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I find that after a little over a month on south beach my appetites changed alot. i used to never eat breakfast (huge mistake) and with doing so, i'm usually satisfied throughout the morning. although i do eat snacks in between, my portions have changed alot too. it used to be protein, veggie, and starch. now its protein and veggies and more veggies. once you eventually cut bad starches out and get away those cravings, it becomes much easier. keep goin ladies!
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My hunger has DEFINITELY changed- for one I've started eating breakfast every morning- even if it's just a 150 calorie bar if I'm too busy to cook.

I also snack 2x during the day to help and I find I'm never starving anymore- before I'd hold off eating as long as I could. Now I eat like 8 am, then 11 am, then 2 pm, then 5 pm then maybe a snack after that. Keeping my blood sugar up and eating consistently totally helps.

I also don't crave bad stuff as much and mostly crave veggies and lean meats now

Yesterday my friend got mexican and it just didn't sound good to me at all!
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I don't crave junky food anymore. I crave veggies and lean meat most of the time. When I get hungry, I realllllly get hungry. Before , it was more "head hunger" than real hunger. Times I do eat junky food, I do feel physically ill afterwards. You wold think I would have learned after all this time, but sometimes I seem to forget or it probably more selective rememebering. :P

I don't have nearly as many struggles as I used to with eating healthy. It is just how my life is now.. the lifestyle has changed and 95% of the time, the old ways aren't even on my radar anymore.
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For me, right now, I have to say that hunger is detrimental to my success. It has been hunger that keeps me making the wrong choices, and for now, I allow myself to eat heartily. It's just the foods I choose to eat heartily , that is making the difference.

Having just started losing weight now, after gaining , gaining, long after I was trying to lose, my perspective is changing. So yes, I did gain before I started to lose, for several years now. It's a total mental set, not even so much as physical. I am not into deprivation, or no/low- carbs, dieting programs in the least, but very interested in WholeFooding it to superhealth, and increasing my protein intake, especially vegetarian. I know that for me, lifetime results come only by making those little lifestyle choices over time, nothing is overnight and weight goes off slow ( a little fast at first, but slower the more I lose, I am predicting) It may very well take me a year or more to lose this 50 pounds, but I'm already 5 pounds off, and what that does is face me in a certain direction, which is what I've wanted for a long time.

I'm planning on allowing myself plenty of the whole-healthy foods that I have as my OnPlan chosen 'munch' foods, such as my tabouleh-like mediterrainian salad of sorts, and just eat as much as I want, all day. It fills my gut before it maxes calories out. I had to come to terms with one behavior fact , and that is , for now, I need to be able to eat as much as I want... in front of the computer, wherever, and whenever... but it must be either tabouleh or watermelon/fruit , almost-plain popcorn. Other things, like the formal dinner entree that I make and serve with DH , I am conscious of portion sizes now, however with veggies, I allow myself as much as I want to eat, even if it was sauteed in oliveoil or butter. I am staying away from my favorite treat of ww toast w/ butter or even pb, because for now it remains to be a trigger food. I am excluding certain binge trigger foods for life , with rare exception of treat (milk chocolate, white flour pastries, sodas, etc) and training myself to be quite satisfied with non-trigger foods like almost-plain popcorn, dark bittersweet chocolate, whole grain foods... and trying, trying, trying to remember to eat more fruit (which has always been difficult, maybe not in future.)

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Default yay!

Yay! Congrats!

I keep close track of my calories,and I feel like I eat a ton, but I really am eating only about 1200 calories a day. I eat for lunch a serving of beans, two servings of veggies, and one serving of fruit, and for dinner a main course, and two servings of veggies with a serving of low fat yoghurt, and it fills me up!!
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I find that when I eat whole foods and stay away from the processed stuff, my desire for sugary stuff and junk goes almost completely away, and my appetite diminishes to the point where I have to remind myself to eat. At my current weight I have to eat more than I have the appetite for to lose 2 lbs a week, so it's a bit challenging to stay away from the denser, high calorie stuff that lets me reach my caloric goals easily. I've been dong it with raw mixed nuts and avocado mostly, but I sometimes let my addiction to Pepsi help me! I figure that if I'm eating mostly whole foods and home-made meals, my Pepsi won't kill me. (Hey, I at least switched to Throwback!) :-)

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