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Default Jan 28 Weekly Eating

Thought maybe I'd start a thread with what I'm going to eat today/this week. Not sure if you guys still do it, but it'll help me be more accountable. Hope that's OK!

Breakfast today was a delicious Slim Fast chocolate shake. (I like them because they're portable and packed with vitamins/minerals).
Snack was a Slim Fast snack bar.
Lunch was another Slim Fast shake with a turkey sandwich.
Snack will be another Slim Fast snack bar.
Dinner will be leftover pizza tonight, which will be a true test of whether or not I have willpower. I'm planning two pieces and maybe a lettuce salad (depending on whether or not my lettuce is slimy or frozen), so let's see if I can stop myself after two pieces.
Snack will be my much-loved air-popped popcorn.
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Jess! this is a great Idea
I've been journaling food in a tiny marble comp book but this is double accountability!
For those of you that don't know I've had WLS so My portions are gonna sound pretty wacko

1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese
1/2 cup pineapple in juice
1/3 of a red eye (espresso coffee and steamed whole milk)
South Beach bar
WW salisbury steak and veggies oMG so good!
so far 3 cups of decaf arizona iced tea
Dinner Either stuffed peppers stuffed with Meatloaf mix and mushrooms and homeade sauce or Shepherds pie with meatloaf mix (do you see a theme) or my version of taco bake from the SB forum I'll post it its goood!
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This is a great idea! Jess you get a dancing carrot!

Remember when we had a daily food journal thread ??

B - L/Sugar Oatmeal w. Skim - 2 pts

Tea w. skim ;2 equal

Baby Carrots - 1/2 c.

L/C Garlic Chicken Pizza - 6 pts

D. Iced Tea

Garden Veggie Soup

Pretzels ( 2 serv ) - 6 pts

Water - 4 cups

Ex - 20 min treadmill walk

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