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Default Whole Foods menu for Sunday, 10/8

Good morning! Here's what I'm doing today...

Late breakfast: RF cottage cheese, purple grapes, 1 slice of toast with natural peanut butter

Mid-afternoon: bean soup

Dinner (around 7:30 or 8): whole wheat pasta with shrimp, broccoli, diced tomatoes, garlic and olive oil
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Two of the craziest weeks of my life have now passed and I'm getting back to normal. Here is the plan:

B-cheerios & soy milk, OJ, coffee w/ skim
S-fruit, yogurt or Kashi bar (not sure yet)
L-Pasta with marinara and some tasty meatballs, salad w/ dark greens
S-same choices as morning
D-Stir fry with chicken breast, green & red peppers, onion, basmati rice

I'm also quite certain there will be some dark chocolate in there somewhere. I miss my spinach!!

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I love these threads, even though I'm not sure exactly where the line between whole and not-so-whole may be!

shredded wheat and bran

carrot and celery sticks
wasa crackers

another snack
chewy trail mix kashi bar

another snack
ff cottage cheese
genuine bought-it-in-an-Amish-kitchen elderberry jelly (nothing like it!)

mashed potatoes and butternut squash
butter, splash of milk, pinch of nutmeg
homemade beef stew (finally, it's gone!)
romaine lettuce, misc. veggies maybe
bleu cheese dressing if I have the calories avail (have to count still)
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Sometimes I'm pretty whole foods challenged, especially at dinner time because it is a stretch to get DH to eat anything besides grilled chicken breast and white rice.

As it turned out my afternoon snack was a Snickers energy bar. No that isn't the candy bar, but it is pretty darn close and only counts as a whole food in that I ate the whole thing. Then I came home and had broccoli salad w/ red onions and raisons--a very yummy discovery from the grocery store this morning. I also snacked on some toasted squash seeds.

Dinner was a lean cut of beef, with corn, acorn squash (the source of the seeds), and bruschetta (lots of nice tomato, garlic and fresh basil). Desert was dark chocolate.

Will try for the stir fry tomorrow.

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Sounds like my usual Sundays, Anne!

whole wheat pancakes (2), one with syrup, one with pb

Ah, you can count on Lutherans to provide FOOD at the drop of a hat, so after church it's a given. I ate:

1/2 apple, 1 cookie (frosted), about 10 corn chips (those little scoop ones) and salsa. I took one bite of what looked like a trail mix cookie - yuck! Oh, and of course more

1/2 egg salad sandwich on ww bread
8 oz milk

Leftovers. There is chili, made with veggie crumbles; chicken with balsamic/mustard marinade, a little rice, 1/2-3/4 of a stuffed pepper, and hmmm, oh lots of tomatos as we took the plants out today. Guess I'll make a salad and a plate with a spoonful of each of the above. DH gets the same!
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B - 2 pieces of 20 grain, sprouted organic bread, natural peanut butter

L - salmon salad sandwich (lite mayo, pickles onions) on 2 pieces of bread, bowl of Pacific brand roasted tomato/red pepper soup

S - tall non fat sugar free vanilla latte

S - orange

D - "Emerald city salad" (all kinds of very dark greens, yellow peppers, wild rice, olive oil based dressing), spicy tofu with spelt

S - 100 calorie Kettle corn
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