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Finding Me Again
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Default Hello Super/Whole Fooders!!!!

Hello everyone! I've not checked in here for quite some time! Shame on me, I know...

Well, I've moved into my new home and am still settling in. So much to do...never enough time to do it in!

Some news...I'm 3 months pregnant!!!!! Hence my dilemma...

My food adversions and food cravings aren't exactly SuperFood friendly. I'm taking it one day at a time, though. I may have to just wait this out and pick it up again after the baby is born. Hey, maybe I'll try some smoothies or something. The Kefir still works well for me right now.

I mean, I'm craving grits and fried fish (not exactly baked wild salmon!) and SmartFood cheese popcorn! And my fav...a medium rare ribeye steak on the grill...YUM YUM YUM! I know, I know, it's a far cry from turkey and chicken breast...but tell it to the baby. I feel as if I have no control over my appetite or body right now.

One good thing is that I crave, crave, crave fruits and veggies all the time. I eat blueberries and raspberries in my cereals and have been eating bags of cherries, tons of oranges and any veggie I can get my hands on...raw or cooked!

So, I'll have to wait and see how this pans out. My first trimester is just about over, and I hope the nausea and adversions go away with it.

Take care for now and keep up the healthy eating.

One other sidenote...I've only gained about 3 pounds of the weight I lost eating SuperFoods and counting my calories!!!! WoooooHooooooo!

Miss you guys! Hi WaterRat!!!! How's Alaska?? Wish I was there...
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Congrats on the pregnancy and keep up with those cravings for fruits and veggies! You'll get through this! I'm sure your doctor will be impressed if you do try and stick to the whole foods for the duration (and after) your pregnancy. Best of luck to you!
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Congrats!!! I hope you're feeling better soon. Do the best you can, I don't think the steak is so bad but the fried stuff-well, do the best you can. One of my preganancies I lived on potato chips and lemonade for a month because that was all that stayed down. I hope it's much better soon.
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Hi Olivia,

Congrats on the pregnancy and almost completing your first trimester!! Your first?

I'm new to the board this past week. My husband and I will start trying to get pregnant in the New Year. My first pregnancy with my son (nine yrs ago) I gained 50 pounds, I did lose it all by doing the WW nursing program within a year, but I'd like to try and not gain so much and eat healthier more consistently this time around.

I was a vegetarian before getting pregnant but soon afterward found myself having huge cravings for red meat all through the pregnancy and when I got test results back it showed I was slightly anemic and needed the iron from the meat.

Good luck and keep eating all those fruits and veggies!

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Congratulations Olivia!!!!!!!

I agree with Charlene, in that your craving for steak could mean you are anemic. Our bodies crave what it needs, but in our society we are so removed from whole foods and what we eat that our bodies don't necessarily know how to communicate effectively. Like a craving for ice cream really means you need calcium. Or pickles may indicate you are lacking in sodium. I wouldn't feel guilty about a steak, as long as it's not overly processed or burnt, prefereably no hormones or antibiotics! But your body is craving the fruits and veggies and that is such a good thing. And remember none of us are perfect and even if you do have the occasional bowl of grits I'm sure you won't do any harm. Everything in moderation.

Good luck!!!!
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Working My Way Back Down
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Hi Hope!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Are your girls excited?

Alaska is dark - about 5 hrs 30 min daylight today - and cold - 4 degrees this morning - and snowy - 6" of new stuff yesterday. Bah humbug. Not my favorite time of year. Makes me want to eat for one thing. Good thing there's the holidays to make the time go quickly.

Welcome back!!
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Finding Me Again
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Thanks for the replies everyone!!!

alinnell, my midwives were QUITE impressed with my weight loss and eating habits following SuperFoods. At my last visit with them, I weighed around 227 and a month ago I was at 207, fully clothed. I feel great right now. The nausea is just about gone and I plan on having my whole family (me, hubby, Olivia & Angelina) eating the SuperFood way again in the coming New Year!

joyofsix, I've been eating LemonHead candy today! I crave sour, salty and spicy things right now. And a tall glass of ice cold lemonade sounds devine! I might have to make some when I get home.

Hi paganfroglady! Welcome to the board charlenej! This is actually baby #3 for us. With baby #2, I could have eaten medium rare steak everyday! And I'm a fruit and veggie nut anyway, so I just want them more while I'm pregnant! It seems to be working for me, because my energy is coming back and I've only gained about 3 pounds so far. charlenej, good luck and happy baby making in the coming year!

WaterRat, I'll be happy where I am for now...you can keep your 4 degree weather all to yourself! The darkness, I wouldn't mind...more time to sleep! (LOL) But the cold is NOT my friend!

Take care, and I'll keep checking in. My life is just so hectic right now. Plus, I started working part time! Everyone, have a wonderful New Year!
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