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  • Hi all...

    I checked out Freecycle, and there is one here in the county that I live in. It really is such a great idea. Thanks!

    Erica-Where in NY are you that you can have a seasonal bakery? Where I live, we have seasonal Jewish ones that cater to the Hasidic community that come here from the end of May to the beginning of September. They are only open during that time, and I often wonder how it is possible that they are able to open at all and only be open that short amount of time. In that situation, though, they probably don't really care about making a profit, they probably just care about meeting their needs for that amount of time. Opening a bakery is NOT something that I want to do with my degree! LOL! I'm the type of person that gets SO caught up in what I'm doing that it just consumes me. I've had management positions before, and even those were hard enough to (mentally) leave at work and not bring home. I also did a huge project for a bakery management class (and got an A, I might add)where I basically built my own bakery. It had to include EVERYTHING, right down to a business plan, p/l, and the toilet paper! I commend anyone that runs their own business...I will be very happy working for someone else!

    Has anyone been feeling kind of blue lately? I thought I would be feeling such relief after the semester was over, but I just feel like I crashed. I have been feeling so lonely lately, too. Dh and I still haven't been getting along too well (not fighting...just not really communicating) I don't have any family here, my best friend moved to Texas back in May and works two jobs, so she's impossible to get a hold of...everyone else seems so busy and unavailable. My sister lives in FL, but she's usually up for a good few hour long chat, but she's on a xmas cruise with her in laws. It's hard when I feel like this, because where do I go? To the the the pantry...why is that? Food doesn't keep up it's end of a conversation, so it's not like I'm any less lonely.

    I'll check in with you all later...

  • Hi Paige and everyone

    I haven't drop off the face of the planet nor have I quit WW. I'm so stressed and trying to get to the holiday. I won't tell you my eating has been going great because it hasn't. I'm going to WI today, taking my lumps and getting ready to start anew. I am feeling so out of control of my life and I just can't figure out how to get control back until after Christmas Day. I'll be here - Just checking in has been tough this last week or so. I'll be back soon I promise.

    Hugs to you Paige - I'm feeling a bit down myself this year. I have no reason to either - my DS and DIL are here on leave from Connecticut and I'm enjoying our time with them but I'm bummed that I'm so darned busy and can't spend more quality time with them.
  • (((((((Rose))))))) You sound like you need a hug.
  • I'm wondering why derrydaughter would sound like a farmer's daughter thing? My maiden name is Derry and I have no brothers to carry the family name on, since I lost both my mom and dad and feel I want a connection, I chose to call myself derrydaughter, as that is what I am!
    I would have stayed away from your friend whose daughter has been sick as well. I am getting to the stage where I don't want to be around big crowds, stores and whatnot, in order to keep from being exposed to germs. I would so much like have a healthy Christmas!
    I'm pretty tired right now, I ran out of steam. I have to leave to pick up my daughter in a few minutes and may try to close my eyes in the car for a little bit while I wait outside the school.
    So much to do, so little time!
    Cleaning is REALLY great exercise!
  • I gained 1 1/2 lb - it's okay though. It's a new week and Christmas is just around the corner. I'm going to enjoy life and my family and get it together as I can.

    Good luck to everyone here. Paige and Linda - I hope you both find the merry in Christmas. I know I keep looking for it myself.

    See ya around this week guys! (WAVING and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!)
  • I'm still trying to get my 8 glasses of water in today. I have 4 left!!!
  • Good Morning everyone.
    Paige-We own a large pumpkin farm near Skaneateles, NY (just west of Syracuse) and this year we opened up a farm bakery. It'll mostly be open in the fall, but because we also grow Spring and Summer crops, we may also be open during those seasons as well. I too have been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. For one, we don't have any snow in NY!!

    And also, I have been so extremely focused on exercising and losing weight lately, and Christmas seems to be THE holiday that would lead my astray from all my efforts, so it just hasn't been my #1 priority in my mind this season. This morning I'm going to take my 2 and 5 yr. old girls to see our 7 yr. old's Christmas concert, so I'm hoping that will put me in the spirit! Although I always cry when I hear children sing, "Let there be Peace on earth" Man, too bad I didn't know you about 6 months ago, I could've used a good business plan for our Farm Bakery!!

    Linda- oh, the derrydaughter thing, (dairydaughter), I guess I always have farming on the brain, I grew up on a farm, and I married a farmer. But that is really cool that you've kept the name like that!

    Well, hopefully I'm off to another "in my point range day", man this isn't easy going into a big weekend like this! Good Luck to everyone for having a very successful day!!

  • Erica--I was born in raised just outside of Watertown, NY. A green Christmas up there?? Wow. There were many of them when I lived there. I am now in Virginia and I love our snowless Christmases. If we get snow it may last a day or 2 and be gone.

    I have stayed in points all week. Have a Christmas party tonight but plan on doing the same thing I have at the last nothing. We bowl and each league has a Chritmas party...5 in total (1 youth league, 1 adult/youth league, dh's men's league, and 2 that dh and I bowl on). Of course everyone tries to get me to eat...but I stay strong.
  • Paige and Rose, I too am suffering from the blues a wee bit. For now just have to focus on getting stuff done. Chris, Erica and Linda....hope you are doing to make some food for a party.
  • Well, I'm hanging my head in shame (just a little bit) last night we went out to Red Robin; I ate so much that I seriously thought that I wasn't going to be able to get up to leave the restaurant. And then tonight dh had gone out after work to Fridays with some people he works with for xmas drinks, and he brought home dinner (upon my request.) Really, I'm not hanging my head in shame, because I really don't give a crap that I ate like crap. Why is that? I'm not complaining....just pondering. It's a good thing, because it will be easier to get back on track tomorrow if I don't have a dark guilt cloud over my head.

    The loneliness was a little better today. Dd had her preschool holiday party today, so my little dd and I stayed (the school session is only 2 1/2 hrs.) I chatted some with the mom of another girl in dd's class, and I think we're going to make plans to get the girls together, which will be nice because she also has another dd that is the same age as my little dd. It's funny how chatty I've become since becoming a sahm. I crave conversation. I really miss being connected.

    I'm anxious for all the hoop-la of xmas to be over. Someone on here said something about how the meaning always gets true. The prep starts before Halloween, so by the time Xmas actually gets here, I'm so OVER it. I remember back when I was the manager of a collectibles shop, unpacking Santas...on the 4th of July. And my DM wanted me to put them out on the shelves!'s late, my kids are asleep...why am I still awake? Chatting away........

    Hope everyone is doing well...
  • Darn cat! I just typed a nice response and he who lays across my computer desk deposited his outstretched leg on the "escape" key on my keyboard and I lost my entire post!
    At any rate, I'll try again and if he decides to be nice and not hit any keys, maybe I'll get to say something here!
    Paige, what you wrote was really on target, I could have said much of what you had to say. I hang my head in shame, also, as I blew it yesterday and it was almost an all day thing. I am hanging my head in shame, just a little, and then don't really care either - it's Christmas!
    Wonder what it is that makes us all do this, but we do. I can't get into analyzing it, but it is strange. But, I will eat certain foods over the next few days that I usually do not have any other time of year. It's going to be OK, I think, and I shall survive it. If I gain a few pounds back, I just start over and make the best of it.
    I'm kind of anxious to get it all over with as well, but then I dread January with NOTHING as far as activities go. Hate to keep harping on losing my parents this past year, but that is hanging over my head. With family and holiday busy times around, I'm kind of OK, though "lose it" every now and then. But, after all the busy times are over and there I am facing winter cold and not much going on, I think that might be hard?
    I "lost it" yesterday, of all times, when I was downstairs folding laundry yesterday. I was fine throughout the day, but then just was having a solitary moment doing something ordinary and the tears just started. When you have two people in your life one yea,r and then the next year, they are gone, it's just difficult. The usual holiday things that you could rely on all your life are not going to happen. Mom and dad were always very good to me and my family at Christmas, but it's the presence vs. the presents that I shall miss the most.
    I hope that I don't compensate by eating more.
    But, I still look forward to the next few days. I hope my family has fun and I hope to spend a bit of time in church and in quiet reflection.
    No snow here in NH this year, so it will be a "gray" Christmas.
    Take care, everyone.
  • Linda, I am so sorry to hear you are having a hard time this year with the loss of your parents. I lose my parents (although they are still alive--they have just decided I am not worthy of them) 14 years ago this Christmas. I know it isn't easy and all I can do is say I am sorry for your loss, and give you a cyber (((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))).
  • This is an awesome thread. I was feeling a little down and thought I need to get in the Christmas spirit. After reading this thread and seeing how supportive everyone is here, it makes me think of the true meaning of Christmas and being kind to one an other. It looks like everyone here seems to be kind to each other all year long and that gives me a good feeling. I want to say thank you to you all, it has made my day brighter.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Oh yeah and all the little tips I find here are so helpful in my day to day struggle with my new lifestyle.-Thank you
  • So another day of not doing so well. It always seems like I start the day off so well...what happens? TOM is due in a few days, too, so I'm pmsing...doesn't help.

    I'm not too sure what to expect tomorrow. We're going to mil's to watch the football game and do xmas eve stuff. She's a pretty awful cook, so I may get away with not doing too badly. She always has snacky stuff, though...chips, dip, blah blah blah. I think as along as I can avoid that I will be ok. Chris, you need to send me some of your will power! LOL! I'm just really trying to not give up completely.

    Do you guys do New Year's resolutions? If so, any ideas of what yours will be for 2007?
  • Paige - I am fighting PMS blues too........hang in there. Perhaps some herb tea can take the edge off you and keep you out of the kitchen. This time of year is SO tough. Gee, can you bring a veggie platter to keep you out of trouble (that is how I am coping with my inlaws cooking, or lack of said, tomorrow.)

    Linda-gee, nothing I say will take away your pain.......feeling is a good thing- and better to feel and know how much you loved your parents and what great people they were. What a great legacy they have left for you!!!
    Hugs. Hang in there. Expect all kinds of feelings this Christmas and try to remember some of the good times or perhaps funny moments with your family.
    Is there a family tradition you might like to bring back in honor of your parents? Might like to try something like that- to keep your memories fresh.
    I will be praying for you.

    Hi Chris!!!!!! How did your day go?

    Welcome New. I love it here too. What nice friends I have made.

    Today is my bday.....still had to do some wrapping and cleaning but all in all a nice day. Walked with my daughters......and my dh gave me a WW scale (I asked for it!) and a lovely sweater.
    Now I am a cold and am fightng PMS.