Supporting Each Other on Our Weight Loss Journey

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  • Just popping by to say hello! I'm a little crazed (actually a lot LOL). I'm not going to make it to a WI this week. I know that's not a good thing but it's just not going to happen.

    I've been working my butt off so I'm hoping I'm burning some extra calories. Got my game plan in place for tomorrow and will report probably on Friday how it went.

    Have a Great Thanksgiving Day everybody!
  • Hi ladies!! Just popping in for a sec...

    Weigh in is today - wish me luck! My scale at home showed some results, so I'm hopeful. I was out of town last week, then I will be this week too... also some MUCHO stressful stuff happened this week family-wise. I was angrily chomping on 100 cal packs instead of anything worse, though.

    My coworker started WW with me, and she's down 6 lbs in her first 2 weeks!! I'm so happy for her.

    Good luck to everyone this week! Remember to go small on your plate - you can always go back for more, but once it's on your plate, it's bound to wind up in your tummy!!
  • Paige, I hope you have fun. I know what you mean about missing the usual preparations. I told everyone that I didn't want to cook this year as well, and I am kind of regretting it. Plans and reservations are made, so that is that!
    Next year, I'll be in the swing of things better and will do it, and plan several things ahead. I always forget about how you can use your freezer and prepare lots of things ahead of time. I hope we have a nice/memorable day.
    Paige, I wish I could get my hands on some of that medication that might make you lose weight, wonder why they don't market it for that reason? : ) Oh well. I get "lucky" to be on two different meds that are known for weight gain. It makes it really hard for me to have any kind of loss.
    I find doctor's scales off (weighing me more) than my own and also the ones as WW weigh me about three pounds more than mine at home. I have two here at the house and they are about two or three pounds off from each other as well.
    I guess the way to accept any weight loss is to always use that one same scale as your decision maker. You can only rely on ONE scale that you are regularly on to make that determination, all other scales are approximates.
    Rose, good luck with that game plan! I blew it last night already. I was supposed to be making my mushroom cap and polenta pizzas and my daughter hogged the kitchen ALL DAY (really) baking cookies. I ended up having two of the cookies as well and we had take out pizza for dinner and mozzarella sticks. I also ate dessert, I won't even "go there"... but I need to be careful.
    Freeda, I hope your weigh in went well. I look forward to hearing how you did. Does your co-worker have a great deal to lose? Is she doing anything different?
    I love to hear how people that have had good losses are achieving this. It inspires me and I try to figure out if I can incorporate something they are doing in with what I am doing.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am thankful for all of you to chat with. You keep me sane.
  • Another quick pop in - this is really hard over the holidays. I'm not having a great few days. I plan to be back on track today. More company and more craziness. Hope your holiday weekend is going well!
  • Hello all...

    I am so glad that this week is over. Thanksgiving was pretty terrible. The weather on Thanksgiving was so yucky...we had bundled the girls up for the parade, and had actually gotten pretty close to the street, but from a stroller they still couldn't see anything. They were soaking wet and miserable. On top of that dds and I developed colds. Ugh. I guess it was the pessimistic in me, but I knew that was going to be the outcome. Darn rain! We stayed in the city and had a Thanksgiving buffet. I actually didn't eat as much as I had wanted...but only because where I was sitting at the table I couldn't easily get out. Dd (little one) was sitting next to me and was antsy and all over me, too, so I only went up to the buffet one time and had gotten a little bit of some different things, figuring that I'd try stuff and then go back and get more, and just never went back up. I felt bad that I didn't eat more, too, after I accidentally saw the bill (MIL paid) and saw how much it was...$70 a person!

    So I have successfully managed to gain a lot of weight over the last week and a half. I don't know what is my issue...why can't I get myself back on track? My jeans that were pretty loose aren't anymore. Every day I keep telling myself to just forget it and move on, but that doesn't ever seem to happen. I am really wondering actually if this has something to do with hormones and pms, because I know I did the same thing last month. My period should be coming tomorrow...last month the week before my period started I couldn't control my eating, and my mood swings and stress level was out of control as well. Right before my period ended, I just snapped right out of it, no problem and was right back on track. I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see what happens. I know that it happens every month with my mood swings and stress levels, but I'm thinking that I'm only just noticing the affect on my eating habits because I haven't been in control of that until the last few months? I have my annual obgyn in a few weeks, so I'm going to have to mention this. At least for my mood swings...I feel so bad for my family when I have pms. But seriously, when I add the stress of not being able to control eating, it just upsets the whole thing even more.

    Anyway...enough about that...

    I hope everyone has had a good week and a great holiday. I am really ready to bring on Christmas this year. We have already put up our decorations and went and got our tree yesterday (we usually wait but then have a hard time finding a 9 footer.) So today is actually going to be a busy day. I have to finish painting the bathroom (didn't have to pull a fast one on dh...he actually let me do it!) decorate the tree, and I am in desperate need of starting on my xmas cookie orders, especially since I am NOT getting my freezer (dh realized that the only place that we have to put it, it would be on the same circuit as the fridge.) Very upset about that.

    Anyway...apparently I'm also very chatty today! Have a great day all!

  • Paige, as far as a freezer is concerned, what about a long heavy duty extension cord so it's not on the same circuit as your fridge? Just a thought. Sounds like your husband is trying to discourage it, though?
    Well, I'm back from our very long weekend. I did eat what I wanted to on Thanksgiving, and pretty much over the weekend. I am not hanging my head in remorse, truly, as I wanted to eat over the holiday. I hate feeling deprived and miserable while everyone else "parties". I could have done worse, though, I guess? But, it is time to get back in control. The one leftover pie that was here is now in the freezer and can be eaten at another time - by my husband, not me! : ) The eating that began on Wednesday night was great, but it's over now and it's time to get serious. We have about four weeks until Christmas and it's not an excuse to party/eat the entire time!
    As of last night, I went back on the WW CORE plan and had a meal that was CORE and had a frozen WW cake/dessert that was 3 points for dessert last night.
    I am going food shopping today and have planned to "get back on the wagon" and do it right this week. I have a meeting and weigh in tomorrow, I shall go and if I had a gain, I can live with it. Next week, I'll be OK. Remember, everyone, to drink lots of water to flush all the overeating out of your system!
    As far as the holiday and weekend went, I am feeling pretty blue. I have nieces and nephews who give us annual Christmas lists and I feel like cramming them (torn up) down these kids throats. Sorry, but I am just venting here. This is my husband's side of the family. These kids barely say thank you and pretty much "expect" nothing but the best. They are ungrateful and there is not even one reference to the actual reason we celebrate Christmas on that side of the family, not a single thing. I get frustrated with it all, but "when in Rome".... it's just one of the things you put up with when you marry into a family, I guess. I bite my tongue and go with that side of the family's traditions. It's best to keep the peace.
    It gets more depressing each year for me as we buy them nice and expensive things (as the family tradition dictates). We go into debt every year to buy expensive stuff for ungrateful kids who are not charitable in any way.
    My husband goes off to work (not really his fault, he is just our breadwinner) and I get to do all the shopping, put up with it all, do the wrapping and then, as usual, do all the work associated with the holiday.
    I'm in a pretty bah-humbug mood, I guess. I probably won't be over eating and celebrating much due to my mood, though? So, maybe that is a good thing as far as weight loss goes? However, I could get into some emotional eating if I don't watch it.
    I must find my own way to handle Christmas and do my own thing. If I were a mean spirited person, I'd probably toss the Christmas lists at my poor husband and tell him "It's your family, YOU shop for these people". But, it's really not his fault, it's how his family handles this.
    Do any of you have family situations like this to deal with? I'm so fed up and it ruins my own holiday each year. Again, sorry to be venting here.
    I have to find peace of my own, find a way to deal with food and emotions. Thanks for being here, everyone.
    By the way, wonder where you all are? Has everyone lost control over the holiday? : )
    Linda, not happy in NH
  • Morning!!!!!
    Boy am I glad this weekend is over. Just so much nonsense..........I love and hate this time of year all at the same time.
    Today is insane....might not get back to read and really say hello until later or tomorrow. Hope everyone survived the weekend. (sorry to be short)
  • Hi Everybody!!!! I didn't quit - I just got swamped and work has been busy as all get out today.

    Thank you Linda!!!! You're absolutely right. Today is a new day and it's time to get on with it!!!!

    I'll be back later with more chatty stuff - gotta get some rushes out - just didn't want everyone to think I forgot you! Or worse - quit - no way - no how
  • Hello again........snuck on the scale this afternoon......if I continue to behave myself I should do well on Wednesday's WI. Not great, just well enough and not a gain. Got to step class tonite- gee it felt good. I danced like a madwoman, which is, frankly, what I am anyway. Tomorrow I will be back- read the posts and get personal with everyone. (I feel selfish just posting,but have to get my stinky self in the shower after step).]Nite and see ya tomorrow!
  • Ginny, I admire how you stick with your exercise. I think it's time for a post-Thanksgiving 5 day exercise challenge again. I sure need the motivation!
    So, I claim today day one for me.... I will try to do at least 10 minutes of some kind of exercise five days out of the next 7 days!
    Anyone else care to join?
  • I'm game Linda - I'll go for it. 5x out of 7 days huh? Okay

    Man getting back on track is really, really hard. I'm struggling here but aiming for a OP day. I'm still so tired, so it's really hard to focus. So far I'm in for 5 pts for the morning - got part of my water in and my multi-vitamin.

    I'm noticing that the veggie and fruit selection here is getting smaller with the colder weather. I did buy BOGO bags of oranges over the weekend. (Too bad I left them at home today - duh). But I'm having canned chicken noodle soup and a salad for lunch - that should be okay.

    I'll really try to get back on here tonight after my walk to let you all know that I'm really serious about this - Have a good day everybody
  • I will join ya Linda....but I am sort of a cheater as I usually get my 10 minutes in anyway. (already have 15 in).

    Not as much time today as I hoped for- forgive me for not getting too chatty.

    Rose- still up to your eyeballs?? (how we all understand that! try to get some time for yourself to avert stress eating)

    Linda-hope you can get some excercise in, sure helps elevate a crummy mood! I too have ingrates for relatives, except these are my sister's kids. The thank you's are far and few between. It must hurt you so to lay out so much time/money/effort into those who do not appreciate it. I try to put that kind of thing in perspective a bit- my MIL can be VERY demmanding and quite a moron (just had an awful time with her the past few days) and I can sometimes calm myself down by telling myself that I am doing this for my husband, and he is a wonderful man. (ok, it does not work all the time, but helps). Good luck on is a great program.

    Paige- hope you have reinspired yourself!!!!! How are you feeling?? When is your Dr appt? Hormones can make life miserable and really wreak havoc with eating and emotions. (why do men not have to deal with this?)

    Gotta go get dinner started. Dd has piano this evening, so if I do not cook now, there will be no dinner later! take care
  • True confession, I issued a challenge and didn't do it myself. Tomorrow, I'll do better, I promise! I am really having a hard time jump starting myself again into exercise. It's cold, damp, rainy, miserable weather and it's hard to get motivated, but tomorrow is another day?
    I plan on doing Christmas shopping with a friend tomorrow and we'll be walking a great deal, I think, so shopping and exercise will be combined. I like that! Accomplishing two things at once?
    I went to my meeting today and I did gain back one of the 2.8 pounds that I lost last week. I'm OK with that considering that I basically took the entire weekend off from WW.
    Ginny, I like your suggestions about telling yourself that it is for your husband. Maybe I'll do a better job if I keep doing that?
    I hate being presented with a list of expensive items from people who barely say thank you and hardly see at all throughout the year. Gosh, both my parents died this year and these nieces and nephews didn't even bother to say a simple "I'm sorry about your mom and dad", not even a word. They don't bother with the practice of a thank you note and yet I am expected to spend money on them. It's hard to bite my tongue and pretend to be part of a jolly family experience with people like that.
    I sure miss my own parents when it comes to being charitable, I was taught to write thank you notes, speak kindly to those who have had a loss and to do good deeds during the holidays. It's a tough thing to be part of a family that differs from your own upbringing.
    You are right, I do it for my husband. It's his brother's family.
  • Linda,
    I do not understand all of your pain, and would never want you to feel that I was trying to belittle the hurt in your heart. I do know what it is like to lose a parent, and have complete and total ingrates for relatives. The only way I get thru this is because I love my husband- and do a lot- a lot that I really would not of my own do- because he is a great husband and father. I have been truly blessed in that respect. His mother is a complete ******* (pardon the language, but the intensity is needed here for brevity). And I put up with immense amounts of total garbage for him. Easy? Not all the time.

    Hopefully your husband has been kind, loving and supportive to you throughout this difficult year and will continue to do so during the holidays.
    Perhaps these loser nieces and nephews really need a good example of what loving one another is- and you can provide that (even if you can't agree with the financial burden of their gifts). Obviously they are not getting it from their parents (that is how I handle my own ingrate niece and nephew- hope that maybe a good example will somehow be remembered).

    I will pray for you........try somehow to reframe this so that you can live with it (die hard WW'er that I am, using reframing as a tool for living! ).
    Hang in there. Know that your parents were kind and giving......honor their memory with pride and grace.

  • Good morning - sheesh - I make all these promises to get back on and something always interrupts. DH decided to replace the CD burner in the computer last night so I didn't get back on.

    YES!!!! I went for my walk with my dog. Or should I say she walked me? She really likes to explore everything so we go at a pretty fast clip. There's no talking for me except for me saying "PEARL" when she decides to stop to sniff a tree or something. I stayed OP last night and I'm proud. I'm telling you. Once you go off for a few days, getting back on is definitely hard. I have my day planned out today and shouldn't have any trouble (hopefully) staying OP.

    What's up in your world?