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  • thanks glory
    Thanks Glory,I never seen this in the stores.Im going to have to make it.
    I guess I should get the super foods cookbook too.
  • Is there a neat little list of the superfoods from the diet book somewhere online to print out?
  • Here you go:
  • Thanks for the link Susan!

    Hey thanks for the link, what a truly inspirational find that was!!! It was one of the top gifts of my day. Especially since I am headed in that whole foods direction myself. Pretty rigid right now with Michael Thurmond protocol, but I am going to download Steven Pratt's book as soon as I can into my iphone. I hope that they have an audio version, that would be very cool. I know that I am off to a great start. Since the end of Dec, 10.5 " and 12.6 #'s. I'm anal about those one tenths! In fact I'm hoping to break into a new number tomorrow. Have a great day.
    Happy Trails
  • hi everyone -
    i just started on superfoods today.

    b: oatmeal with milk, apple, and cinnamon
    s: tea, plain yogurt, raisins
    l: tj's smoked salmon salad (romaine, salmon, 1/2 egg, green onion, olives, grape tomatoes, dill dressing), roasted tomato & bell pepper soup
    d: chicken breast, ww pasta, tomatoes, garlic, EVOO , spinach
    s: dark chocolate

    That's 20!
  • Hey Everyone!

    I'm new here. I just finished reading SuperFoods RX diet. I have to say, it was very inspiring despite the plethora of information. I am really hooked on the idea of changing to a whole food approach to eating. I was a weight watcher for a while and managed to lose 25lbs. I hate counting points, and it was way too easy to just eat nothing but processed foods. Anyway, everyones' stories are great, and I'm really enjoying reading what people are eating on this "non-diet". I do have one question, and it might be a silly one, but are red peppers a superfood? I saw that orange peppers are. I substitute red peppers for alot of recipes that call for raw tomatoes because I don't like them. Can I still do that? Thanks!
  • Per the book, red peppers are not considered a super food. The author says there are a lot of foods that are very very good for you, but some foods are super good for you. I love red peppers and eat a lot of them. Of course you can substitute red peppers for tomatoes, they are still a healthy, yummy and nutritious food!
  • Wow, I totally forgot when we were doing this
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