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Thumbs down Swimsuit Season Challenge Updates Week 1

Hey everyone participating in the challenge!

I thought we could post our updates on a new thread so that they don't get lost in our original goals (Jess, hope that's ok with you).

Well, I can't say I met all my goals last week, but I definitely acted with the challenge in mind I went to the gym 4x, but only got in 3 30 min. cardio sessions and 1 hour pilates class. I chickened out on the weight training, so my 2x per week goal on that was not met. I was more concious about drinking my water on the weekend, but I know that it still wasn't enough. I also never got around to taking my measurements. I'll put that on my to-do list for tonight.

On the plus side, I'm down a lb. to 155! 10 more to my challenge goal. I am definitely going to Key West on June 30, so that gives me 7.5 weeks to lose the 10lbs. Definitely doable, but still pretty challenging considering I am lucky if I lose a half a pound a week at this point.

How is everyone else doing??

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Hi Lexy!

Well, I did well OP food wise all week, but I slacked on the exercise. And, I stayed the same at WI this morning, and I know that is why, plus I have been slacking on the water too.

So, I will do better today, and drink all my water. I hope to walk on my treadmill again tonight, but I am still battling a terrible cold, and just can't breathe very well, so we will see.

Lexy ~ You had a good first week, keep up the great work!!!

How is everyone else doing?????
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I get on the scale on Fridays, and last Friday it told me I was down 2.5 lbs!

My goal is 2 lbs/week, so I'm a half pound ahead.

I reached the goal by staying within my points and visiting the gym every day, plus aerobics on Monday and Thursday.

This week, however, has been much more difficult. I'm hoping for a new, better day today!
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Last weekend I got on the scale, and it said I was down 3 pounds from the last time I checked (oh, 3 weeks ago), so I'm going to count that as part of my goal!
[Starting weight: 210, CW: 207. Challenge GW: 195]

Although I only made it to the gym once, I did workout tapes twice, and another day I showed my sister around campus for over an hour, so that counted for a grand total of 4 workout times last week, which was my goal! I didn't think I had made it until I just counted it up now, actually. Weird.

Goal #3 was portion sizes: this one I really didn't do so good on. Stress was making me eat like crazy last week I think. And the weekend, i drank to celebrate, but I won't regret that! Definitley will have to watch the eating, especially since I'm home a lot this week.

Good luck everyone, keep it up!
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Well, my weigh-in got cancelled for this week which is probably just as well because I ate very poorly this past weekend. However, I have been working on the running. I know it doesn't sound like much to some of you, but I ran for a mile and 1/2 with out a walk break on Friday. Considering that 4 months ago I couldn't even climb a set of stairs without huffing and puffing this is exciting for me.
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Smile We are kicking butt

Well ladies I thought that I was 183 but when I got on the scale last wk it was 188.5 so that was a bit of a shocker however I did manage to lose 4 pds last wk during the challenge so that is exciting. I have such a long way to go but I am working towards the goal. I would love to lose 1.5 pds/wk until the end of the challenge.

188.5/184.5/Goal by end of challenge is 172

Plan to continue OP by

Drinking 64 oz or more water/day
Exercising 3 or more x/wk
5 fruits/veggies/day
OP 6 out of 7/wk

May the force be with us!! (Actually I hate Star Wars)
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Default I'm still in!!

I've been doing really well! I've been taking the stairs more often than not and I'm keeping within the points range fairly well.
I've lost 6+ pounds since I started the goal, so I think I'll make the 15 pounder goal by July 4th!! Woo Hoo!!!!
Way to go everyone!
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I'm proud to say that I'm doing pretty darn well on my challenge. Lexxy, thanks for starting the thread for me--I was hoping to have a little more time when I offered to take charge of this challenge. But it is just the first week of the outage for me, so things could very well settle down soon, especially cuz we're ahead of schedule. BUt I do gotta get some work done, wish I could stick around longer.

Miss you guys!
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Default Challenge Update

HI girls!

Well, I did really good last week, with the exception of the chocolate fondue, but I won't go there ....I worked out 3 times, and I walk to work daily 25 min each way...but I am only down 0.6. I was very disappointed in that.

Good for all you who are kicking butt!! I will plug away again this week and hopefully it will pay off. I keep telling myself its just that I am getting toned, so it comes off slower (muscle weighing more than fat, all that...)

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Default My update!

Well, I didn't weigh in last week, so I'm not sure where I was at when this challenge started. But since the beginning of the last challenge, I have lost 12.2 lbs! Since my goal the last time was 10, I will count 2.2 so far on this challenge! I'm on my way...

I also have been doing great with the exercise. I ran 3 times this past week (4 miles each time), did kickboxing once and weights twice.

Hope everyone else is doing well!
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Well ladies, I had WI this morning, and I stayed the same. But, it is my own fault. I ate too much last weekend, and I haven't been very routine with my exercise. But, it is a new week for me (Wed - Wed) so I will try harder, I need to get these last few pounds off!!!
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Weighed myself on Saturday, and I was down 2 pounds! Yayy. And although I didn't expect it, I was thrilled! So now I'm down 5 pounds total to my goal, 10 more pounds to go. I can totally do that.

Second goal: work out 4/5 times a week: barely made it with 4 times, including a short walk on Saturday. I still want to do more.

Third goal: watch portion sizes, still having problems with this one.

Overall... not too bad, I'm excited about the pounds being gone. In fact, I bought some more new clothes, career-type this time for when I find a job!

Keep going everyone, July 4 is 7 weeks away!
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Default Two Week update

Two week update-the first week was hard, I have done better this week-am down 2! Only 6 to go!!!
I have been drinking my water and exersizing-staying in the points has been more difficult but I am getting there!
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