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ECmom 12-05-2006 10:48 AM

I am making the soup on a few minutes, and WW Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.......thanks Rose!

Linda- I am no magical genie......I think what you have to do is purely survival right now. Find something (other than food) that makes you happy.....don't hang your head in shame......perhaps you could write or call a friend.....or pm one of us- venting big time about what and why you are feeling. It does not have to make sense, just help air the feelings that are trapping you. Your struggles will most likely be minute by minute.......where you are in control and all of the sudden overwhelmed. I suppose it all will come down to having a game plan. Preplan meals and snacks as much as possible. Try to have great no calorie drinks that you like around all the time to take care of the need to have something in your mouth. Take a 10 minute break several times a day....even just a change of scenery can change a mood. And allow yourself the time to feel.......suppressing this won't help either. Hugs. Hang in there.

Gotta go do something productive ......see ya!

Rosegarden 12-05-2006 01:14 PM

Linda - I work PT at a funeral home and one of the grief tools we teach is to have a candle dedicated to your loved one. Keep it in a quiet spot in your home. Everytime you are feeling a bit sad about them, light the candle, talk to them, remember them, smile a bit, cry a bit if you need to. When you're ready, blow the candle out.

Light it again when needed. Hugs to you. We all use food as the survival tools and can use help finding other methods to help us through.

djmommy 12-05-2006 02:55 PM

HI guys Have not posted. I am getting confused as to what sites I am keeping up with. The french onion soup sounds so good I need to omake it. Can Not wait. I made califlower soup. My kids love it 1pt... Can not beat it. I went for my first WI and lost 3.6. I was so happy. Was not sure I would have one but I did . I am motivated now. Nothing like a good jump start. I hope you all have some successes this week. For those of you that did congrads to you.
Anybody got any recipe for left over pork??? I have some that I would like to create a dish for tonight. Thanks

mpaigew 12-05-2006 04:32 PM

Hi all!

I feel like things are finally winding down here a little bit. Next week is the end of the semester, and I also have my cookie orders due on the 15th. This week should be pretty easy for school, so I'll probably get a lot of my baking done since I won't have homework. I am having a little bit of a hard time staying away from the stuff that I've already baked. I am accounting for it, though, so I guess that's good. I stayed within points yesterday, and today I have about 10pts left for dinner, so I need to think of something that is low in pts to make. The weight that I gained while pmsing and during my period came right off, thank goodness. I weighed myself this morning, and I think I'm actually at 203. Tomorrow is my official at home weigh in, so I'll change my signature then. I actually wore a pair of jeans today that I haven't worn in a really long time (not to pat myself on the back, but I looked really good today...lol!) These jeans have never fit this well...even when I bought them, they were pretty tight. Now, they aren't tight, they aren't loose...they're just right.

Sorry I'm not getting more personal this post...dds are starting to climb on me, so I should post this before they hit the delete key!

derrydaughter 12-05-2006 07:43 PM

Ginny and Rose, you both have some really good suggestions, I especially like the candle idea. I have a candle that the priest who oversees the chapel at the nursing home gave me. The have a memorial service each year for those who were residents and passed on and they asked a family member to lite it during the service. I could take it home afterwards.
At any rate, onward to a more positive subject. I had my meeting and weigh in today and lost .6! I was relieved as I really did blow it over the weekend. I'm glad there was some kind of loss, at least. I'm hoping to stay on program better this week, but with the holidays approaching, I'm not sure.
Paige, it was good to hear from you, it's been awhile. Also, I wonder about some of our others who've been absent for a long time. I hope everyone is ok.
DJM, I have one idea for leftover pork. You can make pulled pork with it. If you cut it about 1 - 1 1/2" slices and then pull the pork into shreds with your fingers, you mix BBQ sauce with it and serve it over top of a roll. Get low fat rolls, of course!

djmommy 12-05-2006 08:47 PM

Linda thanks for the idea that is what I did. Yummy. I just had my 1pt ww ice cream. Man those are yummy. My kids want to eat them and I am being selfish tellung them they are mine... I will buy some cheaper ones for them tom.... Such a meanie mom LOL . They were happy I found some pop tarts. Better them eat those than me. I think that is the hardest thing is having kids around when you diet.... Oh well another day under my belt and it went well. Hope you all are doing great.....

mpaigew 12-06-2006 03:39 PM

Hi all...

Just a quick stop before I throw on my uniform and head off for school. I did a lot of baking this morning...had a few of the cookies that I made, but I actually feel ok about it because I felt a binge coming on, and worked my way through it. I am starting to realize that binging is an "in the moment" thing...it makes me feel good at the moment, but after coming off of that high and realizing the damage, it's horrible. It's the second time this week (Monday was the other time) that I really had a craving to binge, and I'm proud of myself because both days I didn't go through with it. I really want to go back next semester and have people notice a difference in me, so I keep reminding myself "January 24th" which is the first day of classes. For some reason that is really helping me.

Anyway...gotta run...hope everyone is doing well!


derrydaughter 12-07-2006 05:47 AM

First, DJM, glad you tried the pulled pork. I love it. I should have mentioned that you can just eat it that way with a fork and you don't have to use a roll.
I know what it's like having kids around for sure. I think I'd be at goal if I lived alone and didn't have all the extra foods in the house for everyone else. However, I'd be unhappy and lonely without everyone, so I have to learn to live with it all. I also think eating healthier is more expensive as well, sadly. The junk food is cheaper. I end up spending a small fortune on food as I am buying two types of food for people here in this house as well. I can't force them to eat as I do, though.
By the way, a true WW leader (which I am not, but considering the meetings I've attended over the years, I should be by now) would tell you not to use the word "diet" when you refer to how you are eating now. They always says "it's a lifestyle change".
It took me a very long time (and I don't know if I am there yet, even) to finally get it through my thick head that I am not on a diet, I have to figure out what works for me and stick with it for my life. Otherwise, I'm going to go on with this endless cycle of losing weight and then going "off the wagon" and gaining all of it back. I just am getting too old (51) and tired to deal with that issue any more. Plus, if you consider my age, eating poorly can contribute to all sorts of health issues, and the longer you live and are overweight and not really eating as you should, the more risk you have of some really serious health issues. I am hoping that I can finally make an adjustment in my eating that will be a lifelong change for the good. If it takes three years to finally get to goal, so be it. If I finally gravitate to a healthy eating style, with small moderate indulgences now and then, I think I will really succeed. It's very hard for my body to lose weight, I lose sometimes something like .2 or .4 a week, then have a gain and keeping losing again. It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.
That is the difference for me now. I look to the ultimate goal. I know there will be detours where I have a few gains, like holidays. My biggest stumbling blocks are what I might want to refer to as "companion and emotional eating". Companion eating is social, like people refer to themselves as "social drinkers" in a way. I get out there in a social situation, like am meeting (I belong to several quilting groups) and people bring goodies. They are something I cannot resist. I go out to dinner with my husband and family at some of my favorite restaurants week after week (we eat out usually every weekend) and I lose control. It's a "party atmosphere". Then, sadly, the emotional eating thing gets to me. I get depressed and sad and the cabinet where all the snack foods are becomes my drug of choice.
CORE seems to be helping me a bit with that, but I still am not being awfully good when it comes to my companion eating. Keep the faith!
Paige, I know what you are going through. I'm sure all the cookie baking that you are doing (I guess you get paid for this???) is really tempting day in and day out. I think I'd probably lose control as well.
I can relate one little tip to you that I learned and I broke a bad habit with, maybe it will help? I make school lunches each day for the kids (now only one kid gets one still, but I used to make two of them each day). I absolutely love cold cuts. I found myself eating a few slices of ham, turkey and cheese each morning while I was making sandwiches for the kids. It was really a bad thing, but I was hungry, the food was good and it was in my hands. I couldn't stop myself. Then, I deliberately took a piece of strong minty chewing gum or one of those very strong Listerine breath strips and my desire of the food diminished, or at least the taste of these things really took any joy out of sampling the food. Try doing something like this while you are baking all those cookies and fear a binge coming on. You are doing so well and that 199 number is very close... think about that! Keep posting here and tell us how you are doing.
Well, all, time to get rolling on my day. Take care,

mpaigew 12-07-2006 06:24 AM

Linda...such a good post! I'm only 26, but I can really relate to what you are saying about the health issues that come with being overweight. My mom's side of the family has problems with weight (my mom isn't overweight, but she has a VERY hard time keeping it off) and because of the weight, they have high blood pressure, high sugar, etc etc etc...Also I see it in my mom and now my sister (who is 6 years older than me) a big problem with metabolism. I know that I already have a slow metabolism, and I can see it my mom and sister how I'm going to be when I'm older. That is why it is so incredibly important to me to lose it now and get back into my normal weight range. Yes, I want to look better in clothes, but more importantly, I don't want to have to face all of those health problems when I'm older.

I'm the same way with emotional and companion eating. I think so many of us are, and just get so caught up in it that it's near impossible to stop when you are in the moment. It's like the other day when I had my girls only get together, I was so good about having some food that was healthy, but when I was in the moment, did I stick to my guns? Nope! It was a social situation, everyone else was eating the not-so-healthy stuff, and I wanted it too! Tomorrow night is dh's xmas party, so I know that will be another one of those situations. They always have it at the same place, so I know what food is going to be there, too...it's really good. But like you said, that is why WW is a lifestyle change and not a diet. We are learning how to incorporate the "not-so-healthy" stuff, and still get back on track. If we eliminate it completely, that's when we yo-yo. That's when I yo-yo anyway, because I feel deprived that everyone else was able to eat and I wasn't, and then I go home depressed and binge.

Yes, I get paid for making the cookies. I started last year, and it's all been through word of mouth. This year I'm doing about 30 different varieties of cookies and candies. What I get paid pretty much only covers my ingredients, though, because I make the cookies for gifts, too, for neighbors, teachers, our doctors, and for dh to take to work. When you said gum, I just had a "duh!" moment, because that's what I do at school to keep me from sampling. I'll have to try it today.

Anyway...gotta run! Hope everyone has a great day!


Rosegarden 12-07-2006 11:26 AM

Hello Ladies. Today is WI and I've had a horrible struggling week. The most positive move I made this week was to take the Cacao box of chocolates and bring them to work to sit under my desk. They no longer have the control of whispering my name in a steady pattern at home. WOW - with all my resolve, this was pure torture for me.

I kept chanting all that I know about not dropping the whole dozen eggs, that only I can stop and get back on track, that I am the one putting food in my mouth, no one else; but it has been very difficult. I have a new slate today and a new resolve. Let's hope I can keep it in place. It's the whole holiday, stress, tired as all get out that is weighing heavy on me right now. I'm reverting to my old survival skills which got me to this place in my life in the first place. To break the vicious cycle is really really hard.

NSV for me yesterday and I was SO HAPPY to have it. It should help to give me an anchoring moment. Our managing attorney bought all the staff for Professional Day last year 2005 an Ann Taylor knit shirt. They are so cute and we each got our own color and in what she considered was an appropriate size. Mine was a x-large which should fit except at Ann Taylor that is. It sucked to my body so tight it was obscene to wear. I had NEVER worn it. It is a pretty pretty hot pink and a lovely shirt which would go with much of my wardrobe. Well I eyeballed it Tuesday night and thought, what the heck, try it on. IT FIT IT FIT IT FIT!!!!!! I wouldn't wear it yet without the jacket but it no longer sucked to every roll and fat gobule on my body. I wore it yesterday with pride. Pride that only a fellow weight struggler could possibly know.

A small victory in my life but one which was well needed on this hard week.

I'll change my numbers later today after WI.

djmommy 12-07-2006 02:35 PM

Rose Garden That is sooo wonderful... You bet you were excited I can not wait to get to that pt......

Wow all your emails were all so inspiring....... You all put me in a good frame of mind... I needed that I seemed to be losing myself for some reason today....

I have to make ookies for the boys in my house.. They like to decorate and I am dreding it terriably. I will otry gum or whatever to help.....

Good luck to everyone with parties coming up . We can do this.... One day at a time...

derrydaughter 12-07-2006 04:34 PM

Rose, congrats on that NSV... I've not had a NSV in a long time and hope to have one to report to you all really soon. That would be really nice.
You go girl!!!!!!! Wear that shirt with pride!
I should have bought the pair of winter white corduroy pants that I tried on about three weeks ago, by the way. They "fit" but there was not a bit to spare and they were supposed to be the kind of pants that have pleats in the front and look a bit baggy, but on me the pleats pulled apart and they pants looked terrible. It was depressing, but I should have bought them. I've always wanted a pair of winter white corduroy pants and maybe if I had bought them, I would be able to wear them sometime and have my own NSV? I could have put them away, but I needed something then and didn't want to spend money on something that didn't really fit or look good. Who knows, they might have actually looked awful on me when they fit anyway.
Paige, so what's the verdict? Will you be wearing that special dress that you've wanted to wear? I hope so.
Let's brainstorm about ways we can boost our metabolism? I'm smiling this very moment and thinking of Weird Al Yankovic, do you all know who he is? He did a song called "grapefruit diet" and that is one of those foods I see used in magazines that they insist boosts metabolism. I wonder if it really does or not? I do like grapefruit after all!
Well, time to make dinner for my daughter and I. DH is away and my son is working. It's hard to cook for only two people.
We can do this!

mpaigew 12-07-2006 07:10 PM

Linda-No, I will not be wearing the dress. I know I'll try it on tomorrow just to "double check." It's going to be too cold anyway. I'm going to wear my trusty black suit that always looks good (even though it is getting to be a little big) and I'm going to wear this really pretty teal colored satin tank shirt under it. I bought that shirt about 4 months after I had dd #2, so when I tried it on the other day with my suit, I had to crack up. I had to stuff my super-duper-push-em-up bra just to get the top to stay up! LOL! Once adjusted, though, it looked pretty good. So I guess I'm ok with it. I'm so close to my goal anyway...the dress will fit eventually!

Rose-WTG for the NSV! Don't you just LOVE that?! I did that this week, too...for the heck of it, I pulled out a pair of jeans that I haven't worn since the month before I got pregnant with dd #1, never expecting them to fit. I just couldn't believe it that they did. I just love moments like that!

Gotta run!

Hope everyone is doing well!

ECmom 12-07-2006 08:16 PM

I have had two awful days.....had a student with a major meltdown on the bus- it was awful....they had to drag him off kicking and screaming( he is is foster care, comes from an abused background, poor little fella).

So I am a major burnout.........

Paige- glad the pants fit!!!!!!!!!!
Rose- Laura remembered the 7 day poem and will somehow get a copy to me.
Linda- the onion soup was awesome.........(think you gave me the recipe....if not forgive me ladies!) Wierd Al eh? Yup I know of him.....:)
Sorry to be so short..so much to do. Hi to anyone I missed (forgive me please)
Take care

djmommy 12-07-2006 08:58 PM

Question maybe a dumb one but what is NSV? Just readibg and am lost. A bit new to this site so a little slow on the lingo.....Good luck everyone

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