Whole Foods Menu 9/20

  • B-2 eggs, salsa
    S-green tea, almond biscotti
    L-tilapia, brown rice, oriental veg mix
    S-2 chocolate chip cookies (OOPS!)
    D-ww spaghetti, turkey meatballs, sauce, broccoli
    S-salad or apple or air popped popcorn

    I made the cookies and had two. Not great for the diet, but they were homemade w/canola oil and ww flour. Not a health food but not Chips Ahoy either.
  • Well, after 4 seriously seriously off plan days, I got back in the ballpark today. There was a meeting at work and I had a bit of meeting food, but other than that was mostly OK.

    B-OJ, oatmeal w/ soymilk, walnuts, blueberries & cinnamon, tea w/ milk, banana
    S-apple, plum, 1/2 danish, coffee w/ h&h
    L-pork tenderloin, cornbread, tangerines, cauliflower, dk chocolate
    S-carrots, couple big bites of thick crust pizza
    S-diet fudge bar
    D-eggs w/ mushrooms and fresh herbs cooked in light butter, whole wheat toast
    S-(pre-workout) Kashi TLC dk choc/cherry bar
    S-(post-workout) 2 mini Clif bars

    About 2100 calories.

    Where is everybody today?