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Has anyone tried the natural peanut butter mixers that screw onto the top of the jar? I'm thinking about switching to "real" natural peanut butter vs. skippy natural, but I can't stand mixing the stuff.

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I find dumping out the excess oil the best way to avoid stirring. No switching containers, no oily mess...I just dump it right down the drain. Why would I want to eat the excess oil, anyway? So I minus a few fat grams and calories from the jar. There's still enough oil left in the peanut butter to keep it cremy and spreadable. And once I've dumped out that oil, I find that it's still about the same amount at the bottom of the jar that gets hard, so I don't feel like I'm wasting anything (plus, that hard part at the bottom will melt a little in the microwave if you feel wastefull tossing it).
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I dumped out the oil when I first got my jar, too, and though slightly thicker, I can still spread it without too much effort on my bread. It's nice to have the option whether to eat all that oil or not.
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I love natural pnut butter (and skippy too, I'll admit) but have you all tried almond butter ??? its got a different texture but its really good.
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I love natural peanut butter too. It tastes so much better then the other stuff imo. Love the natural cashew butter from Trader Joe's as well. Yum!
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I've tried almond and cashew butter. I really didn't love the almond, but did love the cashew! I bought the Nature's Promise brand at Giant market. It's nice to change up and try different butters!

OMG, I'd lose my mind if they came out with pecan butter! I LOVE pecans!
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