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  • Coming up on the weekend. Here's hoping it goes as well as the week.
    Welcome Canelle
    Hi Susan
    B-Kashi pilaf, prunes chopped in, cinnamon
    S-veggie spring roll(romaine, carrots, avacado)
    L-Pizza (no other choice where I was), water
    S-strawberries, Yogurt, honey
    D-Minestrone, ry-krisps
    S-green tea, dark chocolate, almonds and walnuts
    10 again
  • Evening folks! I had a much better day today ... all around!

    blueberries - strawberries
    oats - a fabulous grain wrap
    oranges - juice
    salmon - in a wrap
    spinach - in the wraps
    tea - green
    tomatoes - raw in the wrap
    walnuts - yes
    yogurt - yes

    I'm struggling a little because I haven't had enough calories or superfoods. But I'm not hungry. I'll update these 9 if I think of a healthy snack I want.
  • thanks for the welcome wagon! you can come over for lunch anytime... I am in montreal though!

    Today I had to make 2 carrot cakes, and 4 types of cookie dough (I bake for a few cafés and health food stores.) It is so hard to actually have both hands covered in dough, but I did *ok*, only licked my fingers a few times...

    B: chopped strawberries and nectarine w/ 1 c ff sf yogurt, 1/2 c oats, 1 TB flax. Black tea with almond milk + fructose

    S: 1/2 green pepper, carrot sticks

    L: black bean soup, 1 slice 100% whole wheat toast, 1 tsp natural peanut butter

    S: 1 cup unsweetened soy milk, 10 corn tortilla chips

    D: steamed broccoli spritzed w/ olive oil, light feta cheese, soy chicken strips, 6 oz baked sweet potato

  • I can't wait to get my book and get started with you guys! Is there another fish besides salmon that would work? Thats the only thing on the list I don't like.

  • Is the cheapest place to get the book through Amazon?
  • Canelle, welcome! I want to try your rice "pudding" idea as well--sounds yummy!
  • Tracy ... the book says alaskan halibut, albacore tuna, sardines, herring, trout, sea bass, oysters and clams. But I only have the first book. We could look at the stickies and check.

    Azmom ... I got mine from I think. How about or ebay?

    I'm struggling with my appetite again today. Calories are too low!
    blueberries - in a doughnut
    broccoli - raw lunch
    oranges - juice
    pumpkin - carrot raw lunch
    tea - green right now
    tomatoes - melon raw
    yogurt - mid afternoon snack

    I had an apple too. So 7 1/2
  • Hey ladies, I'd like to join in - bought the book the other day! I'm trying to work up to 10 a day but gotta start somewhere right

    2 slices 100% whole wheat toast, 1 Tbsp. smart balance light, 1.5 Tbsp 100% fruit blackberry spread (240)
    coffee w/ 1.5 pumps cinn. dolce syrup & dash of skim (40/280)
    8 oz. POM 100% pomegranate juice (160/440)
    2 slices 100% whole wheat bread, 2.5 oz. fresh roasted turkey breast, 1 Tbsp lt. mayo, 18g provolone cheese, spring mix & tomato (370/810)
    12 oz organic makibari darjeeling tea (0/810)
    4 oz. grilled marinated chicken breast over baby spinach & spring mix (250/1060)
    2 Tbsp ginger wasabi dressing (50/1110)
    1 tbsp total of wheat germ & flaxmeal (40/1150)
    dark chocolate hot cocoa (150/1300)
  • I felt pretty stupid ... between this list and my fitday ... that's pathetic. So I took a half a gravol and waited. Sure enough, thinking about food got to be some easier. I had an ancient grains tortilla with turkey, greens and tomato.

    That's honestly 10 or 11 and I bumped up to over 1000 cals. Must figure out what that nausea is all about.
  • azmom-just ordered mine through ebay, it was $10 including shipping.
    Susanb-Thanks, I think I could handle the tuna...maybe the halibut. I'll check the stickies.
  • Susan, are you eating enough? 1000 k/cal is very low.
  • Tracy: the list w/ sidekicks is posted up as a sticky. Just start trying to incorporate those things as mainstays in your diet and post along with us!

    DarkBlue: Let me know what you think... might be an *acquired* taste

    SusanB: Hope you feel better :/ Nuts are always a good way to boost up calories

    I went to a friend's "beer tasting" party tonight. He brewed his own! I knew that I would need to drink one, even though I don't generally drink...

    B: 1/2 c oatmeal w/ 3/4 c ff sf yogurt, 1 TB flax, 1/2 c chopped mango, black tea w/ almond breeze and fructose.

    S: 1 ounce brazil nuts, handful of grapes

    L: whole wheat crepe (made with wheat germ, whole wheat flour, soy milk, olive oil, maple syrup and pumpkin, stuffed with steamed kale and cottage cheese

    S: an orange

    D: salmon fillet w/ baked sweet potato and an enormous salad with romaine, yellow peppers, tomato and cucumber. Topped with balsamic and salt free seasoning.

    S: 3/4 of a beer, handful of terra sweet potato chips (ingredients: sweet potato, canola oil)

    A: 2 mile walk with dog, upper body circuit w/ dumbells
  • I did go back and have a wrap with peanutbutter so I ended up over 1400. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm never, never, never sick. And there's nothing else, just that nausea later in the day.

    Don't worry about me honeys. Under eating is never the problem for me.
  • Okay - back from Vegas! Trying to get it back together. Ugh work trips!!!
  • Sunday!

    broccoli - in a wrap
    oats - ancient grains tortilla
    oranges - juice
    pumpkin -
    spinach - in a wrap
    tea - green
    tomatoes - in a wrap
    turkey - chicken in my supper wraps
    walnuts - peanutbutter
    yogurt - mid afternoon snack

    9 and an apple ... and well over 1800 cals.