Whole foods menu Jan 5th

  • B: 1/2c oatmeal w/1c soymilk, 1tsp flaxseed oil, 1/2oz walnuts, 1tbls wheat germ, 1tsp cinnamon sugar, 1/2c OJ w/calcium

    S: two walnut halves

    L: 2oz salmon, 1/2c bulgur wheat pilaf w/sun dried tomatoes, pear

    S: few carrots

    D: Crockpot soup: cooked w/a frozen skinless Thanksgiving turkey leg, pearled barley, tomato sauce, carrots, onion, spices

    S: Friday night splurge Hot chocolate: 1c soy milk, 1 packet swiss miss dark sensations, 1tblsp light mint whipped cream

    1400 calories
    No exercise
  • I'll be back on the menu threads after I'm done being sick. Right now I'm eating a lot of ice cream.

  • B-greek omelet
    L-minestrone, 1/2 turkey sandwich
    S-almonds,2 pc ww homemade cinnamon bread (shame on me)
    D-chicken and noodles (not whole but I have a cold and it sounded good)
    S-1/2 banana dd didn't eat, more noodles

    not a great day but I didn't feel well