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Default Being Out and Superfoods

I have had occasion to be out the past couple of days and am going to a concert tonight. I have done ok so far because I have been able to plan, but it's making me wonder (not only in terms of superfoods but in terms of my calorie intake) how to handle the inevitable unexpected turn of events. Do you guys keep some snacks in your purse? Have a standard food you try to find on a menu? Be hungry or throw caution to the wind? I'm just wondering.
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The last few times I've gone out to eat, I've chosen as many superfood items from the menu as I can (salmon with vegetables substituted for the potato/grain, tofu stir-fry, etc.). If you KNOW the food is going to be unhealthy, maybe have a big healthy salad before going and carry some snacks in your purse.

Good luck! And tell us what you ended up doing.
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I nearly always have snacks in my purse -- just in case!
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I try to make the best of whatever choices are available. I consider it a fun challenge to put together a relatively healthy meal at a restaurant that on the whole seems less than healthy. I get creative - have an appetizer instead of an entree for dinner. Ask to sub healthier alternatives for less healthy parts of the meal. You are the customer - it's their job to please you !

I like the feeling that I can go to eat virtually anywhere and not feel like I "can't" eat. Flexibility and creativity are the key for me.

I'm interested to hear what everyone else does.
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I do typically carry some snacks with me - those little packs of almonds are handy! I also get the bags of dried blueberries or cherries from Costco, and break them down into little snack packs.

I haven't found a restaurant yet (real restaurant - not fast food )where I haven't been able to enjoy a great meal - like others, I'm not afraid to ask for substitutions (green beans for mashed potatoes, for example, or a salad instead of fries). I usually start with finding my protein, which is usually salmon or another kind of fish (I love trying fish in restaurants!), and then go from there - a quick look at other items on the menu will give you an idea of what is reasonable to ask for as a substitution.
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