What's for dinner?

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  • I am hoping this will interest some of you and inspire me to get ideas for dinner.

    I will start,

    I am having-

    Artic Char -simply done on the rare side with lemon squeezed on after cooking
    Rapini- in a small amount of olive oil- again finished with lemon
    Sweet Potato- baked in the oven with fresh black pepper

    What are you having for dinner?
  • . Just seen this is in whole foods..don't think mine is whole foods..my bad. Lol
  • PrincessAmy- I love chili. Enjoy.
  • mmmm... chili. i love chili.

    dinner for me today is

    soup - mushrooms and onion sautéed in balsamic vinegar then deglazed with consommé

    salad - balsamic vinegar for dressing, no egg/cheese/bacon bits/etc

    13 large shrimp - dry-fried and flavoured with jerk seasoning and scotch bonnet pepper sauce

    1/2c blackberries

    big cup of green tea - haven't decided which flavour.
  • Homemade Meatloaf made with turkey burger...
    1cup of steamed carrots
    1cup brown and wild rice
  • Planning on having:

    Left over Arctic Char from last night
    Sweet potatos - more leftovers

    Blueberries for desert
  • Well I will post here and hope others do too. I am so interested in knowing what others who are striving towards a whole foods diet eat for dinner.

    Tonight I will have:
    Fish (see what is wild at the fish monger)
    Sweet potato
    baby bok choy
    leeks and lemon

    Hmmm I see a pattern here.
  • Dinner tonight for me is pasta carbonara and a small glass of red wine.

    These days when i make my carbonara there's very little pasta and LOTS of veggies. Tonight it's broccoli, sugar snap peas, and regular garden peas.

    (Last night dinner was just a can of Amy's vegetable soup with added veggies (same ones as tonight because that's what I have handy) and an egg added for protein. That's pretty much my go-to meal when i have no energy left to do anything more than open a can. At least everything is organic and the eggs are from local pastured hens....)
  • Oh, it all sounds so delicious!

    We are planning on two pasta shells stuffed with cottage cheese and smothered in tomato sauce (a treat!) and veggies, probably a HUGE pile of plain steamed greens from the first CSA share of the year, which we pick up today!!!!! So excited!!! Also, we might add a tiny pork chop, because meat helps me feel full enough.

  • yum pasta

    I had:
    ton of cabbage sauteed with a little olive oil, black mustard seeds, garlic and curry powder
    Brown Rice

    Dark chocolate and peppermint tea
  • Planning on having:

    Kale sauteed with garlic and shallots in olive oil
    Sweet potato
  • i am going to be having *drumroll please*

    baked salmon with baked brussel sprouts and sweet chill thai sauce.

    (a new favourite) for dessert: 1/3 bag of smart pop with a sprinkling of cinnamon/pam and splenda.

    then a grapefruit eventually down the line tonight!!

    yum yum
  • mmmm salmon and brussel sprouts sounds yummy
  • We had chana masala with spinach and brown rice. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  • I had
    steamed tofu with organic soy sauce, and onion
    cabbage sauteed with olive oil, garlic and mushrooms
    and winter melon soup