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Default The older you get . . .

Supposedly, older people cannot detect thirst easily. That being said, I check urine color to figure out if I'm getting dehydrated. Dark yellow means start drinking - you're getting dehyrated. Fatigue also seems to be an indicator.
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I just keep a big jug on my desk and drink it all day.
I order it at restaurants as well...

I don't really use water as a weight loss aid though.
You just need it... period.
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I currently drink about 3 liters a day, but I'm about to up that to 4 (that's more than a gallon of water..yikes!) based on a calculation I read somewhere.

I'm going to start tracking it. I have a 1 liter bottle in my office. I used to fill it up whenever I happen to be going towards the water cooler, but now I am going to try to drink it until it is empty, log it in MPF, and then refill. I will try to drink 3 liters while at work and then a liter at home. Plus extra when I work out. We'll see if this helps at all!
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Water is our best friend in this battle with weight! I know that you need to drink not less than 2 litres per day, better 3. I have never counted how much i drink water because i drink really a lot)) I guess more than 5 litres per day. I can not say that it helps a lot with losing weight, but i think maybe i drink too much??
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I drink about 4 liters a day. This does not include water at restaurants or when I am working out with a bottle. I have a 2 liter bottle that I fill in the morning and make sure that I finish before lunch. Fill again at lunch and work on it the rest of the day. I just make sure I don't drink past 9:00 pm or I am up at night for the bathroom. Bathroom trips are frequent at first, then get less the more you stay hydrated for me.
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I know for sure that water makes a difference. The water in my city was contaminated for over a week and bottled water was a hot commodity. So I had to drink a lot more juices and soda than I was used to. I felt like crap. Bloated, irritable. I feel WAY better just even drinking water from the tap than I do with anything else.
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I try to get 2 litres of water each day.
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Here is an article I've kept and read every time I find myself not drinking enough water. It says that the main job of the liver is to burn fat. The main job of the kidneys is to filter toxins, but it needs plenty of water to do it's job efficiently. If the liver has to help the kidneys, it can't concertrate on it's job of burning fat. I always lose faster if I keep up my water intake. By the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.

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Hi! I try to have 8 glasses a day and more if I have coffee (at least three extra glasses per cup of water).
Tea and herbal tea are a good option as well if you're getting bored but stick to non-flavoured kinds if you can

As other people said above, liquids can be a calorie trap! Water and tea are honestly the way to go for me.
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I've been drinking 3l fluids a day (mainly salty water, some Nuun electrolyte drinks, and the odd herbal tea or decaf tea) on my cardiologist's orders for two years now, and can't see that it makes the slightest difference to my weight. I like the Android app Water Your Body the best.
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I drink only water, so the amount takes care of itself.

They say you should drink eight 8oz glasses a day, but it's not carved in stone. Just drink water when you drink something. Cut back on juice - eat the fruit itself, with all it's juicy goodness and fiber! - and just skip soda entirely.

If you drink water when you drink, the amount will take care of itself!
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I drink water to not to feel hungry and keep myself dehydrated.
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Drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn.
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Originally Posted by JessicaSki View Post
There are lots of conflicting ideas out there about how much water you need for weight loss. How much do you guys try to get each day?
the truth is that the more often you drink more water, the more toxins you remove from the body. I drink an average of 2 liters of non-carbonated mineral water.
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My dietician advised me to drink 8 cups of warm water every day... I followed it for 3 months and the results were amazing.
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