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Default Going clean eating (kinda like paleo I guess but not)

Previously I have suffered pretty severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) after a bad bout of repeating glandular fever. All the 5 stone I had lost before I got ill slowly crept back on. I was too exhausted to exercise and I couldn't manage the effort I used to put into my food. Even with the CFS I managed to get to a point I could get active again and shed the weight again. I was beyond my goal weight and thrilled when I snapped my knee muscles while exercising. So after a rather painful knee surgery I slowly piled the weight back on over several years.

I became depressed, my hair started to fall out, my CFS came back, my skin started to (what I can only describe as disintegrate) become raw and I couldn't sleep no matter what I did. However, when I hit a high weight I grabbed the bull by the horns and ate clean and exercised and it took me a year but I lost 3 stone.

I am now 2 stone away from my goal weight again and I am much healthier. I am 5,9 and can fit a size 12 UK dress but a 14 UK is a bit too loose, but if I'm honest I feel better wearing, I am most certainly not a perfect size 12 at all. Some of you may role your eyes when I say that I can fit a size UK 12 but trust me if you saw me it is a whole different story I carry my weight in weird places. I can never find the right size in the store. Add to that I have huge boobs that give me endless back pain so mostly shopping ends in tears for me. I can't even go buy shoes because I have wide flat feet (my bf is trying to be cute when he calls them my ducky feet but they are actual duck feet, not webbed mind you) that means pretty shoes are a no no. After knee surgery you have to pick shoes that aren't going to cause problems.

I have been able to identify what causes problems for me in terms of weight and skin e.g. refined sugar, bread, pasta, pizza, most alcohol, excessive dairy and stress.

I can honestly say I am no longer depressed with therapy, medication and a change of job I am a much happier person. My weight is the only thing making me unhappy. I still have CFS but it isn't as severe as when I first got it. At first I couldn't walk around Tesco or drive for an hour solid without becoming exhausted but now I can do Zumba and go for a 5 K run if I manage my energy right. This all started in my early 20s and I am now nearing the end of my 20s. CFS ruined my twenties for me mostly.

Anyone with CFS reading this believe me diet really impacts your ability to get over it or just manage it better. I don't think it ever really goes away but you can manage it so you can have a normal life. An energy management diary is invaluable (I have seen the best specialists in the UK and this simple diary was key to helping me make the change).

I have just recovered from a flu, well I am still a bit ill. I have decided I have been dilly dallying from just taking the plunge and going clean eating again. By going clean I don't mean I am giving up chocolate, heck no. I mean no processed foods, nothing with more than 3 ingredients in it, no diet drinks, cutting coffee down to one a day, cutting milk down to 125ml if I need it, I will eat raw cacao chocolate if I need it and I plan to do exercise I can manage.

I can run 5 K right now (not fast and not super easy). I find that because I feel good I tend to over do it and then pay the price later. So I plan to add more walking days in and cut down on running days. I will do it at my pace instead of rushing for overnight results.

I suppose this post isn't really asking questions but looking for others on a similar mission. I really need support in this. I have a gorgeous boyfriend with a six pack who has the metabolism of Mick Jagger. I mean he literally pigs out all the time and never gains weight. I took him to meet my old PT and even he declared him a freak of nature. He doesn't have to workout to maintain his body. When he does work out he transforms in the space of a week into a greek god. It's not fair but it is totally genetic his sister is just like him. I hope if we have babies they get his genes and not my dodgy ones. So at home people tend to scoff the worst foods ever around me and people are always ordering takeaway, you never have to look for for a biscuit; it takes lots of willpower not to nibble.

I feel like for me junk food is like a proper addiction. Some people can handle their drink and some can't. Some people can have a chocolate in moderation then leave it but I can't. Food is really my only vice! After I had glandular fever years ago I found I couldn't take alcohol anymore. I mean I love champagne and wine but if I have more than two glasses I get utterly blotto. I have a hangover for four days and its painful. I mean even on valentines day I can't share a bottle of bubbly with my boyfriend because I will end up sloshed.

Has anyone else had these side affects from glandular fever? I also became allergic to my cats after it but I refuse to get rid of them, they are after all my fur babies. I also became gluten and diary intolerant, so it's not that I can't eat them but if I over do it with them I feel it like a stone in my stomach the next day and my skin goes raw again (seriously a co-worker asked me if I had burned my hand because it looked so raw).

Anyways this is getting to be a huge post but basically I want to declare to the online world (so I won't chicken out) I am going clean. I will only eat when I feel hungry and make a conscious effort to stop when I am full (I know that sounds bonkers but stress makes me over eat and so does boredom so I need to be more mindful). I will try to only drink one glass of alcohol a week.

Notice I used the word 'try' therefore if I screw up I won't feel like "all is lost!" and binge. I will pick myself up and make up for it by eating some kale or taking the dog on an extra long walk.

Today is day one and it's 12 am so far and I've not been hungry (probably still the flu and dinner still digesting, I had Chinese last night, too ill and too tired to cook for myself). I have been drinking lots of jasmine tea because I am so cold. I plan to get the dog out for another walk soon and then grill up a chicken breast with some poached organic kale (such good intentions for today).

I will post again to let you know if going clean helps my weight, my god awful skin at the moment, my hair (it's looking a little thin again) and my CFS.

I also want to see if it is possible to reset tastebuds and sugar cravings.

Just so you know I am on anti-depressants, which I know can cause weight gain and I'm on the pill. So if I can still lose weight despite those two things yay! Also I don't plan to suddenly start some insane workout regime I can't maintain. This is all about long term change for the better.

Wish me luck.
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Best of luck to you!!
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Best of luck, let us know how it goes!
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