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reanbean 03-29-2013 01:18 PM

Challenge: Motivation/Inspiration
I need inspiration and motivation!

My workplace is FILLED with skinny girls that eat pizza and pot pies for lunch (also other body types that eat pizza and such), and there doesn't seem to be anyone dieting.

I found this awesome website with pictures of people that lost crazy amounts of weight (but not just a little, and LOT!). These ladies lots TONS of weight, and they are practically super model thin now (in my mind at least)! (http://www.womansday.com/health-fitn...rmations-99576) Do you have a similar source of inspiration?

I need someone to do this with me! I propose that we use this board for committment! I've been falling behind on my goals, and I need something to keep me committed. Who wants to join me?

Here's my latest progress since I decided to put an end to my porking out on the weekend. Hopefully I can keep it up through easter! My husband's mother is like Betty Crocker and Paula Deen combined!!!

March 26: wt=156.5
Stayed consistent with my diet for a few days, and the weight started to fall off. Smoothie for breakfast (323 cals); fruit snack every other day; soup & brown rice for lunch (428 cals); large juice and wine (or instead of wine, avocado & tomato slices, & two eggs over-easy) (300-400 calories).

I also did HIIT on March 26th, and I ran laps around my house for 15 minutes on March 27th.

March 27: wt=152
March 28: wt=150.5
March 29: wt=150.0

Woohoo! 6.5 pounds down!

Who wants to join me in a challenge to get to their first goal weight by May?!?!

My goal weight is 140. I haven't been there in a couple of years. These pounds have been VERY stubborn!

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