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ECmom 12-02-2006 08:36 PM

Welcome Kathy!!!

Sorry for being short........just a drive thru visit here. Paige, I will be sure to ask Laura about the 7 days poem when I see her Wednesday.

Today I have been good.......made a WW deep dish pizza for dinner. Easy and surprisingly good (I would use less meat.....other than that it was good and only 6 pts a serving).
Gotta go......my youngest has her piano recital tomorrow. gotta go iron her outfit for that.

ontarget 12-02-2006 08:58 PM

hi there. we've been gone all day to an archery tournament. sure had fun. i did overeat. tomorrow is day 1 of the new me. we'll be traveling for several days pulling a travel trailer. i should do well. rather--i will do well.

hi, kathy. it's good to see you here. last night we went to mi charitas in ft worth. our family visit was wonderful. we did early christmas as well as some birthday celebrations. it was a good evening but i was sad to have to tell everyone goodbye till next year.

Rosegarden 12-02-2006 09:52 PM

Just finished WW French Onion soup - I got it off their site this week and it's really, really good. Well tonight was Meet the Team night and the official 2006-07 basketball season has begun. My butt bleacher friend has started WW again though so hopefully, we'll help keep each other on track.

Oh my gosh I was so excited, I had a friend ask me tonight if I have been losing weight!!! It happened, it happened. I told her yes and thank you. It felt so good for someone to notice!!!! More people should be noticing soon as I cross over the 20 lb mark in the next month or so. It feels SO GOOD!

ontarget 12-02-2006 10:18 PM

rose, that's a wonderful nsv. i am so happy for you.

Katpo 12-03-2006 01:31 PM

I don't think I've ever heard of that one, Sandra. When we eat Mexican in Sundance, we usually go to Mi Cocina, on Main Street. Judd always has to stop in to Flying Saucer or 8.0, and I do mean ALWAYS. I don't think we've been to Sundance once where we didn't have to go to at least one of those places.

I miss Juanita's though. Did you ever go there? It was by Riscky's right across from the Worthington. When I worked in the taller of the two Bass Towers (in '93) we went there for lunch regularly. I guess it closed in the late 90s and now there's another Mexican restaurant in its place but it isn't as good.

By the time you read this, you'll probably be on your way home. Safe travels to you and Curtis! :hug:

ECmom 12-03-2006 02:09 PM

Never tried the WW French onion soup......many points Rose? Glad your friend noticed the weight loss!

Sandra- how is your "new day" going? Hopefully well!

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend....... Kathy, I am in NY so all of those restaurants are mysteries to me......think we are headed to Outback tonite.....after dd's recital.

Gotta go.

Katpo 12-03-2006 07:45 PM

Ginny, come on down to Texas! Actually, all those I mentioned are one-timers ... no chains unless they're local ones with 1-2 locations. There's a very cool and historic section of Fort Worth, Texas that still has brick streets and old buildings. There's also still a daily cattle drive thru the town that's very interesting to watch.

I am SOOOO not eating well today. I think it's because I told myself to let go and restart tomorrow. That means that today I'm just hoovering thru the house and having a ball with it. Problem is that I'm a little (burp) full right now. I hate to go to bed on a full tummy so perhaps I should do a few loads of laundry. Or not. :D

derrydaughter 12-04-2006 05:15 AM

Just a quick post to let you know I am still alive. I'll try to go back and read what I have missed. I see we have a few newcomers, which is great! Welcome!
I've been a BAD girl. I don't know what happened to me but I lost control starting about Friday evening and really kind of blew it over the weekend. I knew what I was doing. Shame on me.
Linda, back from Margaritaville.....

Katpo 12-04-2006 09:46 AM

Eek, Linda, too bad we weren't together. I did the same thing ... and today I'm also back. I will spend the next four weeks in diligent concentration and I WILL be at my goal by the end of the year. No doubt.

Rosegarden 12-04-2006 09:52 AM

Ginny - the french onion soup is 4 pts. It's easy. One large sweet onion (at least that's what I used) 4 T Dry Sherry, cooked until translucent. 4 cups beef broth. Simmer for 10 minutes. Take 4 pieces of french bread. Toast in a 350 oven until brown on both sides. Place a slice bread in bottom of 4 bowls. Pour french onion soup over each slice of bread. Sprinkle 1 1/2 t parmesan. YUMMMM!!!! Very filling too.

derrydaughter 12-04-2006 05:23 PM

Kathy, I'm not sure what happened to me, it was like someone turned on the "I'm going to eat what I want and that is that" switch. I knew what I was doing and blew it just the same. I was feeling sad/depressed, I think, and perhaps that contributed. Sometimes food is my drug of choice when I get sad. I can do better than that.
You are very close to your goal, I hope you make it by the end of the year, but if you don't it will be really soon!
Rose, I have either that recipe or a similar one for Onion Soup and love it. There was a paperback magazine style WW cookbook called something like "our very best" put out a few years ago that it was in. I just love it.
Tomorrow is my meeting and weigh in. I don't have high expectations. But, I shall continue. My losses are slow, but at least I am having losses and not giving up.
By the way, all, I had a computer meltdown. I think it was a virus or something like that. I have a new computer, which was an unplanned expense, but my old one won't even power up.

ECmom 12-04-2006 05:24 PM

Rose- thanks for the recipe.......sounds wonderful and I have everything in the house!!!!! (I will give it a try tomorrow). How many servings does the recipe make? How's your day been?

Kathy and Linda- here are some OP cyber vibes. Gosh it can be SO tough getting back into that OP mind set. Is anything in particular bugging either of you that might be an obstacle?

OFf for more shopping.........Dh and I took today off (me just my pm) to get some stuff done for the kids...slow progress. Gotta go, nite!

ECmom 12-04-2006 05:25 PM

Linda our posts crossed.......hope tomorrows WI is good- or good damage control!!!! hang in there.

derrydaughter 12-04-2006 05:44 PM

Thanks, Ginny. Yes, I have the "usual" grief thing for my mom and dad going on, plus a dear friend is being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, she's only 41 and there is about a 90% chance she has it. She was supposed to find out today and they postponed her appointment.
Then, to top it off, I dented my car yesterday - think I was just feeling blue and distracted and didn't pay attention. But, that is nothing in comparison to what my friend is going through right now, not knowing but thinking she has it. Waiting is the worst. I'm praying.
But, when things like that happen, again, my drug of choice is food. My husband and I went out to dinner at a Longhorn Steak House (which I just adore) on Sat. evening and I lost control, completely. I really was in Margaritaville... had one and it was very good, at least I only had ONE though. I didn't bother to order FF dressing or oil and vinegar, I had the bread and butter (and loved it) and ordered fillet Mignon. I had dessert. It was a good dinner and I think I needed it. I still remained out of control yesterday as well, though and for part of today. I hang my head in shame at the moment, but you would have thought that I could have handled the last few days better.
Any ideas for when times get rough and sad and how you can stay in control? I haven't got a clue.

Rosegarden 12-04-2006 06:27 PM

Ginny - it makes 4 servings of 1 cup each over the toasted bread

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