Week of March 24th Check-In

  • Hi, ladies. I'm a day early, but I thought I'd start the check-in for the week. I haven't been around much (for months, to be perfectly honest). After my miscarriage and then subsequent pregnancy, I was too shook up to do anything but keep to myself. I'm in a happy place again, now. I'm 23 weeks pregnant with a healthy boy! I've had a very smooth pregnancy thus far, so I hope it continues this way. The only problem so far is that I have a low-lying placenta. My doctor says that this improves in 9 out of 10 women with this problem. So, here's to hoping I'm one of those 9 lucky ones!

    I feel like I have a lot to catch up on with the posts. First, where is everybody? I apologize for not be able to offer you all support while I was MIA. I needed to find my "happy place."

    My weight gain has been horrendous. I was down to 158 during the summer, gained some weight during my first pregnancy, and then gained a lot of weight after my miscarriage. Now, I'm up to 195. I have another doctor appointment on Monday, so I'll see if I get yelled at

    I hope all is well.
  • I have lost another pound but my pants sure aren't feeling like it. I think I need to start doing my pilates everyday again!
  • Hey chicks, how is everyone? I just rejoined WW yesterday morning, and wanted to throw up after i saw the number on the scale, but at least it will never be that high again, right! i used to post on here, but then life kinda got in the way, as we were going thru fertility treatments. Well, I am on a break from trying to concieve, I want to get my weight down to a healthy level before I get pregnant, especially before they put me on more meds that tend to make you gain as your hormone levels change.
    Anyway, I am doing flex, at least for now, maybe in a month or two I would like to give Core a try.
    Steph, i am so happy for you and congrats on the boy!!
    Well, talk to ya'll soon!!
  • Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!

    It is so nice to see all you girls again!!!!! Jen and I have been the only ones on here pretty much for months.

    Steph-CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't really diet, but changing to healthy eating will be good for both of you. When I was pregnant it was a ticket to eat anything I wanted anytime I wanted. But I only gained 12 pounds with #1 and 14 with #2. The low lying placenta isn't too bad though if they know early on right? As long as they do a c-section so it can't come out before the baby, unless it improves on it's own. Or am I thinking of another condition? I read so many baby/pregnancy books it wasn't funny, I get all that stuff confused! ANywa, congrats and I am so glad to have you back!!

    Donna-I am glad to have you back as well!!!! You've got the right attitude...you can do this!!!

    As for what's been up with me....I started teaching preschoola nd working in a daycare in September, three days a week. I continued babysitting two days a week until that family moved in Jan. Then I had a few weeks of working three days, staying home two, when I got an offer to work as a long term sub in speech at a school in NY. I didn't want to give up the time with my kids or my preschool job (which I love), but the money was way too good to turn down. So I told them I would do it on the days I don't teach preschool. SO for the first time I have had to send my kids to a babysitter two days a week. It takes an hour and a half to drive to the sitter drop them off and get to the school. So I leave my house at 6:15 am! I hate the job, but the money is good and it's only temp...I hope! I really don't want to work full time next school year. It is my last year with my daughter before she goes to school. I want that time!

    My weight is at an all time high. I turned 30 on Wednesday. I am so depressed. I lost 3 pounds last week tough. I think I stayed the same this week, considering the 5 "birthday dinners" I allowed myself, that's not bad. I did not want to be fat and 30...granted I didn't do much about it. So my goal is to get healthy by 31, make 30 a year to celebrate myself. I could really use the support!!!

    Yesterday DH and I left the kids with gramma and had a day out. We did some shopping, went to the movies, had dinner at our favorite resturant. We got to talk alot. DH's job is very unsecure right now. It's scarey.

    Well while the kids are sleeping I am gonna work on some school stuff and maybe do some cleaning. Have a great day everyone!
  • Misty, I sure have missed talking to ya! Glad you and DH got some time alone, but sorry that his job is insecure right now. Hopefully it will get better.
    I have been babysitting, I keep a 14 month old and a 16 month old, and will maybe be getting 3 more, age 4 months, 3 and 4 years. So our house is pretty crazy, the good thing is, they keep me so busy, i don't have time to eat alot, so i just need to make sure that when i eat, it's healthy on plan foods.
    The weather is nice and warm here, high today of 80, so I think i'll try and get a walk in later. I have a double stroller for the 2 i have right now, so I am going to be taking walk each day, even if it is just around the block, that's something right?
    Well, have a good week everyone!!
  • Good morning! My doctor appointment went well. It was uneventful though (though I can't believe that any appointment where I'm able to hear a baby's heart beating inside me is uneventful!) My next appointment in 4 weeks, and then we'll be doing the gestational diabetes testing. I'm nervous about this for some reason. My doctor said that my weight gain is good--I wondered if the nurse accidentely wrote down the wrong number or something!!!!

    JandC'smom--you're doing great!! We're about the same height. I'm just an inch taller. I look forward to getting back down to your weight

    Hi, Donna! Welcome back to you, too. I did flex, because Mountain Dew fit in nicer with my points than with the other program. lol

    Thanks, Misty. You're exactly right about the placenta thing. My doctor said that it is not a big deal and that it wasn't covering my cervix, so she won't even recheck it. I was kind-of hoping she would---only to see another ultrasound!! Congrats on all the job opportunities. Even if the sub position is not something that you're enjoying, you certainly have the right attitude about it. It's not forever, and hopefully it's worth the money. It's nice to know that they want you, too!! I bet it's tough taking the kids to a sitter for the first time. You sound busy. Hon, you have to take time for yourself! Are you doing that? You need to get those good chemicals moving around in your body. I'm 29, and I can imagine that turning 30 next February will be rough on me as well.
  • Steph-Glad to hear it's all going well!! Don't stress about the tests! I am sure it will all be fine.

    We're off for a busy day today. It's been a LOOOOOOOOOOG week! I was at the speech job until 6:30 tuesday night and didn't get home until almost 8 pm. My weight is up, my sister who had gastric by-pass is down to 265, 20 pounds away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Yikes. Well I should take it as a hint and get in gear! I keep saying that.

    My my nephew, son of my SIL who watches my kids on Tuesday and Thursday, broke my son's new glasses on Thursday while I was at work. So we have to drive to Olean to get new ones or to see if my dad can fix them. He said it sounds like we'd have to replace the frame. Not good. DH never submitted it into the ins so we paid for them out of pocket. No clue if there is any kind of warrenty, or how long it will take.

    I have a few preschool projects to work on this weekend, so it is going to be crazy! Well have a good one!!!!
  • Misty, sorry to hear about your DS galsses, maybe your dad can fix them. I went to WW this morning for the 8 am meeting, and guess what, I lost 5 pounds woo woo!! I am so happy!! I am going to the Friday morning meeting this week, we are going to alternate, Fridays and saturdays, because my best firned is going with me, and those are her days off alternating. I watch her son who is 14 months and little girl of another friend who is 16 months, and we have a double stroller, so we have been walking to the park a few times a week, so I get in my exercise and they do too, lol.
    Hope everyone has a great week!!