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Post February 12 Weekly Thread


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Default Hello Ladies

Hi Lori,
Congrats on the loss, you must be very happy. Be proud of yourself, you worked hard and you deserve it Your sister is so lucky to have you, and your niece and nephew too. I bet they had a blast bowling, they must think you are coolest. Jackson is feeling much better now, thanks. I am fine too, all recovered and back to my old self.


I am not doing that great. I missed my WW weigh in this week since Jackson was very sick. I am going to go on Friday, I think. I know that I gained last week and I think I may be able to breaK even this week if I try my hardest. I was good yesterday and today is going well, so far. I just hope I can get back on program bc I am starting to get frusterated and angy w/ myself and that usually makes it worse and then I start binging. UGH!!
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Hi all,

I went to a weight lifting class at the gym today so I am feeling pumped:P I then went a finished my Vday shopping!

Lori: Yup, I was right about Claire's dad I was smug... I am sooo glad the spoiler about Matt meeting his maker wasn't true.... I love Matt, I also guessed that Niki/Jess's next target would be Nathan!! Yeah I like Juliet too, a good match for Jack (I admit I want Kate and Sawyer together)... I also want to learn more about the projects on the island, I am as much into the mythology of the show as the relationships

Tanya: I know it's hard when you miss WI. I did this week too. I'll try and go on Saturday though!


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Hey am here but swamped and still at work If i work from home tomorrow i will post more!
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Hi ladies. Happy Thursday. KO, good to see a familiar face over here! I had a lunch meeting yesterday but I went to WW to weigh in before I ran off to the meeting. I was down another 1.4 lbs for a total of 4 lbs in 3 weeks. Yay!

This is a hard week for me! I am in a Broadway Revue show at church this weekend and I've been at church every night this week until at least 10. I like to sleep too much and 6 hours doesn't do it for me! I had been really limiting my diet coke/all soft drink habit and this week I have turned back to it for the caffeine. Blech!
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Default Hello Again!!

Hi Everyone,

I did not go to my meeting this week, again. Jackson has an ear infection and Bronchitis and last week he had Croup, poor. I can't blame him completely though, I could have gone on the weekend and left him home w/ my dh but I have had zero motivation. The good news is that so far this past couple days I have been BOP, and I am feeling better. I am confident that I can at least break even at my next meeting, which looks like it may be Thursday. We are very busy this weekend, and my dh and I are both coming down w/ something
I have a ton of school work too, we just started a new phase in class and there is a lot of math involved whic is NOT my strong suit

LoriJust a random tidbit, but have you tried Turkey Pepperoni. I know it sounds weird but I have had it and it is really good. I actualy prefer it now over reg roni. Hormel makes it and it's in the same zip-pouch they sell the regular stuff in. I love roni, so I know how you feel, mmm peperoni in pasta sounds great!
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Default Mmmmmmm!

Wow Lori that sauce sounds delicous! I make my own sauce too, and my parents have a very large garden and jar alot of vegetables. I usually get 50 or so jars of tomatos for sauce and that lasts us the year. I am going to try that sometime, when I have some extra points saved up, of course.
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YES! My best friend does that too ... raisins don't belong in meatballs ( and pignoli nuts too ) ... I think it's soooo wrong!
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