Whole Foods Menu 09/11/06

  • B - Muesli, skimmed milk
    S - Nectarine
    L - Sandwich of whole grain bread, ham, tomato, cucumber, spinach & rocket leaves, and 2 plums
    S - Almonds x 10
    D - Mixed salad with Cajun Chicken Breast, Hard boiled egg
  • B-ww blueberry muffin
    S-ff/sf latte
    L-salad w/tomato,yellow pepper,avocado,onion,salsa,1oz cheese
    D-boca burger w/1sl ww bread, sweet potato 'fries', yogurt w/blueberries
    S-dark chocolate/tea
  • Good morning! I think my weekend cold is gone. I'm seriously going to start exercising after work today.

    b--organic flax plus cereal, banana, skim milk
    l--baked sweet potato, salad, lite sweet vidalia dressing
    s--some kind of fruit I'll pick up during errands at lunch
    d--couscous, chicken, mixed vegetables w/ lemon juice
  • Quote: I'm seriously going to start exercising after work today.
    I wish I could motivate myself!!! I did walk 4+ miles yesterday with DH, though.

    B--strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
    L--salad of romaine, spinach, pomegranate seeds, walnuts, chicken blue cheese and raspberry vinegrette
    D--salad of romaine, orange peppers, black beans, tomatoes, corn, chicken
  • Nichola, I have to ask - what is rocket? I've seen other UK posters use it and always wondered. I suppose I could Google it....

    Crispex, 1 oz walnuts, 1/2 banana, ww toast w/natural pb

    1/2 nectarine, 1/2 cup lf cottage cheese

    romaine, tomato, orange pepper, avocado, 2 oz shrimp

    apple, cheese

    zucchini casserole (zucchini, onion, carrots, ground turkey, lf sour cream, lf cream of mushroom soup), beets or green beans
  • Water rat, rocket is arugula, a peppery (some say bitter) green. I lOVE it!

    Today, between the nerves and the PMS, I had a bit of an EATING morning Oh well, I'll work out twice today!

    1 Dr. Kracker seeded cracker and 2 oz. lowfat soy cheese

    1 cup seitan, pepper, onion, tomato and potato stew wih spices

    4 garlic stuffed green olives

    1 Dr. Kracker seeded cracker and 1 oz. low fat soy cheese

    1 small Gala apple and 10 grapes

    12 oz. shake with Silk plain light soy milk, rice protein powder, mango and pineapple

    2 cups aloo gobi with tofu 'paneer' (homemade Indian spiced cauliflower, potato and tofu dish)

    1 cup steamed collard greens with lemon juice

    1 cup black beans and 1/2 cup brown rice

    64 oz. water
  • Quote: I wish I could motivate myself!!! I did walk 4+ miles yesterday with DH, though.
    Um, that counts!

    My plan for lunch didn't work out, so I got a subway sandwich instead. Not too bad on the calories, but not great either. I managed a chicken breast and spinach for superfoods.
  • Oh thanks! I knew it was some kind of green.....
  • The weekend was terrible, but today wasn't half bad.

    B-Optimum cereal w/ soymilk, banana, coffee w/ skim milk
    L-Spinach salad with dried cranberry, tangerine, & walnut and basalmic vinagrette, fresh mozzerella, bruschetta, kiwi, baked sweet potato, and 2 dk choc kisses
    S1-small brownie
    S2-diet fudge bar
    D-leftover chicken stir fry with bell peppers, onions & cashews, 2 dk choc kisses, kashi TLC bar (pumpkin spice)

    About 2000 calories.

  • WaterRat ... rocket ... also commonly known as 'dandelion leaves' ... you know, the weeds that grow in lawns with yellow flowers?
  • Quote: WaterRat ... rocket ... also commonly known as 'dandelion leaves' ... you know, the weeds that grow in lawns with yellow flowers?
    I've never heard of dandelion referred to as 'arugula'...I buy both dandelion and arugula from the organic produce market and they are distinctly different, in my experience Here's some good info:


  • Yogini ... Right or wrong, I have definitely heard of 'rocket' being referred to as 'dandelion' in the UK ... by chefs non the less I guess the rocket that I buy is a bit smaller than a dandelion leaf (or at least the ones that used to grow in my garden! ) I would imagine that they are from the same 'family' though as they look very similar and both have a peppery taste ... I guess that's where the mistake is made.

    Anyway, it was definitely 'rocket' in my sandwich
  • Chefs, eh?

    Well, we all pass on what we have learned and since things in various parts of the world are (as you know firsthand ) called different things, it's not that much of a suprise.

    Did you check out those links? One has a great recipe for arugula pesto. I LOVE arugula pesto and I make it vegan and mix it with basil. YUM!

    As far as the plants being related, I don't believe that they are. Arugula is Eruca sativa, Diplotaxis tenuifolia and Diplotaxis muralis whereas dandelion is Taraxacum, a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae.

    I personally prefer arugula (rocket) to dandelion greens and use it a lot more as I find it peppery, a bit rich tasting and not really too bitter (unlike dandelion!).
  • Yogini, as I can't even get my tongue around those names, I'll take your word for it! Love the sound of the 'arugula' pesto ... or is it 'rocket'?