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Hi Wannabehealthy!! I haven't been on here for months! My husband ended up in the hospital needing valve replacement surgery and a stent. That was at the end of May. It was scary, but the surgery went well, and I was busy all summer taking care of him. I finally logged in today out of curiosity and saw your post. I got such a kick out of your sugar song, LOL!

I continue to boot sugar out of my diet. But recently I went to visit family up in Northern California. It was really fun. My mom threw a party and I couldn't eat any of the food she cooked. She put sugar in everything. All foods had some kind of a sauce with sugar in it. She even put sugar in the salad! I couldn't believe it. Some things never change. But I feel terrific in my no sugar diet.

I cooked for my parents one night. I made salmon and seasoned it with oregano, garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, evoo, and lemon. Mom worried that Dad wouldn't be happy unless he had some kind of sauce, so she whipped up something with mayo. But Dad ate the fish and ignored the mayo. I tried to convince Mom that the fish would taste good because of the seasonings, but she didn't trust me on that. In the end she agreed, the fish was perfectly seasoned and there was a lot of left over sauce that nobody ate. lol!

I have lost a few more pounds since I posted last. I continue to lose and I continue to heal from my adrenal fatigue. So many things are not bothering me anymore. This summer a friend of mine who has MS gifted the book Dr. Wahl's Protocol. There are so many good things in that book. I don't have MS, but Dr. Wahl says her protocol is good for anybody with an autoimmune condition. From her, I have learned the importance of eating colors, in addition to a large portion of leafy greens, especially orange, red, blue and purple foods. Also sulfur rich foods. She says to eat nine cups of veggies a day. I can't eat that much but I do eat around 5 or 6 cups a day now and I include all the colors. And one of the great benefits of that is that I stopped needing to use toilet paper, ha, ha, ha! It's true!!

As for hospital food, I barely ate in the hospital. At first, I was too sick to eat for a few days. But when I could finally eat, I had my kids bring me food from home. They brought me freshly made salads, chopped carrots, sardines, sauerkraut, olives, yogurt, berries, and mineral water. The hospital was close enough to home for someone to bring me food every day. I had a roommate whose family did the same thing for her. When the hospital staff brought her the menu and asked to fill it out, she no, no food. I won't be eating any of that food. ha, ha!

I know what you mean by heart healthy food in the hospital. My husband was on the heart healthy diet while he was in the hospital and he was not allowed to have butter. They brought him margarine. I wondered about that. Doesn't margarine have trans fat? How can that be good for the heart? A friend of mine who has always been a super health food eater was speaking to some hospital official a few years ago, and he told her that they feed people that bad food in the hospital because although it's not very good, it's inexpensive, and it does have "some" nutrition. She was appalled at that answer. A hospital is a place for healing and they should be serving the best food available. Food should be our medicine . . .
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Hey there!

I have really enjoyed reading all the accountability on here! That's awesome

I am doing OA and following a 'Food Plan' made up by a nutritionist taking into account my sugar addiction, Hashimotos (thyroid disease) and hypoglycemia.

Today's plan;

10:30 am Coffee with MCT and collagen
2pm 2 organic brown eggs with bok choy and 1TBL ghee
5pm 4oz salmon with 4 asparagus and ghee, 1 oz macadamia's
8pm 3oz lean, white chicken with 1/2 c. cabbage and 1 TBL ghee, 1/4 c. raspberries
10pm SF jello (about one cup)

Fast until the next day between 10 and 11 when I have my coffee but I won't eat until around 2, so I will food fast for about 18 hours. I follow intermittent fasting and a high fat, moderate protein, low (esp. simple) carb. food plan.

I just started so I haven't had the opportunity to f-up yet! I am still new and excited. Hoping to stay that way. No gym yet, can't join for about 5 weeks (waiting to buy a new car) and then I will add my fitness routine in here too.

Lastly, I spend about an hour to two on my OA literature and personal journaling. In addition to that, I do one meeting per day. Currently, they are phone meetings but when I get my car, I'll start going to F2F meetings. It is necessary for me to be immersed in my recovery. I was immersed in my sugar addiction and compulsive overeating, so to put a lot of focus on my recovery is essential. Maybe later, when I am thinner, healthier mentally and physically and more in maintenance mode, I can back off a little but I am an addict and I will need to pay attention to the 'cure' for the rest of my life.

Thanks for listening!

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