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I own the movie - love documentaries - and it's really not just how animals are treated but the processed food that is disturbing.

We are what we eat - I truly believe it. The movie does reflect this old adage.
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Oh shoot, I completely missed this. I see they show it on their website. I better watch it before they remove it!
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It is available for viewing onling at cbc.ca (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Hopefully Americans are able to view it as well, unlike your NBC which restricts online viewing to Canadians..hmppfff.

I can't yet post links so piece this together.

h t t p : / /
w w w .cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/The_Passionate_Eye/ID=1464545109
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I watched it on Netflix On Demand, so if you have Netflix you can watch it that way or get the DVD.

Amazon sells it, but they also have it On Demand for 2.99

I thought this film was amazing and I am considering buying a copy for a couple of friends and hopefully get them to open their eyes.
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Cally, thanks for the link! http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/The_.../ID=1464545109

But it's just for our Canadian friends, because we're blocked down here
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I just watched this film yesterday - it was very nicely done.

The 'pig' scenes are still haunting me. It was a very brave film. I wish more people would watch it, instead of turning away from the realities of what they are putting in their body.

It was also nice that they focused on the workers's suffering - for those who don't feel it is necessary to empathize with animal suffering, perhaps they can at least identify with the working conditions and psychological impacts.
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love this film!

I saw it a few days ago and it's wonderful - really made me rethink all the processed crap I've been eating. I'm definitely going to try to support local food and farmers more after seeing this!
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Just wanted to let everyone know that Food Inc, is available on youtube for viewing!

Another very educational documentary that renewed my will to healthy lifestyle and watch literally every thing I ingest is "Sugar: the bitter truth". Sure, we all know that gluclose is better than fructose, but this Dr. tells us how the body breaks down the two sugars and how fructose (other than fruits, which has fiber and our body digests it differently) is actually a toxin to our body!
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