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I just switched about a week ago, and believe it or not, it's grown on me. The first few days I put a teaspoon of honey in there to help out. Another great recipe is to chop up an apple, put it in a little tiny pan with about 1T of water, cinnamon it, tinfoil over the top, 350 for 1/2 hour, then put it in the yogurt. It seems like the cooking releases the sugars in the fruit! Good luck!
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Not a sweet suggestion, but I use greek yogurt in a curried chicken salad I make. Yogurt and curry powder mixed with cooked chicken, chopped cucumber and golden raisins.
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Originally Posted by fruitlady View Post
Hi Chicks, I just tried organic nonfat plain greek yogurt. I'm not sure if I like it, but I would like to continue eating it since it is so much healthier than the other yogurt, that I eat everyday. I tried putting mixed fresh berries in it and it's ok, but I think i miss the sweetness of the other yogurt. Does anyone have any low fat, low calorie ideas that I could use?? Or other uses for greek yogurt? Even if it's not sweet, I'll continue to eat it, but won't enjoy it too much.

I haven't tried greek yogurt, but thsi is what I do with plain yogurt:

Mash up one banana and mix with desired amount of yogurt. Add chopped strawberries, whole raspberries and frozen blueberries, or favorite berries. Mix in 3 tlbs mixed nuts(I like walnuts, pecans, and pepitas!) Top with a little granola or fav. crunchy cereal and drizzle with a little honey. The banana usually gives it all the sweetness it needs. Hope you like it!
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There are so many great suggestions here! I love Greek yogurt, too, and I've been curious about sweetening it with stevia or another natural non-caloric sweeteners myself . . . .

However, thus far, I've really enjoyed sweetening my Greek yogurt with either honey or honey and fruit combined. Traditionally, Greek yogurt is eaten, I believe, with drizzled honey and chopped walnuts. (According to my plan, I use with 8 oz. of yogurt a 2 tablespoons of honey - half mixed in, and the other half drizzled on top - and sprinkled with seven chopped walnuts.) Otherwise, a cup of berries or cherries and a tablespoon of honey is another standby of mine: half the fruit gets blended in with a hand blender, the other half goes in whole; honey is drizzled on top.

Also, I've noticed that the 2% is a LOT less sour than the 0%, and, in my case, seems to leave me feeling fuller for some reason. (Often times, I mix the two to "create" 1%.) Being less sour, the slightly fattier version seems to be easier to sweeten, but that could just be me.

For any Greek yogurt (or Trader Joe's) newbies, Trader Joe's sells Fage brand for a considerably lower cost than most places.

Good luck on your Greek yogurt sweetening quest!
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Default Hi

Hi Fruitlady,

Its a matter of trial and error, until, you got a taste, that you like.

I do like;

Garlic or Spinach or red pebbers. Just do different flavours, until you hit one you like.

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I get the Oikos kind and it comes with honey on the bottom already.
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Default Salad/Falafel/Veggie dressing

water it down with milk. Mix in diced cucumber, salt, pepper and lime juice.
Really good creamy dressing. You could throw in some mint or cilantro for more flavor.

I use it on eggplant, salad, or falafel. Its good on anything. I have a market close to me that sells middle eastern and medditerrain food called Phonecia. Greek Yorgurt is super cheap-$2.79 for a giant tub.
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Default Stawberries!

Oh yeah, and on the roasted strawberries!! Sounds good!

I make a dressing with oil/white vinegar with a little sugar.

Pour on sliced strawberries, and let it sit in the fridge at least 1/2 hour. Really good! Great on top of baby spinach for a spinach/stawberry salad too.
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NuNaturals liquid stevia. The vanilla flavored is the best!!! It's expensive, but one little bottle lasts a long time.

And definitely try different brands. I love Fage and can tolerate a lot of the other brands. I've decided that for me, spending the extra money for the brand I like best is worth it.
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