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One more addition to the "how to's" regarding boiled eggs -- a fun LAZY way to make Easter eggs is simply add the food coloring and vinegar to the water you boil the eggs in. Of course, they're all one color -- unless you grew up on a farm like I did, with lots of fresh eggs -- and also lots of siblings! -- so your Mama would boil several dozen for us to hide and then eventually eat.
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Letting them sit in the cold water helps, but if you're as impatient (or in a hurry) as I am, I always just peel them straight under the cold running water. I get a few chunks here and there that have been peeled off, but never too much.
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I'm going to try to bake them in the shells tomorrow. Sounds like fun!
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I did the hard baked eggs and they were good but ended up with a couple of brown spots. Did I bake them too long? Is this from where they touched my pan? Can I use silicone inserts and will this help. Thanks for any feed back.
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This doesn't have to do with peeling them, but I boil them in my electric kettle. It automatically shuts off once the water is boiling, and I try to time it after that for 15 minutes, but I've actually gone and forgotten about them for a half hour or more and they were still fine. Just be sure to start with cold water and cover them by an inch or so, so they won't crack. To peel them I make sure they are wet and the water gets under the shell and rarely have a problem.
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I've often wondered if I could boil eggs in my rice cooker.
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when i take them off the stove, i tip them out to dry on the counter, and using a spoon or just the counter, crack the entire shell all over. Once they cool, the already cracked shell is very easy to peel. They're easier to carry also (i normally have breakfast at my desk in the office) so the shell's still on, but easy to remove. if i don't crack the shell it sometimes stick to the whites as the egg cools.
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I add white vinegar to the water when boiling and immediately put them into a pan of cold water when boiling is finished. Never had any problem peeling them.
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A long time ago I heard that you could pierce the wide end of an egg with a pin and it would help with peeling the egg. I did that for a while and then I bought this gadget. You gently press down on the egg and it pierces a pin hole in the egg shell before boiling. I put my eggs in cold water and when the water starts to boil I set my timer for 10 min. When done I put them in cold water, but just long enough to cool them so I can handle them. We prefer to eat our boiled eggs warm. Sometimes if I have a boiled egg in the refrigerator I will set it in boiling water for a minute or two to warm it up! LOL

Edit: I would not use this if I intended to dye the eggs for Easter. I think the dye might seep through the little pinhole.
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Easiest method of all: Steam them. Really. Once you try it, you'll never go back to boiling them.

I take eggs straight from my hens and do this and no problem peeling. You don't need to fuss with vinegar or piercing the end or anything else. Just place your eggs in a steamer basket with 3 inches or so of water in the bottom of the steamer, bring to a boil and steam them for 12-14 minutes. Immediately plunge into cold water. (The plunge is to stop the cooking process and to keep the ugly blue sulfur ring from forming. It's got nothing to do with why the eggs are easier to peel.)

Really, you won't believe the difference.
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Cold water.

And if you think chickens' eggs are fiddly, you should try quails'. I eat 3 a day.

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I cheat. I buy hard boiled eggs at Wal mart in the deli.
My other cheat, I make poached eggs and cook them until yoke is hard.
Easy, quick and no mess.
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I have seen boiled peeled eggs in the dairy case in a plastic bag. The bad thing about that is you don't know how old they are. I like freshly boiled eggs. In fact, I think I'll make one now! LOL
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I can confirm that the tricks of adding baking soda or salt to the water do NOTHING AT ALL to help me peel eggs.

The only things that predictably work for me are peeling them under the running tap (cold water) while they're still hot, or leaving them in the fridge until they're fully cold and firm.

Weird comments about fresh vs. "old" eggs here... sometimes we have eggs in our fridge for weeks and those ones are always the most annoying to peel. But, it's possible there's a sweet spot where they're not too old or too new.
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Older eggs peal easier. Another tip I use is to add vinegar to the water. It does seem to help a lot.
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