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Originally Posted by 707Goddess View Post
I did the 30 days and felt AMAZING I just recently started juicing breakfast and eating "Clean" the rest of the day I weighed in at 210 this morning hoping to be to my first BIG goal of 199 by Dec 1 (if not lower lol) but as I said before i did it and would love to help other's do it as well, Im here to answer any questions I can
Hey Goddess, How much did you lose doing your 30 days? What were your biggest issues with the feast?
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Originally Posted by rookietrader View Post
My goal was to juice for 30 days but I ended up juicing for 13 days mostly. I'm still juicing but I'm eating a meal under 800 calories for dinner. My dinner will still be vegetarian and I will have raw foods with it. I'm curious to see if the weight will continually drop. I will let you guys know how well this goes.
If you're looking for ideas for raw foods you should check out Matthew Kenney... He has lots of great cookbooks on raw cuisine and his restaurants are pretty amazing... I've actually been a fan of his for a long time... long before he opened his first raw vegan place here in NYC... He's definitely at the forefront of the movement... and really worth checking out...

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Originally Posted by beachbella85 View Post
Hi Rookie, I'm doing something similar, except I eat a small meal in the morning just to get me going and then I do juicing the rest of the day. I'm kind of taking it a day at a time, using it as a huge opportunity to cleanse my digestive system...but I'll know when it time for quits. My mom and I were talking about it today, and I think that I'll probably move to regular meal for breakfast and lunch and then juicing after 4pm to allow my system to restore itself and rebuild doing sleepy time instead of having to focus on digesting dinner. I'd had some amazing results and I feel so much better! I can't believe how well my body is responding to this...and I never thought that processed foods really had that much of an effect on my body.

Rookie, how much weight did you average per day lost?
I averaged about an 1 to 2 pounds a day. Right now I'm juicing in the day time and one vegetarian meal at night. I haven't exercised in over a month because I wanted to see if I could still lose weight without exercising doing the juice fast(also I was scared my muscles wouldn't repair on low protein diet). When I did the juice fast only I was losing weight. Right now I'm juicing and one meal a day and my daily calories are under 1200. My weight has stayed the same for 3 days. I'm not hungry. I'm still drinking at least 64oz of water a day. My appetite has decreased a lot. I'm going to drink green smoothies during the day the next 2 days and one meal at night (still under 1200 total calories for the day) to see if I can at least drop a pound. I don't crave junk food still right now. I've been eating a few of my favorite foods that I've made like avocado taco, cilantro salad,veggie chow mein,etc. I really need to get this weight off so I may do a 7 day juice fast starting Monday. I see you're in the Atlanta area also. The cheapest place to buy fruit and veggies is Super H mart, and farmers markets. It's not organic but I can juice on about $5 a day.
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I just found this forum and this particular thread because I am going to start a juice fast this coming week and this looks like a place to check in and get support. My vitamix is arriving Tuesday. I bought a reconditioned one on their site with same 5 year warranty for a LOT less than a new one. Interested in recipes that folks come up with.
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Red face Is there a single thread or place for juice support?

My husband and I are starting the 15-day reboot next week and I really want to talk to someone else who is/has done this as we're going through. I may stay on it longer...when I end, I plan to transition into Dr. Furhman (also feature in the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) plan of nutrarian eating, the reverse food pyramid.

I'm mentally prepared to do this and I'm actually sort of excited (rare, since I've gained and lost more than 250 pounds over the past 20 years on so many other diets). But this time, I've got a new obstacle now -- elderly parents who live with us.

My mother (always rail thin, hates fat people (yes, probably even me)) has early dementia and I fight daily with her about eating enough. She was 87 pounds when she moved in 18 months ago...and I have her up to 104. When she drops below 100, her medication makes her fall down and brings on other complications. So I need to cook WWII-style meals she will eat...and coax her through dinner....

Anyone have any thoughts on how to get through juicing while cooking for others, particularly others who will deliberately try to sabotage your efforts?

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If anyone is still watching this thread, how are your juice fasts going/how did they go?

I'm on day 6 and going strong, sort of. I haven't cheated yet, which is saying a lot because I haven't stuck with any diet for longer than 12 hours in probably 10 years. Even though I haven't cheated, I sometimes feel like I might at any minute. I have three kids under 4 that I have to feed (and they eat all day long) and my 17 yo brother lives with me and he likes to cook things that smell really good. My husband is supportive, but he also likes to cook when he is home, so with all this food, it has been a battle. Surprisingly, though, as evidenced by the fact that I am on day 6, it hasn't be too bad. I am not really hungry, but I just WANT food.

I am not sure how long I am going to continue my fast. Honestly I started it with the secret belief that I probably wouldn't last the day, much less several days. I sort of want to try to go for 30, 60, or 100 days, but right now I'm just shooting for 7 or 10 and then I'll reassess. Currently I'm down 11 lbs, and am losing 1 lb a day, which is really good motivation to keep at it. But mostly, I'm just not sure that if I stop now, I'll be able to eat healthfully and not revert to my old ways. I think that the longer I keep it up, the more willpower I am gaining.

Any thoughts (preferably encouraging)?
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Hi there,

This week I got a 2nd hand juicer and have been experimenting with just tossing things in and seeing what happens. I'm now considering doing a fast for a week. Hope there are some others here who are (still) around.
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Ninae- try checking out Reboot with Joe Cross. He has some great juice recipes and several "plans" you can follow as well. Personally I have not been able to get past a one day juice fast. I just feel starving and lightheaded by midafternoon. So I eat salads or veggie soups for lunch and dinner and have juices the rest of the day. Good luck!
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I juice but also eat solid foods , usually juice once a day. My main reason for juicing is that I just don't eat enough vegies.
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I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" last week and it really opened my eyes. I've been looking for a good juicer to try this. I went on Joe Cross' website and printed the 5 day juice fast. I'd like to try for at least 5 days and see from there. As soon as I can find a good price juicer...
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Default Nye 2013!

Hello All!

Just watched Joe's documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" also, and have a juicer - I'm ready to go! Thinking of doing a 3 day to try it out next week, November 19-21. Anyone want to do it with me?

What's your favorite juice recipe? I try to stick with low sugar, because I'm a Type II diabetic. I want flavor but can't have too many apples, carrots, or beets. Any suggestions? Do people use ginger or garlic? What are your favorite herbs to throw in?
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I'm on day 9 of juicing and feel fantastic! I juice breakfast, lunch and snacks and "eat clean" for my evening meal with salads, avocados, small amouts of wholefood cards and lean protein such as chicken or fish and i'm loving it. I feel amazing, got so much energy but the best thing was that all the things that were my downfall when dieting (pizza, bread, cured meats, cheese, wine) just don't appeal to me at all now - I don't even like the smell of them, let alone the taste. I'd far rather tuck into a plate of broccoli, salad and a herb omelette.

I weighed myself on day 7 and had lost 5lbs in weight, 2% bodyfat and hydration levels were up by 3%. I've also lost 4cm off my hips and 2cm off my waist. I am truly stunned at how much better I feel. I personally find that using ginger and or lemon in the vege juice makes them far more palatable.
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Hi all!

Couple things. I've done a 3day reboot, and truthfully, Om not sure I'd go over seven. Not because of I'll side effects or anything, really, but the human body IS made to eat food. Chew it, swallow it, and digest it. Coming OUT of my fast was pretty ok, seeing as how my taste/smell was hyper sensitive, it literally made me remove yucky processed things from my eating habits because they were no longer appealing! Though, please be aware that your belly does kindof feel shocked by normal foods when you re-incorporate them! I lost a total of 12, yes 12 pounds in three days! Now, five of that did return as solids in the digestive tract, but the other seven maintained easily! I made mostly my own spin on "mean green" and had pretty good results, but I truly think this is better as a little reboot, and staying diligent on changing bad eating habits, along with exercise implementation is the absolute best bet!!

Just in my personal experience/opinion!
Best of luck with all you who wish to try it!
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