps me on track. Have fun in VT!

Tonya - How was weigh in? I hope your son is feeling better soon. Enjoy a night at home with him.

Hi to everyone else - Stacey, Brenda, Lolly, Lola, Julie, Casey, Belle and everyone. Have a fun weekend. I am leaving in an hour!!!


P.S. I hope to change the signature next week!
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Hi everybody!!!

Friday at last..... can't wait to chill out this weekend. I've had a totally crazy week. But, it's now finished.
Ali I saw the BNL in Lennoxville YEARS ago, like 1992 or something. They gave a great show. BTW... I don't know how you manage to lose weight so well when you're so close to Village Grec (mmmm.... greek chips and souvlaki...). I swear that restaurant was instrumental in my weight gain. I used to call them on a Saturday morning after a big night out and order food and aspirin!

Last night I taught my first WW meeting. I've been in training to become a leader, and the last phase is a "mentoring" session where I teach a meeting and am critiqued by my mentor. It was VERY last minute (i.e. the headquaters called me at 2:00 p.m. to ask me to teach) and it was on a subject that I'm not crazy about (Anchoring). The meeting went very well, though. I really enjoyed myself, and can hardly wait to start a meeting!

Have a great weekend, ladies (and Jason)


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Hi all!

I am feeling better today. Thanks for your encouragment guys.

Yesterday I went over by 2 pts and I am satisfied, considering I wanted to eat more! It was really hard to cut myself off last night.

Today I really have to watch it cause we are having a guest over for dinner and I am making a gourmet asian meal. Not the most low fat meal in the world. Oh well. It is a thank you to him for fixing our computer for free.

Well, I gotta get back to cleaning my house.
I'll chat with you all later!

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Hi boys & girls! I didn't think my last post made it the other day. I signed off of AOL so quickly after posting. Lucky me!

I am definitely going to have to get on a regular basis again, daily, because you girls are too quick for me.

I can't get on track and I think posting will help. Mmmmhmmm. I have so much going on in my life that I am stressed, which I usually have under control, but when I don't ... watch out! I have been doing nothing but eating. And nothing too good either. Or I'm good during the day, and blow it at night. Midnight eating, junk food eating - you name it.

Anyhoo ...

Belle - I think you are seeing things more clearly now. Some times the best thing a person can do is something for themself. It's a great healing process.

Kirsty - I know you're long gone, but have a blast!

Who's going to Vegas? I had such a great time in November! Have fun! And all of the walking you do will counter act any goodies you consume.

Jason - Nice to meet you. Have a great time on your date. I never really went on a date. All of my boyfriends were friends, so everything was always casual.

Has anyone heard from Michelle? Obviously she's had the baby. Got any info for me?

Who else has posted? I can't remember ... sometimes I read through these so quickly.

Tonight I am off to see JoDee Messina. She is an amazing artist and performer. Belle - I strongly recommend listening to her CD's "I'm Alright" and "Burn".

I'm going to sign off for now. Hopefully I'll get in the right frame of mind.

This PMS thing isn't helping me either.

Have a good one!


"Don't expect your life to change without some effort on your part."
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Everyone's probably gone home for the day but I wanted to pop in and say hi. I've been out riding all day with a police officer, and now I have to sit and write a story for tomorrow. I'm tired and I had a headache, and I don't feel like thinking. I wish my editor didn't need this for tomorrow!

All the snow is gone! It got up in the 50s today and melted it all away. We only had 2 inches to begin with. It kills me the way no one can drive in the stuff and there are so many accidents every time it snows around here. I couldn't believe the 116-car pile up they had in another part of the state. You just want to shake people and yell SLOW DOWN! I love driving in snow, personally. I got used to it living in New Hampshire. It can be really fun!

Belle: Hope your birthday was fab!

Well, I really better go. I need to snap out of this daze and write this story. I'm SO looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning!

Have a good weekend everyone, good luck on the various dates and trips!

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Hi girls!

Well, last ngiht was okay….I went to v-ball and realized I have had it with my team…I am quitting!! Its not worth it...oh well...

And I got a gift from my mom and dad (separate, they are divorced) and talked to my dad abut b/f….He said that it sounds like its not a
question, its a commitment thing, that he probably loves me but is
of commitment and when he realized he was "committing" that he got
nervous and backed up. Dad said to play it really cool and do my
and if it gets to be too much, then walk away. I thought that was
advice. He also said about the other girl that he is oprobaly
like king fruit right now, having two women need him and is lapping
up so for me to show him I don't need him and make him squirm a bit.
Dad says its kind of like a game but men are stupid and mature

B/f gave me 12 roses and a book and a card and tonite is taking me out to dinner before the play.

Don't worry, I am still the strong Belle!! I feel really good about myself!! Weird....

Well, I gotta go, have a great weekend!

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