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Default Organic snacks

I am sorry for all the questions, but I'm really interested in all of this. I have looked at what a lot of you eat and its mostly all whole foods, like plain old vegetables and fruits and very plain foods. Theres nothing wrong with that, I love my fruit by itself and I love snacking on veggies. I was wondering how you guys feel about organic/all natural snacks from the grocery stores, like http://www.robscape.com/ and http://www.glennys.com/store/index.aspx , etc. Do you feel that they are healthy or just healthy junk food? Im working on my diet, I cut out a bunch of unhealthy food items. It just annoys me so much, I wish I knew more about whole foods. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I look at the food items (for example, yogurt), and I'm like, I know yogurt is healthy, but this probably isn't because its flavored. I try to look at the ingredients, but I'm not very knowledgeable. And nuts! I went to the nut sections and I obviously know not to get honey roasted peanuts, but what about salted cashews? ahh there are so many questions, this is kind of me rambling. I bought a box of http://www.yumyumsnacks.com/catalog/...10/3847749.htm these, and they are really good. I looked at the ingredients and they seem fine. Does anyone have any advice or tips for me to find out whether or not something is good for me? Long post sorry!!
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Well, I don't really eat "plain" food, my food has lots of flavor and I use lots of spices! I do opt for whole foods as much as possible!

Hey, you are on the right track if you are replacing other convenience foods with those naturals and organic snacks! Yes, they are "junky foods", but "cleaner" than others out there and that is saying a lot! Hopefully you can move away from those types of foods and use them only as the occasional snack instead of regular eats, but look at them as transitional foods to help you move away from other, truly unhealthy foods.

Looking at each food to ensure they are made from natural, whole foods is the best way to tell if they are a good choice.
Keep up the good work! Asking questions is good because it helps us all learn and/or keep on our toes
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Speaking for myself, they can dress it up however they want to , I still consider chips and cookies occasional treats rather than daily indulences. Yes they appear to be better choices but for me, I still stick with veggies, cottage cheese, string cheese, eggs, nuts etc.

We each sort of have to make out own decisions on whether we want to eat something or not. I want to get the biggest nutrional bang for my buck since I don't get a lot of calories a day and I workout too. I don't want to starve my body of nutrition and waste it on empty foods. I would suggest getting a fitday account to track your nutrients so you can see hoe you are doing. I personally use Dietpower so I don't have to be online. Fitday also has an offline downloadeable version to track your food, much like what I use I think

If you havea problem with sodium, you want to consdier that if you are eating salted nuts.. might want to go with unsalted. I perosnally don't have a sodium issue so I like salted ones.

Whole foods don't have to be plain or boring. There is a wide variety of herbs and spices out there - fresh ones are especially tasty.

Asking questions is how we all elarned and I still am learning every day. So much to know and so much information out there. There is no one right way to do this.. but one right way for YOU!
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Oh I know the food you eat isn't plain at all, i meant no additives, not taste wise. My dad has been making these amazing brussel sprouts in the oven (when he makes them he uses a lot of olive oil though, I try to cut down on it a little).
You guys are the BIGGEST help ever! I can't really talk to anyone at home about it because they would freak out and be like WHY ARE YOU EATING HEALTHY, are you on a diet? Whats wrong with you, you don't need to lose weight! Do you have an eating disorder? It's really annoying, but whatever. I realllllly appreciate all the positive feedback, and how honest everyone is. You guys are the best!
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