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Default Swimsuit Season Challenge

I'm starting a darn challenge... I'll think it through a little more thouroughly and write more in a second.
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Well, the Spring Fling Challenge will be ending tomorrow, so I think it's time for a new challenge. (Oh yeah, and also because I didn't participate in the last one).

Here's the skinny on this challenge:

Swimsuit season is fast approaching and I need to work to get back on track. The challenge starts tomorrow, so we can jump right in on working toward our goals.

It ends on the Fourth of July. (I'm not trying to discriminate against all the Non-Americans by using an American holiday--hope no one takes offense.)

So, we'll do it like the last one--post your goals and check in periodically to let us know how you're doing!! At the end, we'll post how we did and congratulate ourselves... Oh, and once a week, I'll try to do sort of a little "newletter" post with inspirations, recipes, and congratulations. At the end, I'll send everyone who participates a little gift (if you're OK providing me with an address to send it to.)

So, who's with me?
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That is appx 2 months away so with that in mind I would like to:

Exercise 3x/wk for the next 2 months

Keep eating 5 fruits and veggies/day

Drink 8 or more 8oz glasses of water/day

Stay OP. I don't mean that I won't have bad days but that I won't give up and go on a crazy eating spree.

Ultimately by July 4th I would like to be comfortable in my clothes again and not rollin' out of them

I would like to lose 2 pds per wk until then but I hate to set a weight goal b/c then I tend to get obsessive and sabotage myself.

So that is it Good luck ladies.
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I'm in on this - need to keep my motivation up. My goals are to do my best to hit the top of my weight range - so that means 7lbs and to continue increasing the intensity for my work-out regime - to make that quantifiable let's say that my goal is to build up to running 3 miles without a break for walking.
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Well, since I came up with the challenge, I suppose I better participate in this one.

For the next two months, I want to form good habits that include:

Drinking the entire contents of my big water bottle twice while at work.

Having a fresh fruit or vegetable with my lunch every day.

Having some some sort of fruit or vegetable with dinner.

Exercising a minimum of three times a week.

I'd like to lose 10 lbs by July 4.

Yep, they're baby steps, but at least I'm taking steps.
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Default Count me in!

and the end of the challenge is the day after my b-day!

My goals:

1. Lose 8 pounds. (I'd say 10, but I have a 10 day trip to Italy in the middle of this challenge, so I need to be realistic.)

2. Keep going to weekly ww meetings.

3. Train for a 10K (now that I've done an 8K this year).

4. Limit drinking to twice a week.

5. Strength train more often (twice a week).
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I am with ya girls!!!!!!

My goal is to be at my personal/WW goal by July 4th, which means I need to lose 6 pounds. I definately think it is doable.

Here are my goals:

1. Drink at least 70 oz. of water each day (hasn't been a problem for me, except for the weekends, will try harder!)

2. Exercise at least 4 days a week walking on my treadmill. 2-3 miles each day.

3. Journal everything thing I eat, be strict during the week, and a little more lax on the weekends (This really seems to work best for me, since my kids like to eat out once during the week and it is usually on Sat's).

*BTW ~ I think challenges are great! On our April challenge I lost 6 pounds. So, one more challenge should do it for me. Then, the maintenance will start!!

Good luck ladies....let's keep each other in check!!!
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Default I'm in...

OK...I just WI for the first time in months and I am up. SO, this challenge is good for me...

Here goes:

CW=214.6 (up 8lbs! GAH!)
Goals by July 4th:

1. Drink H2O daily.
2. Workout (besides daily 40 min walk to/from work) 3x/week.
3. Lose 13 lbs (1.5/week) = 199.6

I think those are totally reasonable goals. If I play my cards right I'll be below the 200 mark by then. Wish me luck.

BTW, changing the BCP does make as much a difference as starting one, trust me. I have not changed my eating habits or exercise and I have gained 8 lbs in one month....BOOH. BUT I can' t blame that forever!!

thanks Jess for setting this up.
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Default Me, too!!

My Swimsuit goal is:
Take the stairs while I'm at work
Drink more than my share of water
Don't continually blow my points
Lose 15 pounds by July 4th. (I've already started a mini-goal for myself of 10 pounds, so what's five more?)
Jess: Send me a pm if you need an email address or something.
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I'm in! And very excited to participate.

My goal is to lose 18 pounds by July 3, which is precisely 9 weeks from tomorrow. I will reach this goal by working out twice a day, gradually increasing my time on the stairmaster after work. (I actually climbed 111 steps on Friday! The machine said I burned almost 300 calories!)

Once hockey playoffs are over, I'll spend less time in front of the TV at night. Maybe work on unpacking boxes instead.

Jess - this is a great idea!! Thanks!
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Default I'm in!

I definitely need a challenge, so I'm in!

My goals:

1) My (main) goal will be to lose 15 pounds by July 4th. (I'm setting it fairly high so that I have to reach for the goal.)

2) Also, I will work out 4-5 times/week

3) And watch portion sizes, especially with carbs.

And, while I'm doing all of this, I am going to also FIND A JOB

Thanks Jess and good luck everyone!
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Default I'm in!

I was doing pretty good on the May 1 challenge till I got ill, so hopefully this swimsuit challenge will put me back on track!

* Drink lots of water
* Eat at least 5 portions of fruit/veg EVERY day
* Stick to my points religiously during the week (and try to be sensible at weekends)
* Train for a 5k race (June 23)
* Do 2 aerobic, 1 yoga and some weights every week
* Exfoliate, moisturise and self-tan (It might not be weight-related, but it will help my self-confidence and hopefully make my legs look thinner!)
* Get to 140 and see what it feels like (and if it feels too light for me, stick to 145 instead)
* Feel good about my body instead of beating myself up over stretch marks and wobbly bits
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Thumbs down


Thanks Jess for starting this challenge. I signed up for the gym last night and I go in for the first time today to work out, so it's perfect timing!

Ok, my goals:

1. 30 mins. of aerobic exercise 4x a week minimum
2. Strength training 2x a week minimum - once for upper, once for lower body

3. Journal everything I eat, even if I am totally going off plan. Try my best to guesstimate if I don't have access to exact measurements or nutritional info

4. Drink my H20 on weekends! I'm really bad about that - and that's when I usually need it most

5. Make healthy choices at restaurants - eating out is not always cause for celebration and an excuse to go off plan

6. Get down to 145 lbs. I am hesitant to make a weight goal, since I will hopefully be gaining lots of muscle tone, but the numbers help to keep me motivated. This morning the scale read 156.5, but it read 159 on sat., so my goal is to lose between 11.5 and 14 lbs.

7. Take and track my measurements. This will help keep me sane if that number on the scale isn't moving down as I hope it will. I may even get my roomie to take a before and after pic. (scary!)

8. Be a comfortable size 10 pants.

9. Wear a tankini on my 4th of July vacation - I may be going to Key West for the week!!

Think that's enough goals for now??
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OK, I am joining, but may have to withdraw if by chance I become PG!!

I want to:
lose 10 pounds
Drink at least 80 ounces of water/day
Eat all my veggies
Cook more new and interesting meals
Snack less or on better things!!

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Default I'm in!

My goals:

1) Drink at least 60 oz of water a day
2) Exersize 4 x/week
3) Lose 1/2 pound per week(let's be realistic-this way if i lose more i'll be happy)
I would like to weigh at least 146 by July 4th.
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