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Wink The China Study.....

I'm new so forgive if this was posted in the past. I am so happy to be here now with this topic. My Bible to thump is THE CHINA STUDY. I went vegan for four months the first time I read it but stopped when we went on vacation in NY and I was not prepared on how to accommodate while being away. Once I messed up I have not been back and just yesterday my family decided we ALL need to try this together.
If you have a chance to read the book please do, it has over 20 years of knowledge in it about a whole food, plant based lifestyle.
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After watching Forks Over Knives which brings to light the impact of the Food Industry, the USDA on the general populations' diet and resulting health and the work of T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D was a proponent of animal protein until he participated in this research. I didn't buy the China Study yet. I wondered if it was written mainly as a researchers documentation. I did buy a used copy of the Campbell Plan by Thomas Campbell, M.D. He is a son of T.Colin Campbell, PhD and coauthor of the China Study. There is another documentary Pure Plant Nation showing the resistance of the Kentucky legislature to dietary changes for its population,. Campbell' study in North Carolina proved that his recommended dietary changes could bring about amazing results. Dr. Thomas Campbell is working to bring whole foods nutrition to the nation though political action and joining like minded individual in the Pure Plant Nation which has a website. I had been using Eat To Live and End of Dieting by Dr. Joel Fuhrman as my dietary guide, already. I would recommend any of these books and documentaries.The Campbell Plan has recipes in the back. I just discovered there is a China Study cookbook written in 2013.

In the beginning I don't worry about going completely vegan, although that is my goal. Using animal protein as a condiment, occasionally is vast improvement over the way I was eating.. I still eat a bit of chicken or seafood but can't hardly tolerate eating beef.You are lucky if your family is willing to eat in this way. I can't get my husband to change but integration of the healthier foods into his diet will make a difference even though he still wants to eat more processed foods and meat.

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There are tons of wonderful documentaries and talks which reference The China Study. I'm a big believer of it too.
When I first went vegan a year ago, I marathoned as many as I could and I definitely can't go back now.

There are tons of different ones I could link to but for the health benefits of a plant based, whole foods lifestyle, Try watching Dr Greger's talk on the leading causes of death. You can find it on youtube. That man is a legend!
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china, plant based

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