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derrydaughter 03-31-2006 07:08 AM

Supporting Each other on our Weight Loss Journey
Well, it's been a tough haul. As for me, I'm really back and trying again very hard. I love to hear other people's stories of inspiration and also pitch in to offer suggestion of ways to help when someone is down.
We're here to help each other on this thread and a few of us have been hanging out here on 3FC for a very long time but we always welcome newcomers. We re-start the thread now and then when it just gets too long and now is time to begin a-new. In fact, I feel with spring's arrival that it's a good time for a fresh start! Hey, bathing suit season is coming!
This thread is about having people who totally understand what you have been through and how tough it is to stay on track. A few of us have made it to goal and struggle to stay there. A few of us (like me) were almost at goal and then some major life stuff (2 deaths in the family) happens and it set me off on a huge binge and now all the weight is back on. We also have a member who lost a ton of weight and now is pregnant. She is "on hold" and here now and then to get support and update us on how things are going, but after baby arrives, she'll be back and working hard to get off those baby pounds!
As for me, my goals have to be focused on at this time. There are peaks and valleys in life and I hit a huge valley, now it's time to work my way back and be among the living!
So, join us to chat about what is working? What are you doing for exercise? Did you blow it and need to re-start your engine?
Join us for support!
Linda in New Hampshire ;)

derrydaughter 03-31-2006 07:22 AM

Just a quick post to update everyone on my progress. I've been such a "good girl". For the last two weeks, I journalled every day except for three. I've tried hard! I have exercised probably 5 or 6 times and am proud of that. I'm back!!!!
The scale has not decided to reward me yet, but I feel "lighter" today and that is a good thing. I think perhaps tomorrow, if I am a "good girl" it might reward me.
I've got a wedding to go to in July. I have a lovely dress I started making for myself last summer as I was supposed to go to a black-tie affair in NYC with my husband. My dad got really sick and then passed away and I didn't finish making the dress and the event was no longer important to me after that. The comfort food was really there for me, though. I even became kind of obsessed with enjoying ALL the foods that my dad loved to eat as a way to "bring him back" to me. That was kind of weird, but it did make me feel comforted.
Then, in January, mom died, and again (but not as bad as when dad passed on) the comfort food yet again was there. I had stopped exercising completely. I think my weight was about 147 last April, right around the time dad was diagnosed with bone cancer and now it's at 165. I've been really in rough shape, you could just about scrape me off the floor.
But, suddenly, this wedding invitation is coming and I figure I owe it to myself to finish making this fabulous dress. Having to dress up in public always gives me extra motivation! I want to look GOOD and not like some plump old lady.... so can I drop all the weight and quick? I doubt all of it, but I sure am suddenly more motivated than I was before, at least.
Having a special dress up event gives me something to look forward to!
Do any of you have something like that?
But, for me, it's not all about a wedding or special event. I've been wallowing in self pity for a long time and I feel suddenly better and ready to move on a bit. My mom and dad are gone, nothing I can do will bring them back. But, I definately CAN take care of myself and fully be back on track.
Linda in New Hampshire

Thinfor5Minutes 03-31-2006 09:02 AM

Here's my story
I was slender up until the time my first child was born, when I was 24. My mother died while I was pregnant; she was only 50 years old. She was very weight-conscious and always made remarks that I had fat legs and large rump, even though I only weighed about 120 lbs. before pregnancy. I lost all the weight at a diet-and-exercise place after my daughter was born, and again after my first son was born. Then we moved while I was pregnant with my third child, so to get the excess weight off, I joined Weight Watchers. This was in 1984. Gradually, as my marriage soured, I gained weight back, until I topped out at 180 lbs. I was scared to death I'd reach 200. My first husband, I am convinced, has an eating disorder. All throughout our marriage, he'd gain a lot of weight, then crash diet it off and get really skinny. He was in a skinny phase when he announced he didn't love me any more because I was too fat and wasn't the right woman for him; in fact, his superiors in the church (he was a ministerial candidate) told him he was anorexic. He was so skinny that his skin was literally hanging off of him. He'd have puffed wheat for breakfast with skim milk and an apple for lunch. After he moved out, I began following Susan Powter's "Stop the Insanity." I walked every day and got down to 128 lbs. Some people told me I looked too thin. I gained a bit back and then settled in for a long time at a comfortable weight for me. However, this year I turned 50. My metabolism has slowed and I have been forced to go back onto Weight Watchers to get the excess pounds off. My goal is to try to avoid the diabetes that plagues my mother's family and the knee problems in my father's. The weight loss is slow, but I have lots of time. I really just want to be healthy and look good. Oh, and I remarried, to a man who appreciates me and doesn't put me down because I have a few excess pounds on me.

Emerald 03-31-2006 09:40 AM

Hello. It’s me. The Pregnant One. Eating up the Fat Free blueberry muffins as I type. Hey! They’re FF and the kid likes ‘em.

Thanks for starting the new thread Linda. For some reason, it seems to have become your “job.”

I am definitely doing better with my eating lately. I still splurge, telling myself that if I can’t now, when can I? But, for the most part, I’m making better choices. Exercise hasn’t really been what it should, but my house is very clean. I don’t know if it’s nesting, spring fever, or trying to make up for months of only wanting to sleep. Whatever the reason, my house looks good and I’m sure I have burned some calories from it!

Okay, back to food. I do NOT have a health-nut living in me. This kid has me craving cheeseburgers. Not just little whimpy burgers. No, I mean $7.00 thick, juicy grilled burgers with bacon and cheese. Places I would never order a burger from before because of all the other wonderful items on the menu finds me sitting there with my burger! And let me tell you… moms can remember… that burger is heavenly when I bite into it. We’re talkin’ ecstasy! Luckily, it’s only about once a week. Sigh… I’m getting’ fat over here!

Great job with the journaling, Linda. I’m glad you’re getting back on track. I was worried about you for a while. I thought about that trip to New York the other day and what a bummer it was that it couldn’t simply be rescheduled. Go ahead and make your gorgeous dress! But, make it several sizes smaller, so you can wear it in July!

Hi, Thinfor5! Do you have another name to go by? That’s kind of a mouthful! Sounds like you’ve had a rough road but are doing well now. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Well, gotta go for now. I’ll just say 27 more days until my ultrasound! I really want to know if I can buy pink or blue!!! It’s killin’ me!

cryket34 03-31-2006 10:48 AM

Sorry I am from place called Corning, New York. I have always lived here~ Im trying to get back on track of things. I did manage to go walking last night

derrydaughter 03-31-2006 11:50 AM

Cryket, they say everyone has a twin, so you'd better stay away from New Windsor, or they will start calling you by someone else's name!
Thinfor5.... I can totally relate to what you said. Sounds like your first husband was a jerk and I'm glad you have someone else now! I am 51 and also worrying about the diabetes that runs in our family, etc. I need to do a much better job.
Melanie! That little one inside you wants iron and calcium judging from the cheeseburgers you are craving! I wonder if you tried raisins, spinach and other foods high in iron if you would note the red meat cravings get a bit less? The cheese part you can do without the huge high calorie burgers. Even by having lean red meat, like round steaks or sirloin can be better if you eat it in moderation.
I'm a carnivor, no doubt about it. I just LOVE my red meat in particular. I keep saying to myself that it's not all that good for me, but I eat it anyway.
Today, I am feeling good... first time since last fall the temperatures have gone over 70. It's just delightful here in New Hampshire today, totally awesome. I just got back from running a few errands and everyone has their sunroofs open, windows open and tops down. It's just a good to be alive day.
I went on my treadmill this morning, by the way. I'm proud of myself!
Glad the new thread is working and a few people found it already!

Thinfor5Minutes 03-31-2006 12:09 PM

Well, they say the best revenge is living well
My new husband is younger than I am, very handsome, very health-conscious and fit. Meanwhile, my "old" husband is in his "fat" phase, has remarried, and my kids tell me his new wife doesn't treat him very well. And it seems he married for money rather than looks, because she is wealthy and not very health conscious at all. So I guess God or the Universe or Whatever you believe in does believe in cosmic justice, after all.

derrydaughter 03-31-2006 07:10 PM

I kind of believe in cosmic justice, thank goodness you did well for yourself. I've learned that money sure isn't everything. It truly can't buy happiness.
I just finished a really "good" dinner, it was tasting good and good meaning healthy! I did break down and snack this afternoon, but it was only a 4 point snack. I have 8 or 9 flex points left and start a new journal on Sunday.
I can do this!

snowgal 04-02-2006 05:13 PM

Boy do I understand your plight! I had my daughter 6 years ago at age 32. Up until then I was a size 5 (I'm 5'1" tall). I'm a whopping 163.4 right now and a size 12/14. I've tried many diets and lost a little, gained a little, lost a little, gained a lot. I just started WW 4 days ago. I'm hoping I can stick with it and make it my "lifestyle". We'll see. I'm not looking forward to my 1st weigh in next week.

Good luck!!!

dawnydw 04-03-2006 07:22 AM

Hi guys, found you!

Well, for those that don't know me, (and as Linda said, we've been around here for around 2 years or so now!) I'll fill you in with a bit of info.

I'm 36, married, have a little boy - AJ - who is 5 in september and due to start school then too. I began WW in jan 04, weighing in at around 181#. by April 05, I finally got to goal, having lost 56#. Since then, I've hardly been to any meetings, not sure why, although time has had alot to do with it (I really need to make more time) and the weight was pretty stable for a while and now I have about 6 or 7 pounds to lose to get back down to goal weight. I'm determined for it to come back off, as like mentioned above, the diabetes thing could well rear its ugly head (I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with AJ and this makes it much more likely to recurr.)
My most recent incentive is my annual vacation coming up in May, Gran Canaria for 2 weeks and 2 new bikinis to squeeze into. I haven't owned a bikini in years so this year I'm determined to look like a cool mom on the beach instead of some stranded whale!
Anyway, 'nuff said about me, glad to see Linda back on the straight and narrow, keep it up girl!
Melanie, stay away from those burgers - you know it makes sense. And keep cleaning that house of yours, if nothing else, it'll help for after bambino is born, It was weeks after AJ came along that any part of my house saw a duster!

Right, got to go for now, back later, take care everyone!

Emerald 04-03-2006 02:30 PM

Still counting down here. 23 more days until the ultra sound (and my next WI).

I had a great weekend. I went to visit my mom and we did a make over. I got my hair cut the shortest it's ever been and I love it! It's just over my shoulders, but that's SHORT for me. And, I went to a makeup counter and got a new look there too. She really pampered me and I loved it! I really needed it too. I was getting stressed out and feeling frumpy. I have a renewed desire to primp and be girly, which helps me feel more energetic, so I feel like eating healthier and taking care of myself. See, I'm not completely off topic today!

Dawny - Better you in a bikini next month than me! Maybe next May, though.

I really do plan to get in gear ASAP after the baby comes. I have a (hopefully realistic) goal of getting back into my old clothings by May 2007 and then be at goal by July or August.

But, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Today, I'm just going to try to stay sane and not an emotional wreck of a pregnant woman. My hormones are making me nuts!!

dawnydw 04-04-2006 12:50 PM

Melanie, your hormones are supposed to make you a bit nutty! Its one of the benefits of pregnancy - you can use it as an excuse for virtually anything under the sun! Can't wait to know if I'm an Auntie to a girl or a boy, I wait in anticipation! The Makeover sounds fun, we should all do that from time to time, we should all have some good old fashioned girly me-time occasionally, and when we have huge bellies (for good reason of course) then there's no better time. good for you. We wait for goal next year, but there's plenty of time to think about that, running about after bambino will take care of that one!

Gotta fly for now, AJ needs to play, see ya later!

derrydaughter 04-07-2006 08:02 AM

Boy what a busy couple of days. Sorry I've been away. How's it going?
I was too busy and lost my momentum in terms of eating and excercise. I promise to do better today!!!!!
Where does the time go? Don't you all wish there was an 8th day to the week and a day with nothing on the schedule?
I should try to have one day each week with nothing on the calendar maybe?

morrigan 04-07-2006 10:25 AM

I signed the kids up for a season pass to daycare this year so that I could have more time to ski and get stuff done around the house. My DH works at a ski area and for employees it is only $650 for unlimited daycare November - April. It is also a great daycare. In a lot of ways I have had a wonderful winter. I have been up there at least 2-3 days each week. I drop DD (20months) of at Kinderkamp, take DS(3) skiing for 3 hours or so. Get lunch or a coffee and then come down the hill.

At the beginning of the season I was so out of shape that it felt like I was going to have a heart attack packing the kids up the hill from the parking lot. And I had to stop several times each run because my legs were about to give out. Now at the end of the season I can run up the stairs, I don't get winded. And I can ski all day only stopping to ride up the next chair.

I was going somewhere with this... the concept of "one day a week with nothing on the calendar". My hope was to send the kids up to KK one day each week so I could stay caught up at home. Well, today is it. This is only the 3rd day all winter that my DH has taken the kids up on one of my days off. And since KK closes on Sunday, it will be my last until next winter. Other than kinderkamp, we don't have the kids in daycare. DH gets so pouty about the whole thing, whining, doesn't want to be late, it takes so long to lug them up the hill, etc... This morning I had to feed them, dress them, pack them, load them, and start the car (I had them ready to go 15 minutes before he is usually out the door) and he still was complaining. Sometimes I think he has no idea that I do that every morning when I take them places.

Here is to my day off! I got the house spic-n-span yesterday, so today I am tackling gardens. They have all been severely neglected since having DS 3 years ago, but I am going to make a thorough effort. I have to wait for the frost to melt first though.

derrydaughter 04-13-2006 05:32 AM

Welcome Morrigan, so sorry time went by and no one responded. I didn't get my usual e-mail notifications and it's been a very busy time period.
BUT, I have good news! The scale went down, will change my signature thing to reflect it, but I'm happy.
I have been trying not to worry about journalling the last few days, it's been just too hard for me. But, what I am doing is working so far, I'm trying to step up to the plate with exercise still and also am really trying to not snack as much between meals. My meals have been healthy and balanced. I've stayed away from big desserts and have been having the WW chocolate ice cream bars that are big and only one point each. I do love those.
So, let's keep posting guys! I miss you all!

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