Oat Groat

  • Ok so I found something new to me at Fred Meyer the other day, Oat Groats. I picked up the pack and cooked the grains for the -hour it said to and then fridged it and had them this morning in place of my usual oatmeal. They were great like a barley or rice or something, lots of texture. I was wondering if anyone else ever used these and how? I was thinking of maybe throwing some in granola but not sure if they would "cook" enough for texture.

    If you know of any recipes or have ever worked with them let me know, I need to avoid wheat since I am sensitive to it and oats seem to be a good option for me.

    Thanks and hope everyone is doing well, been quite around here lately.
  • I know what they are, but I've never seen them in the stores here. If they aren't mushy like other more processed oats, I imagine you could use them in the same way you'd use wheat berries (in salads, breads, soups, etc.) I bet they'd make a killer tabouli! If you use them in granola I'd cook them or par-cook them first. I doubt toasting them in the oven would be enough.