What's for dinner?

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  • Today I am roasting a chicken with lemon and Thyme. I will roast red potatos, carrots and onions with it.
  • Dinner today is going to be mushroom, spinach and chickpea curry.
  • Quote: Dinner today is going to be mushroom, spinach and chickpea curry.
    Mmmm that sounds yummy. How do you make the curry sauce?

    I am having lemon chicken breast, quinoa and zucchini.
  • It's pretty similar to this one which I found on this board: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2010/02/chana-masala/

    Sometimes I vary the spices a bit and I always add extra vegetables.
  • Last night I had mixed veggies

    Baby carrots

    Sliced up and mixed together, shaken in bag with lemon olive oil and seasoning... placed on cookie sheet and baked. YUM. I also did some kale but it was horrid and I threw it out LOL. Oh and with it I had red bell pepper and baby dill pickles... with a spoonful of Vegenaise for dip. (I can eat yummy stuff like Vegenaise when I just have veggies for dinner... a great benefit)
  • Went to a pot luck with plenty of whole healthy foods. I had small portions of,

    Wild salmon poached in lemon and dill, kosher sushi, white bean salad, green salad, fruit and Perrier.

    I skipped the mini cupcakes because I wanted more fruit.

  • Red quinoa, black beans and brown rice with roasted asparagus, red pepper, and portabellas. YUM!!
  • Beer.
  • I am making my husband and I a homemade chicken alfredo dish, with baked kale chips as the side!
  • Ian-I wish there was a "like" button on here.... that sounds like an amazing meal

    Let's get this thread going again, huh? I think it's a great idea. Today I had:
    Homemade guacamole, spinach, and chipotle salsa on a corn tortilla. Boring, but so darn good.
  • Beer and bowling.
  • I think I'm making chana saag, or I may just pull some Puerto Rican style spicy beans from the freezer. I made them this past weekend and we do have a busy night.
  • Ribeye and cucumbers with vinegar.
  • I am low on groceries (and live alone), so mine was some homemade hummus with rice-thin crackers & a smoothie (tofu, peanut butter, banana, spinach, coffee, coconut).
  • planning on:

    laksa made with low fat coconut milk, konjac root noodles, baby whiting fillets, daikon, kale, carrot and red pepper.