This web site needs our help...........

  • Look Folks I haven't been here for to long but I know how important this web site is to so many of us and yet this site is in dire financial straights. Now most of us will know just how that is.
    This site has over 14,800 members. I just don't see a problem because no matter how tough we a financial bind we have most of us can easily fork in $1.00 per month , every single month. In that way the site is secure and who knows what wonderful things could be added! Please, this is more than a weight loss support. Here we have friends to cherish, here we can share our problems no matter what they are and the members really care. For me I don't know what I would do without the people here to back me up and understand. A pledge of $1.00 measly dollar a month .........surely we can do this to keep our site and even make it better. Lets band together and do this simple little thing .

    I will start.....$1.00 a month every month, That's all it would take and God know we waste more than that in a week so lets here it and more over lets do it. You 'll never get a cheaper deal in your life and accomplish so much.
    Thank you for Listening
  • I just sent in my yearly amount through Amazon.
  • Here is the address for anyone who needs it
    Send checks to ....

    Suzanne Barnett
    3 Fat Chicks on a Diet
    P.O Box 5063
    Johnson City TN.

    Together we can and will make a difference
  • amazon rules
    I am so lazy. I hate filling out envelopes or filling out forms online. That's why I don't buy much online. But the amazon 1 click payment was easy. And I'm a student.

    I have very little money, but I still put some money towards 3fc expenses.

    Maybe someone could come up with a t-shirt design and we could have donation t-shirt sales or something?

  • Me too!
    I do something every month too. Sometimes 1.00 sometimes more. Depends on my funds. But yes I can always do a 1.00. Just give up my daily bagel and that is 5 bucks right there. I need to give up those bagels anyways.

    Come on all----HELP THE CHICKS
  • I'm in, How to send to Amazon?
    I come on here and snoop around all the time. I think it has the bests links with recipes and most of all, support. Anything I want is here. I'd rather send you $$$ than go to a WW meeting. Now, I have a calculator!!! I'm sending in $20 bucks when someone tells me how!

    laura in Atlanta

  • if you click on the 'please help support 3fc click here' at the top right hand corner of the screen, you will be taken to a new screen that has a click to give button at the top of it. i believe it says something like amazon honor on that, and it'll take you through the entire painless process.

  • Ok, I sent in my $$
    That was too easy. Please, I hope 3FC's stays around. I really like this web site. I would have spent a lot more that $20 bucks on cocktails this weekend if I wasn't worried about calories.

    So who is to follow? Any takers? Amazon makes it too easy not to.

    Laura in Atlanta
  • Hi,
    I'm old fashioned and sent Suzanne another check. I figure however we do it, if we all contribute something this site will be around for a nice, long time.
    Good luck and good vibes to everybody.
    Keep on keepin' on.