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OH MAN! I AM GROSSED OUT! When I worked in a restaurant the worst things I saw was people dropping food on the floor and then claiming 5 second rule and picking it up and serving it! eww! That floor was nasty too. I've also heard that there are tons of rodent and cock roach parts in cereal and tuna fish. Nasty!
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I have worked at a Pizza Hut before and it was really gross. There was crud stuck to the floor and walls. And we were told not to use gloves when handling the food and clean dishes (and everything else for that matter) because it was just a waste of time. We never had glove boxes laying around for easy access, which is just wrong. I remember there was one box in the whole restaurant and it was in the front of the store where customers could see!
I have worked in the cafeteria in a hospital before and that place was very very clean. Rules were very strict and detailed! And it was healthy, good food too! We actually had a lot of regulars who came into eat there because they knew they were getting clean, healthy, cheap food!
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Besides food .....I once worked in the women's Clothing Department at J.C. Penney, you would not believe the women who tried clothes on , dirty, smelly, no underwear, if they buy the clothes OK, but sometimes it is hung back up.I swore I would never try clothes on in a store again. Unfortunately I do have to buy new clothes now and then.
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